17 Best Hamster Bedding of 2020 (Must Read Reviews & Guide)

Many people love hamsters as they are small, quiet, and easy to care for. However, just like other small pets, hamsters need a clean and fresh habitat to stay happy and healthy. What can you do for your pet? Opt for the right hamster bedding and pet cage, providing the small animal a fantastic spot.

In our blog post, we have some suggestions about the best hamster bedding for you to choose from. We share with you some insight into selecting the best item.

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How to Choose the Best Hamster Bedding For Your Pet?

Here are some tips to get suitable hamster bedding:

Made from natural materials

To protect your hamster, select bedding that is generated from all-natural and pure materials.

They are recycled newspapers, wood shavings, and more.

It is suitable for your pet’s respiratory system.

Absorb liquid and odor effectively

You are in the market to look for good hamster bedding, but too many products make you feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Select a product that absorbs liquid effectively.

It keeps the pet stay healthy and dry. The item should lock in odors to maintain a fresh habitat.

Friendly prices

You have to clean the hamster cages often; hence, look for hamster bedding you can consistently afford to buy.

There are tons of products on the market, and you can compare the price from different sellers, and then choose the best stuff at an affordable price.

No toxins and dust

Not all sellers provide good animal bedding. Some types consist of toxins that are harmful to your hamster’s health.

Therefore, you should buy a dust-free litter for your hamster’s safety.

Top Rated Hamster Bedding Reviews

We have listed some best hamster bedding available on the market for you to choose from.

It comes in a variety of materials and outstanding benefits, so you can opt for good bedding for your lovely hamster.

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

Highly recommend! The Carefresh bedding brings your hamster a healthier habitat as it controls odor well.

Being made from raw and natural fiber, it is completely safe for small animals.

It is dust-free, controls odor, soft for pet’s feet. What’s more, it is easy to keep the bedding clean.

You can easily find the cheap hamster bedding anywhere.

Hamsters may not really care about bedding, so you should use this bedding to musk up the odor in which it does a great job.

This ultra-retentive bedding has many colors; hence, you can give the pet a lot of fun and comfort.

When the Carefresh bedding starts feeling tough and hard, that is when you change the item.

You need to change the hamster bedding once every three weeks, sometimes even four.



  • Great soft bedding and a good deal
  • Super cute with a variety of bright colors
  • It works for absorbing things well and doesn't have a smell.
  • The stuff is lightweight and safe for hamsters.
  • It is much more convenient than the wood pellets and easier to carry.


  • Have a test to see if your hamster scratch or feel itching or not.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

The hamster bedding is excellent, super-fluffy, and water-absorbing.

The light color makes it easy to spot-clean more soiled areas; making individual bags last longer because a full dump-out cage clean is not always necessary.

This Kaytee Clean and Cozy hamster bedding seem truly dust-free that makes a tidier habitat for your hamster.

It helps protect your pet from some respiratory problems.

Opt for this bedding if you wish to provide the small animal a long and healthy life.

Also, the hamster bedding paper is so soft and comfortable.

It provides the pet with excellent nesting and tunnel-making material, which enriches the lives of hamsters.

The item expands a lot, it is large enough for five hamsters.

It comes in different colors, sizes, and scents for pet owners to choose from.

A variety of colors make it fun and exciting for your pet’s habitat.


  • Soft and fluffy bedding for pet
  • The product itself doesn't have a smell.
  • It is much more economical to use this bedding.


  • Sometimes, the bedding is shredded paper.

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Customers say that they love everything about the Small Pet Select bedding.

There is a lot of bedding in this bag, so you should plan for storage.

It is a good value, and it does not bother your hamster at all.

The item is so soft, so it does not bother their feet, and it has got excellent absorbency.

When it is wet, it clumps together, so it is effortless to roll it up in the newspaper and throw it away.


  • Ideal bedding for small animals
  • 100% safe, no chemical additives
  • Soft and comfortable for your hamster


  • Sometimes, it isn't packed tightly. Be careful when using it.

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding

The Vitakraft Fresh World bedding is healthy for both the pet and the environment.

Many reasons make this item become the ultimate choice and best hamster bedding.

With cozy crumbles made from recycled material, it does not harm your pet’s feet.

Give your pet this product as a gift, and spend more time bonding with it.

Using the bedding, you can save your time as you don’t have to clean the cage frequently.

The baking soda-free formula and locks in moisture effectively help it control odors for up to half of a month.


  • Soft, cozy paper crumbles for ultimate comfort
  • Unbleached and baking soda-free
  • Absorbs 3x its weight in moisture


  • When you open the package, the smell is quite uncomfortable.

Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

The Kaytee Aspen bedding is formed with 100% natural Aspen shavings.

It is dust-free and eliminates wood debris found in other products.

You will love this item as it is much more affordable than the recycled paper bedding.

It has a pleasant smell that’s not too strong; hence, it does not irritate the hamster.

You open up the bag, and it has a great smell of aspen wood.

The hamster bedding doesn’t have baking soda like other paper bedding, it means that it doesn’t have an “odor shield.”

They really packed a lot into the bag.


  • Easier to spread and clean up.
  • Last longer, up to five months
  • Hamsters tolerated it well


  • Hard to store because it is so giant
  • The bag is still punctured easily.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Scented Small Pet Bedding

It is more expensive than other bedding, but we think worth it. It expands a lot.

The bag is not too large, but it fluffs up a lot.

You should buy this stuff for the hamster cage, and you can even fill the tank several inches with this bag.

The hamster bedding depth is soft and does a great job with odor control.

Many customers are afraid that it would have an annoying scent itself, but it does not.

It has a mild, pleasant smell, and it does a great job of controlling your pet waste smell to the point where you don’t really notice the cage at all.

It is soft and fluffy, not hard like wood shavings.

Hence, if you are in the market to look for a hamster bedding that offers the pet a fresh habitat, this is an ideal option.

There are multiple scents, including apple, lavender, Tahitian vanilla scent, and more.


  • The stuff smells wonderful.
  • 9% dust-free
  • Odor control guarantee
  • Its softness is entirely safe for your small animals.


  • Expensive.

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

If you’re looking for a 100% safe, budget-friendly, it is just for you.

The CritterCare brand creates natural paper pet bedding, giving a good place for hamsters.

It encourages your pet’s nesting behavior.

You want to give your animal a warm place to stay healthy during the winter, just invest in this bedding.

It is ultra-soft and highly absorbent, keeping the pet clean, dry as well as stay healthy.

It is unscented, so it smells like nothing when you put hamsters in the cage and really easy to clean up off the floor, too!

You change the hamster bedding paper once a week and have had no problems.


  • Water-absorbing feature
  • Control odor for a long time
  • It can expand to 2x its volume.


  • It may be clumpy and heavy when it is wet.

Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding 

Great value, exceptional product! It is the best deal around for your hamster bedding at a great price.

Believe us! This stuff lasts a long time. It is not only great for bedding but perfect for gnawing.

Odor control is good, and suitable for the pet lay around it on the other parts of its cage.

It also allows small animals to burrow and do their tunneling while easy to spot clean and is easy to clean up with the paper towel and dry out wet spots.

It seems to be made of good quality low dust shavings.

Aspen shavings should only be used for hamsters as well as other small pets. Moreover, it is a great odor and dampness control.

Once the bag is ripped open, pieces go all over the place.

Therefore, before you open a new bag, you should place it in a thick garbage bag and then cut it open. And store it in the trash bag.


  • Safe, high quality, and all-natural aspen
  • Made from wood shavings, no additives, completely safe
  • It is recyclable and compostable


  • If you are not careful, you can make it become a mess.

SO PHRESH Natural Softwood Bedding

The product of the So Phresh brand is mainly constructed with baking soda.

Therefore, it works best to control odors. That apart, the hamster bedding also brings a higher absorbency level to keep the dryness for your small animal.

It is dust-free and does not cause any allergic reaction. What’s more, it says no with toxic substances, good for your pet health and its respiratory systems.

The veterinarian highly recommends this item as it is biodegradable, too. It has no chemical scents, offering more accessible care for your pets.

If your pet eats this bedding, you should bring it to a vet and get hamster veterinarian’s help right away.


  • Natural materials, consisting of spruce, fir & pine shavings
  • Control odors well
  • Dust-free to protect the hamster health


  • Maybe coarser than other products.

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding

One more product from the Kaytee brand. The manufacturer uses wood fibers to form this hamster bedding.

It is so soft, absorbent as well as litter. The item brings an ideal cage environment for small critters. If you have a sensitive nose, the bedding can suit you and your pet.

It has a very clean, very neutral smell that you and your pet find refreshing.

You can use a small amount of baking soda on the bottom of the pan along the edges the hamster uses the most to control odors. Also, the bedding is very absorbent, giving hamsters a dry place.

Usually, after 1 or 2 days, the hamster cage starts to smell. But this product keeps the urine odor away, even after five days! The product saves a lot of money and time.

Each day you just clean out the waste litter areas and add fresh back in, then about once a week, you change the whole cage litter. Perfect!


  • A tasty, nutritious treat
  • It holds 3x its weight in liquid, providing a fresh habitat.
  • It has naturally scent, no harmful.
  • Comfortable and safe for your hamster


  • It is so lightweight, so it flies all over the place and makes a huge mess.

Carefresh Custom Hamster Bedding

Pet owners and hamsters will love the custom bedding from the Carefresh brand.

It is formed from scratch with the ultra-absorbent and soft that looks like a pillow. This item is particularly designed for small pets.

If you want to keep your pet house clean and dry, try this bedding.

It is an entirely natural hamster bedding paper for animals. The bedding meets all features most owners think of.

Plus, the manufacturer uses low dust material to make bedding and it is easy to clean as well.

It gives an odor control guarantee up to ten days, so the pet house is fresh and clean longer.

The custom bedding is softer and less hard chunky pieces; hence, it is less likely to harm your hamster.

Opt for this 100% biodegradable bedding, and it is good for hamsters and our planet.

No products found.

Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding

The confetti-colored bedding has a little more dust than the white “ultra”, but it keeps the odor under control just as well.

The little bit of extra dust does not seem to affect your small animals at all.

They seem to enjoy their more festive environment with the confetti colors!

It is much better at controlling odor from the hamster much better than the natural-colored bedding. It is also very colorful, so it makes the pet cage more fun.

What’s more, there is nothing toxic about it. It is shredded paper and absorbs urine very well, too.

When you open the bag, its smell is not pleasant. But after putting it in the storage bin for a few days to breathe, it smells a little better.


Your animal will like this bedding since it is fluffier, and it can dig in it better.


  • Ten-day odor control
  • 99% dust-free and good at absorbent
  • Easy clean-up


  • Your hamster may be sneezing for the first time using it.

Critters Comfort – Small Animal Bedding

Like other good-quality hamster bedding, this item is made of 100% coconut husk. The Critters’ product is suitable for all small animals, such as hamsters, mice, ducks, and more.

Give it to your pet as a gift; let it stay healthy and happy. You may know that coconut husk is able to absorb, keep, and even break down moisture very well.

It keeps the pet’s cage fresh and clean all the time.

Hamster lovers can be a peace of mind when using this stuff.

Since the natural material is non-toxic, dust-free, and chemical-free.

It is safe for your pets, you, and the environment as well. Put the bedding in cages, coops, or stables.

The small pet can even chew and eat the paper as a hamster food.


  • Made of long-lasting and substrate material.
  • The bedding is clean, hygienic, and ready to use.
  • It is the ideal bedding for small animals, such as hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, etc.
  • Use it in pet cages, hutches, or coops.


  • You should use it in the cage that has adequate ventilation.

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RentACoop Hemp Bedding

The product has some good reviews on some youtube videos and big websites.

Many customers say that they are pleased with the odor’s control and longevity as bedding for their animals.

The texture is great, too. The aroma is much less offensive than several other bedding types, particularly pine and no dust.

You even use it in the chick brooder. Although it worked well, it doesn’t last very long.

The hamster bedding depth comes in a big bag, and it is compacted tight. It is highly absorbent, no dust, and does amazing in high humidity.

Unlike wood shavings, you don’t have to change the bedding two or three times a week with high humidity houses/locations.

Your animal loves these fibers to nest with, and it is not sneezing.


  • It absorbs an amazing amount of moisture.
  • Smell better than pine shavings
  • Beneficial for hamsters, rabbits, cats, and other pets.


  • It might be too rough for pets' skin and feet.
  • It does not last too long.

Arm & Hammer Natural Paper Bedding

The hamster bedding paper is one of the most premium hamster bedding in town that you can get for your pet.

These work wonders. You don’t have to clean the hamster cage too frequently as you used to.

The item brings your hamster a comfortable and enjoyable habitat. It helps you keep the cage dry and tidy.

It is made from recyclable material, so it is great for the environment as well and It offers fluffy and absorbent features all around it.

The Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is an alternative to using harsh chemicals, which makes it great for use around pets.

It brings the power of baking soda freshness to your small animal homes.

As a whole, from natural hamster bedding paper to cage cleaning and grooming products, Arm & Hammers products have all critters covered.



  • It works as a cage cleaner.
  • Safe, non-toxic and absorbable bedding
  • Keep pets comfortable and dry
  • The power of baking soda offers a fresh feel to your hamster home


  • It is quite coarse, may affect the little feet.

Living World Fresh’n Comfy Bedding

The stuff of the Living World brand is among the best hamster bedding out there. It is made from recycled materials, including newspapers and magazines.

The bedding is particularly designed for all small animals, birds, and cats as well. Containing baking soda, it controls odors very well. Also, it is highly absorbent, offering your pet a dry and comfortable place to play and even take a nap.

What’s more, the bedding is dust-free, safe for the pet’s respiratory system.

Say no with phenol or scented oils, and it is not harmful to your hamster as well.


  • It holds down the odor for four days. Keep your pet stay fresh far longer than the alternatives.
  • Easy to clean and change


  • Don't let your hamster eat this bedding as it can swell in the pet's belly.

FiberCore Eco-Bedding Natural

Great bedding! The product is more ecologically friendly, and it comes in a large quantity.

No dust that works great for critters and hamster lovers with sensitivities.

Your pet may be freaked out when it started using this stuff, but it eventually gets used to it.

We highly recommend the hamster bedding to the pet owner who needs to worry about changing one habitat.

Cleanup is extremely easy. It is paper, and there is no dust.

It is totally absorbent but has no smell, and it allows for very little smell if you keep up on cleaning.

The FiberCore eco-bedding natural is a miracle for bedding allergies.

If your little critter has allergies, check the bedding you’re using and dust content. Give this a try!



  • Hypoallergenic, sanitary, and no dust
  • Made from recycled paper and is completely biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly with the environment


  • They seem to stick together, which makes them slightly more challenging to place in their cages. You should shake it before using it.

How to Make a Homemade Hamster Bedding?

Pet owner can make hamster bedding DIY

To make a hamster bedding DIY, you are going to need some shredded paper.

You can use a paper shredder to cut papers, or just shred it up.

You need a strainer, a bucket, a sink, and some water.

Step 1

Take your bucket of shredded paper and fill it up with hot water. Remember that you use hot water, not too hot.

Leave it in for five minutes so that it can soften the paper.

After five minutes have passed, use your hands and start tearing the shredded papers apart kind of the wet shredded papers.

Basically, make them into a pulp, so just keep ripping it up until they turn into small chunks.

Step 2

Then, take a strainer and pour the mixture of water and paper out.

Take all the stuff in the strainer and push down.

Squeeze it so that all the excess water comes out of the pulp.

Step 3

Once you have done the second step, start forming the pulp into balls. Create balls as many as you can get.

Step 4

Start crumbling all the pieces of paper or balls in a tray.

Just crumble it to your liking if you want, like thicker or smaller pieces.

You spread everything out on the tray and set it somewhere in direct sunlight so that it dries fast.

When it dries entirely, the hamster bedding is done. Finish!

FAQs on Hamster Bedding 

What can I use for hamster bedding?

You use bedding for the hamster to offer comfort and warmth for your little animal.

It keeps your pet clean and dry. Also, bedding is safe for your pet to use if it is made from natural materials, such as paper, pine shavings, and other materials.

The best hamster bedding saves your time as it is highly absorbent.

You don’t have to clean your pet’s house day by day.

However, bear in mind that not all materials are generated equally.

There are different options available on the market, so you should find out and consider which stuff works best for your pet.

How often do you change hamster bedding?

Many hamster lovers wonder how often to change hamster bedding.

Here is your answer. You have to see if it has an odor or not. You may know that smell is a big issue with small animals like hamsters.

Yes, You should change bedding if it has an uncomfortable scent. It would be better if you keep the pet’s cage clean for the health of the pet.

The frequency of changing bedding also depends on the pet owner, material, and quality of the product.

Some can control odors for up to two weeks, while others work best for four or five days.

Still, it is better to change bedding too often.

How many beddings do a hamster need?

You should give your pet a dry and clean habitat

On the market now, traditional options such as wood shavings or paper bedding are more popular.

It is suitable for your pet digging and even chewing.

The more bedding your hamster has, the deeper it can dig.

An exciting study indicated that hamsters’ body condition and health would be better if they have deep bedding.

In other words, hamster bedding depth is better than the shallow one.

Digging and hiding under the bedding make your little pet feel safe and stay happy.

How much will a hamster bedding cost?

As I stated, the price of the stuff is different. They appear with an array of different types, quality, brands, etc. But most beddings are cheap.

If you let your pet use it regularly, the cost correctly adds up quickly.

Nowadays, cheap hamster bedding also does a great job and meet the demands of pet owners.

Many people create hamster bedding DIY to save the cost. And it is not a bad idea.

Which stuff is best for your hamster?

We have looked at a lot of different bedding materials for the hamster and read reviews from customers; we think paper bedding is the best.

It is safe for pet’s health, very absorbent, and controls odor.

Once you get the best bedding for your hamster, stick with it. Because changing the new bedding may make the pet has a stress response.

If you find another material is better for your pet, don’t hesitate to let us know.

In The Last Words

Investing in hamster bedding will never be a waste of time and money.

It protects your pet and our planet, too.

Hopefully, after this blog post, you can find the most suitable product for your little pet.

If you want to know more about how to take care of a hamster or other best pet care products for cats, rabbits, etc. do not hesitate to follow or browse our well-built blog right now! Or you have additional good and cheap hamster bedding, don’t forget to share with us and others. We will consider and add up to the above list.

You may hair more questions about your hamster and how to take care of the small animal, so let us know by leaving comments below!

We will try best to give all of you the answers as fast as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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