20 Best Guinea Pig House Reviews in 2020 (Guide)

Owning a guinea pig comes with numerous responsibilities just like other pets, and most of the necessities are nearly mandatory, thus cannot be ignored.

Guinea pig houses are one of the must-have accessories for pet owners keeping this adorable animal.

The only decision that comes before the need to grant your part a house is only nurturing the idea of keeping your favorite pet.

Like other pets and human beings like us, guinea pigs require houses to shield them from extreme weather conditions.

Guinea pig houses also lower the chances of larger animals from invading and causing harm to these lovely furry creatures.

There’s no doubt that a guinea pig house remains an essential accessory that your pet will need, even if you have to forfeit other accessories at the start.

Ensuring that there’s a guinea pig house in place, means that the pet owner has put measures that will prevent the lovely animal from escaping.

Before you could figure out the importance of a guinea pig house to your pet, you should ponder about any other place that can house other accessories if not this vital shelter.

Besides, the overall comfort of your pet cannot be guaranteed without supplying the precious animal with an ideal structure to call home.

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Factors to consider when buying Guinea pig house

Even though your adorable pet needs a guinea pig house, finding the right shelter makes enough sense.

Pet parents should understand that not all guinea pig houses are great for these small animals, some of these structures lack features that can satisfy the needs of the pet effectively.

It’s, therefore, important only to select houses that have specific features that suit both your needs and those of your pets.

Here are the main factors to consider if you want to ensure that you obtain the right guinea pig house for the pet which is a specialist when it comes to scurrying;


The type of material in use when making a guinea pig house determines the strength and the durability of the structure.

Wooden materials have been preferred more than the rest of the materials because they are sturdy and can last for long.

Metal houses for guinea pigs can also be durable, but the fact that they have the tendency of rusting lowers their ability to last for long.

Number of pets

A person who has the intention of keeping just a single pet will require a smaller guinea pig house than a person who wants to rear multiple pets.

It isn’t a good thing to congest a guinea pigs’ house meant for one small animal.


Rodents are always enthusiastic about exercise, so the house you select should be roomy enough to create playing space.

Like mice and pet rats, guinea pigs like to make a few quick steps to keep fit and combat boredom.


When it comes to pets, nothing should happen by coincidence.

As a pet parent, you need to make deliberate planning to secure every item that your pet might need, including the guinea pig housing.

Make every attempt to allocate sufficient funds that can buy the most suitable guinea pig cage for your adorable pet.


Nothing impacts negatively on pets’ lives more than a changing season that may require some prompt adjustments to be put in place.

Selecting a versatile guinea pig housing is one way to overcome dangers that an extreme climate may present to your pet.

An ideal structure should be one that can endure both weather adversities.

Long-term plans

The market features pet houses that range from short-term to long-term, so whichever side you take, you can be sure that your needs will be accommodated.

Temporary pet houses are usually cheap, but the problem is that they’re short-lived.

On the other hand, permanent houses for guinea pigs are designed to serve your pet in various stages of growth hence lowering the cost for replacement.


A place where your pet lives in shouldn’t be like a jail, where your pet is forever feeling irritated.

For the love of that special small animal, make every effort to ensure that the structure you choose affords the pet immense level of comfort.

Availability of a warranty

Of course, you wouldn’t like spending money twice for a mistake that the manufacturer makes.

It’s always advisable that you go for products that have lengthy warranties so that your back can be covered when the manufacturer’s fault is threatening the life of your pet’s home.

Improvement the décor

Philosophers said that there are many ways of killing a rat, of course, no one isn’t going to let you mete such brutality to our pet rats.

Now let’s talk about positive killing, buying an attractive guinea pig housing can make you admire your pet’s section and the overall appearance of your home.


The safety of a pet remains paramount to any pet owner, so these animal enthusiasts are ready to do everything to ensure that their adorable pets remain safe.

Buying a small animal housing that safety standard is a sure way to prevent reckless harm that can befall your lovely pet.

There are huge roles that guinea pigs play, and that calls for real attention when selecting the ideal habitat.

As usual, we have done our in-depth research and we are willing to spare you from the tedious and confusing duty of searching for the right homes for your pets.

This article has reviewed 20 guinea pig houses from Amazon for the purpose of granting your pet comfort and safety.

We have made many considerations before coming up with these homes, which your pets will definitely love even if the structures are keeping them confined.

Best Guinea Pig House Reviews of 2020

Best Guinea Pig House Reviews

Since we are aware of how hectic it’s for most pet parents to find suitable structures for their pets, we have decided to review twenty guinea pig houses to make your selection easy.

As usual, we’ve identified and elaborated on each important feature that a product may possess.

It doesn’t end there; you’ll also read the pros and cons of each item before you make your judgment.

The security and overall safety of our pets mainly rely on the type of houses we give pets as their habitats.

Without guinea pig houses, your pet could face constant invasion from other animals.

Besides, numerous cases have been reported of pets that do not have proper homes sneaking away from their owners’ care, which puts their lives in danger.

Each of the products that we have reviewed has a specific link to Amazon to make it easy for you to see extra details.

We have highlighted both the pros and cons of choosing each guinea pig house.

It’s our humble advice that you read more details and specifications before making any purchase.

BWUOGUE Pet Small Animal Hideout Hamster House

If you thought that architects only exist in the construction of human structures, then this is a small animal house that will make you despise some houses we live in.

The design allows the pet to stay in a structure that would fetch a massive amount if it existed in the real estate setup.

Buying this house is a huge success to your pet, which will enjoy various aspects of its natural instincts.

For instance, the house will encourage nestling, hideouts, and climbing in your cheeky pet.

The durability of the small guinea pig house is almost a guarantee since the construction features double-layer design.

An amazing guinea pig wooden house that does not only protect your pet from extreme weather but is equally safe for chewing.


  • Several compartments
  • Natural wood in the construction
  • It comes fully assembled
  • It’s a double-layered structure
  • The package includes a feeding trough
  • The design is collapsible
  • A perfect hideout for your pet
  • A beautiful construction
  • Great home for several small animals

Why we liked it:-

  • It’s roomy enough to encourage your pet’s desire to exercise
  • An attractive design to improve the taste of your décor
  • Several features to support your lovely animal’s natural instinct
  • It’s convenient to use since it comes already assembled
  • Designed to fold so that more room can be created for other activities
  • The natural wooden material is safe for chewing
  • The double-layer design lengthens its life
  • Ideal for various small pets like gerbils, pet rats, and hamsters

What we didn’t like:-

  • Some people argue that it’s expensive, though we find the price justifiable

AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat

Here’s another small animal house that pet owners have begun to frequent a lot due to its design that makes it difficult for a pet to escape.

The animal habitat is made of sturdy materials to ensure that it lasts for long.

It’s one of the small animal cages that will allow easy visibility of the pet while in action.


  • Available in three sizes, including Jumbo, standard and large
  • A roomy section underneath the balcony for a hideout
  • The package includes a non-drip water bottle
  • The bottom is made of PP plastic material
  • An additional hay guard in the package
  • The package also comes with a food dish with a tip-proof
  • The assembly doesn’t require any tool
  • The upper frame is made of iron wire
  • It has the front opening and an additional large top opening for a quick access

What we liked:-

  • Durable materials are used in the construction for a sturdy product
  • Two openings for easy access
  • The package comes with several accessories like a dish and a water bottle
  • A spacious section underneath the balcony for a hideout
  • A convenient assembly that does not require any tool
  • Limited chances of your pet escaping
  • An immense space to accommodate guinea pig accessories for exercise
  • They come in three distinct sizes to offer you alternatives
  • The product is backed by a 1-year warranty

What we didn’t like:-

  • It does not support your pet’s chewing needs
  • It can only work as an indoor guinea pig house

Piggies House All-Wooden Natural Space House

If you see this structure, you should begin to celebrate the success it comes with since one of the few guinea pig houses ever designed by a guinea pig expert.

Because of this house, you’re going to learn about a unique tree known as Paulownia, a tree that many people have referred to as the future tree.

Unlike other trees, Paulownia just takes three years to mature and it also boasts as the only wood that has the highest strength to weight ratio.

Now, away from introducing the new plant, this is a small guinea pig house that will encourage your pet and lounge at its flattened top.

After staying exposed for some moment, the pet is always free to jump down and hide inside if that’s its wish.


  • It’s made of the durable Paulownia tree
  • The top has a smooth texture
  • A big entry to the house
  • Non-toxic paint
  • They are available in four distinct colors

What we liked:-

  • Construction from a guinea pig specialist
  • Lightweight since it’s made of one of the timbers that boast as a top candidate for the highest strength to weight ratio crown
  • The top is smooth hence easy to clean
  • The flat comfortable to is an ideal section for lounging
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Untreated wood fit for chewing
  • A room for a hideout
  • A wide door for easy access
  • It can also be great for other small animals like hamsters and gerbils

What we didn’t like:-

  • The door doesn’t close
  • It cannot accommodate many pets at once

Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Cage

Here’s a complete home for your pet to conduct entirely everything as you concentrate on other activities.

The spacious indoor guinea pig house comes with a water bottle and food dish to cater to your pet’s feeding needs.

It isn’t only the entire guinea pig cage that’s roomy; the hideout section equally has an immense space to allow your pet to take some break from exposure.

Buying this structure cannot be a mistake, especially if you keep small animals because it can also accommodate hedgehogs and rabbits.


  • A food dish and water bottle included in the package
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • A front-facing door and another one on the side
  • An immense hideout at the base
  • The upper part is made of wire while the base is solid

What we liked:-

  • The upper section is made of wire mesh to allow fresh circulation of air
  • It’s painted to prevent the wire mesh from rusting
  • Roomy space for a hideout
  • A versatile small animal house that can also serve rabbits and hedgehogs
  • The package also comes with a dish and a water bottle
  • Two doors for speedy access
  • Convenient for maintenance
  • A durable product
  • It’s accompanied by a warranty

What we didn’t like:-

  • It cannot endure cold winters with your pet
  • It cannot serve as an outdoor guinea pig house

Aivituvin Wheel Guinea Pig Cage (Upgraded Version)

In an acknowledgment that pets’ safety matters, the manufacturer came up with a product that has emerged as a large guinea pig house.

With this structure, you can be sure that the cheeky animal has no chance of escaping.

It’s a big boost for pet parents who want to keep several guinea pigs at ago.


  • The bottom wire netting is removable
  • A massive left-side door
  • A total of four front doors
  • Two ramps and a double floor design
  • The base is made of a natural non-toxic wooden fir
  • A 4-wheel cage with the two wheels locking
  • Two removable plastic trays that are deep

Why we liked it:-

  • It can accommodate beyond four guinea pigs
  • When you have this cage, you can be sure that no weight restriction can come on your way
  • Removable wooden bottom to get rid of pests
  • A secure guinea pig house that you can lock
  • The cage with the wheel can always change positions
  • Several doors for easy access and maintenance
  • The base is made of a natural and non-toxic wood
  • Two removable and leak-proof plastic trays
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use

What we didn’t like:-

  • It occupies a larger space
  • It’s heavyweight

Houses have equally proved to be vital tools that can enable pets to enjoy exhibiting their natural instinct for holistic growth.

For instance, there are several aspects of guinea pig houses that allow them to hide, run in the tunnel, or even do some chewing for the sake of maintaining the shape of their teeth.

While the pets are honoring their instincts; they exercise in the process, something that retains their fitness level and prevents our lovely animals from suffering from obesity.

Living World Small Animal Dome

Even though many people believe that this shouldn’t be categorized under guinea pig houses, but your pet will show you the structure is equally an adorable home.

However, it remains an indoor guinea pig house, which equally serves as a toy for the hideout.


  • It’s made of plastic material
  • The material is odor and stain-proof
  • It’s designed to fulfill your pet’s hideout instincts
  • Available in three different sizes
  • They are available in an assortment of colors

What we liked:-

  • It’s great for nesting
  • An ideal location of the hideout
  • Lightweight
  • Also ideal for other small animals like pet rats and hamsters
  • Three various sizes to choose from
  • Easy to maintain
  • Portable

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s only for indoor use
  • It cannot prevent your pet from escaping and invasions

Pawhut Small Guinea Pig Wooden House

It appears to be the simplest guinea pig house among other products that we have reviewed but it’s still proving to emerge as one of the best wooden guinea pig houses.

The versatile outdoor house can also serve other pets like hamsters, puppies, cats, and rabbits effectively.

From the look, the structure appears to be close to becoming a homemade guinea pig house due to few materials in use.

A perfect house whose door also serves as a non-slip ramp that your pet can use during exits and entries.

The fact that it’s raised higher than the ground secures your pet from floods. Also, the asphalt roofing prevents rain and other weather adversities from affecting your pet.


  • It’s made from a natural wooden fir
  • The removable roof is made of asphalt
  • A door that latches and turns into a non-slip ramp
  • Slightly raised above the ground
  • The house has pet-safe sealant lining

What we liked:-

  • A simple but durable pet house
  • It’s made of non-toxic wooden tree
  • An outdoor guinea pig house that can withstand all seasons
  • It’s raised above the ground level to limit dampness
  • The roof has the ability to resist all the extreme weathers
  • Ideal for various pets, including dogs and cats
  • Easy access and convenient to clean

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s heavy

Kaytee Woodlands Get-A-Way

There are several plastic pet toys that have this design and you won’t stop how Kaytee Manufacturer has used the same idea to come up with a glaring wooden guinea pig house.

The wood in use is purely natural hence poses no risk to your pet even if it chews it.

With this small guinea pig house, you can be sure that your pet’s natural instincts such as nestling and hiding are resolved.



  • They are available in four different sizes
  • Construction from a natural wood material
  • An already assembled product
  • It has a wide door and a window

What we liked:-

  • Several sizes to make your selection
  • A natural non-toxic wooden material
  • Durable wooden material in construction
  • It comes when already assembled
  • Perfect for several small animals
  • It’s smooth, thus easy to clean
  • It encourages various aspects of instincts
  • Lightweight

What we didn’t like:-

  • It doesn’t secure your pet
  • Only for indoor use

ZENY 37’ Ferret Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Small Animal House

The long name doesn’t cause any challenge but encourages pet parents who find this structure as a perfect home for various small animals.

The fact that it boasts of four-level makes a large guinea pig house that will accommodate numerous pets.

It’s a great animal habitat for individuals who are enthusiastic about pet exhibition.


  • The made of a high-quality coated steel wire
  • Each panel features a round and smooth corner
  • An immense space for roaming and exercising
  • Two openings for access- one at the base while the other one at the top
  • Ramps for climbing
  • The design features slide-out trays
  • A detachable sliding base
  • It has four universal wheels
  • The cage collapses for easy storage
  • A manual to aid you when assembling it

What we liked:-

  • It’s perfect for transportation due to the presence of wheels
  • Ideal for energetic pets since it’s roomy
  • Smooth corners for the safety of the user and pets
  • A great cage for a pet parent with several animals
  • Easy to fold to create more space for other activities
  • Removable bottom for efficient cleaning
  • Sturdy steel wire coated with powder to prevent rusting
  • The package also includes trays, a water bottle, and food boxes

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s expensive
  • It doesn’t have positions for hideout

Ware Manufacturing Rabbit Den

If you look at the product, you cannot figure out that it’s handmade; something that can easily make it a possible homemade guinea pig house if one has every material of construction.

While other people regard it like a small animal hideout, this structure is also a powerful house for guinea pigs and other pets.


  • A product of handcraft
  • It’s made using natural wood
  • It arrives when already assembled
  • It’s designed to fit in every cage and hutch

What we liked:-

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile use for various small animals
  • It can be easily accommodated in all hutches and cages
  • It made of natural wood for durability
  • It’s ready for use since it comes already assembled
  • An attractive product of handwork

What we didn’t like:-

  • Only ideal for indoor activities
  • It comes only in one color

Niteangel Wood House for Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs

Another powerful guinea pig house that will surely last longer if you acquire one for your little friend.

Its look is adorable and the pet has an exit area to use if cornered within the structure.

The house is made in such a way that it permits the pet owner to make adjustments that can bring comfort to the innocent animals.


  • Large and spacious
  • Construction from a high-quality timber
  • Natural appearance
  • It’s designed for small animals
  • A door and a window as access points

What we liked:-

  • It’s made of a durable timber
  • Ideal for hiding
  • It’s safe for chewing
  • It has room for adjustments to improve the comfort
  • Excellent for various small animals

What we didn’t like:-

  • Not very secure

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

I’m sure you don’t want your pet to experience any element of ‘hell life,’ and that’s the reason why you strive to provide it a better living condition.

Well, the directions to heaven for your lovely pets my just begin with this amazing guinea pig house.

The cage boasts of numerous features that make the lives of pets both secure and comfortable.


  • Two houses and an additional pet house
  • Exercise items like an exercise wheel and tunnels
  • Two large handles for transportation
  • A product from Belgium
  • A massive door
  • A large base

What we liked:-

  • It comes with several accessories, including a water bottle
  • It has numerous features that can inspire a pet to exercise more
  • The handles make movement easy
  • A quality product from Belgium
  • A secure place for the pet

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The prime responsibility you have as a pet parent is to explore every measure that can ensure the safety of the animal you love.

One way of showing that commitment is by buying a home for the animal a home that will keep predators at bay and at the same time curtailing any effort that your pet put to escape.



  • A plastic base
  • An upper wireframes
  • A balcony and a ramp
  • Available in three different sizes
  • High ventilation

What we liked:-

  • It’s well-ventilated to promote air circulation
  • It’s made of durable materials
  • Ideal for various small animals
  • A secure cage for pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient access

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s only an indoor guinea pig house

Prevue Pet Product Wood-Mouse Hut

The manufacturer of this product has demonstrated the pursuit to provide ideal specific homes for small animals.

This is a customized guinea pig wooden house that supports various aspects of your pet’s natural instincts.

262 Reviews


  • A customized product for guinea pigs
  • It’s made of natural wood
  • It has a large corner entrance
  • Two crawl holes
  • There are other versions for gerbils and mice

What we liked:-

  • It’s specifically designed for guinea pigs
  • It has a large corner entrance for quick access
  • Additional two crawl holes inspire the pet to play more
  • Perfect for hiding and nestling
  • The wood is safe for chewing
  • Affordable

What we didn’t like:-

  • It does not guarantee maximum safety
  • Only for indoor use

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

This is for pet owners who value the safety of their small animals, especially when their pets aren’t living inside the house.

With this wooden guinea pig house, you can always carry out with your activities with a maximum guarantee that nothing bad can happen to your furry friend.

The main task that you’ll be left with is conduct maintenance.


  • A metal tray as a food section
  • An indoor ramp linking two hutches
  • It has two hutches
  • Wooden and wire mesh wall
  • One hutch has a water-proof roof while the next doesn’t

What we liked:-

  • Enough room for exercise
  • Ideal for several small animals
  • A secure place for your pet
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s great for both outdoor and indoor roles
  • A water-proof roof to safeguard your pet from extreme weathers
  • Durable materials are involved in the construction

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s heavy

Prevue Hendryx Cocoa and Cage Small Animal Stand

Being a pet parent is a responsibility that requires constant learning, and today you’ve learned about a unique color known as cocoa brown.

Back to the cage, the structure gives options for pet owners who like to move around with their lovely animals.

It’s the perfect carriage whenever you wish to transport your pet from one position to the other.


  • It comes with one ramp and one platform
  • A heavy-duty tubular steel stand
  • The base is made of plastic
  • It has an extra-deep pan with a mess

What we liked:-

  • It’s very spacious
  • It has a sturdy steel stand for support
  • The base with the caster lets you move the cage easily
  • A secure place where your pet cannot experience any inversion
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in a unique color to improve your décor

What we didn’t like:-

  • Expensive

Prevue Pet Universal Small Animals Home

Pet parents who are worried about making a mistake when buying a home for their lovely animals feel relieved when they realize that this structure is a universal animal house.

The dark-gray cage has a deep base to encourage exercise as well as space for a hideout.


  • Rounded corner design free from pinch points
  • It has two entry points
  • The doors close through a wire latch technology
  • A sturdy platform with its replacement
  • It comes with six clips for attachment
  • Plastic ramps for safety

What we liked:-

  • A spacious cage that can accommodate more pets
  • Roomy for exercise
  • Easy assembly and collapse
  • Home for several pets
  • It brings convenience when it comes to handling
  • Lightweight
  • Secure

What we didn’t like:-

  • Not excellent for outdoor

Festnight Small Animals Home

This wooden guinea pig house is one of the most versatile structures for pet parents who aren’t sure whether to place their animals’ outdoors or indoors.

The compart large guinea pig house is made from the durable fir wood for long life.

It also has a water-proof roof to safeguard your pet from hostile weather.

No products found.

Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster and Gerbil Cage

The designer of this guinea pig house needs some applause for the creativity that has realized a perfect home for small animals.

Unlike all other cages, this is the animal habitat that boasts of having two interior homes where the pet can lounge and hide.

486 Reviews


  • The base is made of the grille
  • The grille can be detached from cage for maintenance
  • Two ladders
  • Two interior homes, each with its balcony
  • The upper section is made of a sturdy wire mesh material
  • It has a front-access door
  • The package also includes an exercise wheel

What we liked:-

  • An immense room for playing
  • The pet is securely inside
  • An exercise wheel for more activities
  • Two houses for hiding and nestling
  • The wire section can detach from the base for maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s made of sturdy materials for a long life

What we didn’t like:-

  • Expensive

Trixie Natural Living Labyrinth House

Nothing excites guinea pigs more than finding a home with features that can enable them to exhibit their natural instincts.

This wooden guinea pig house can be a massive acquisition if you’re keen in ensuring that your pet’s teeth do not overgrow.


  • Natural wood in the construction
  • Four interior chambers
  • Two of the four chambers are dark
  • Two entry points
  • Removable top
  • The exterior section has a rough texture

What we liked:-

  • The natural wood is safe for chewing
  • Two darkened chambers for a hideout
  • Other chambers can help in nestling and lounging
  • Two entry points to encourage the pet to exercise more
  • A detachable roof for quick access and maintenance
  • A perfect home for all rodents
  • An amazing natural design for durability

What we didn’t like:-

  • It’s somehow heavier.


This article must have exposed to you how a guinea pig house is such an important accessory that your pet cannot do without.

The habitat is what is keeping the pet safe from invasion from other domestic animals and wild characters.

Without a home for your pet, your lovely animal could escape from your home from time to time, putting it at risk of being stolen or hit by a moving vehicle.

The cages have made it easy for us to find our pets exactly where we leave when we are engaged in some other activities.

Not every home is good for your pet, and it’s the reason why we reviewed powerful products that can enable your pets to continue exhibiting their natural instincts.

The guinea pig houses that we have reviewed equally enhance comfort on our adorable pets.

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