23 Best Rabbit Chew Toys in 2020 (Review and Guides)

For a long time now, rabbits are animals that many families choose to raise because of their lovely and easy-going manner. Rabbits can easily make you smile after a stressful day.

Rabbits have strong jaw muscles and incisors. This development is good because they help rabbits digest their food easily to stay alive. But unlike natural rabbits, the habitat of domestic rabbits is constrained and they do not have many opportunities to move their jaws or “grinding their teeth”.

Itchiness in the oral cavity results in chewing or biting the contents of your home to maintain a moderate length of teeth. That’s why chew toys for rabbits were created.

They will help your bunny to satisfy his “passion” for chewing, biting and grinding oversized teeth.

Besides, they will give your pet the habit of exercise, revitalizing the animals that have been separated from the natural habitat as well as helping to solve dental problems.

These chew toys will be a more affordable long-term solution to improve your bunny’s living conditions.

Although these are just personal thoughts, these products have been evaluated based on feedback from customers around the world. Hopefully, that will be a great reference channel for you.

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How do We Pick the Toys?

There will be many different factors so that each user can decide what is a perfect chew toy.

Here are the factors that you can use for reference.

How to choose the toys

1. Safety

This is the most crucial factor when choosing a toy because these toys will stick with your bunny for such a long time. Nobody wants their bunny to pity bad things, right?

Pay close attention to the softness of the toy so as not to affect the teeth and gums of the bunny after repeated chewing. Also, the sharp edges or hard edges of the product as they may damage the bunny’s mouth.

The source of materials used to make toys is also extremely important.

Products made from 100% natural materials or contain no harmful substances should always be the first choice for you. Besides, you prefer to choose products from big brands such as KONG, West Paw, Nylabone, Outward Hound, Benebone … because their quality has been verified.

Remember: Toys bring joy but joy must go hand in hand with safety.

2. Durability

This is the second factor that you need to consider when selecting bunny chew toys. Remember that this toy will be chewed, teased or whipped by your rabbit everywhere.

You don’t want it to rip out after only a short time being used, right?

One of the smart choices is the products with a tightly knit structure to increase the durability of the product. Besides, pay more attention to the position need reinforcement.

This helps your rabbit attempting to play without having to worry about anything.

3. Design

Rabbits have a habit of chewing and digging and you can apply this behavior to the choice of toys.

Therefore, selecting a suitable chew toy requires you to understand your pet. Does he care about the shape of a toy? Does your bunny like moving toys or will that scare them?

Besides, bright looks or cute images also contribute greatly to the attention of curious rabbits.

4. Weight

There is a fairly common mistake that rabbit owners buy when toys are too small or too big. Some of these can be so big that your bunny will struggle to pull it around.

That could be detrimental to their oral health. It can easily weaken the tooth structure and even cause some teeth to fracture.

Since you don’t want that to happen, it’s important to invest in a light toy. This way, your bunny can enjoy pulling it around without being too strenuous.

How Do We Test them?

There are many factors to check to ensure the quality of the product.

A rabbit playing

The first thing is to thoroughly examine the materials used to make the product.

You need to pay close attention because there are many toys with a description and the actual product is quite different. If in doubt, bring them to the nearest veterinary facility for quality inspection.

Besides, as I said above, no one wants a toy with a short shelf life. A structure with connections will be the answer for you.

And finally, these chew toys need to be easy to clean and store. This also partly depends on the design of the toy.

After a series of chewing and dragging around, they can become dirty and cause real unhygienic. Product with flat or smooth surfaces is usually easy to clean.

The removable or foldable product will take less effort to store and also save some space in your home.

Top-Rated Chew Toys for Rabbits

AIYA Bunny Chew Toys

The same idea with manufacturer Shelltech in creating chew toys for rabbits is AIYA. Using a 100% natural source, AIYA Bunny Chew Toys brings 7 applewood sticks and grass cakes.

The safety of the product will not be a problem for the user. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled to create a product with suitable moisture, easy to chew and hard to fragment without causing industrial pollution or pesticide residues.

The metal hanger helps to connect the alternating apple sticks with the grass wheels, giving users flexibility because it can fit on the stables in different sizes. They can swing easily to stimulate the movement of the rabbit.

The scent of grass cakes along with the natural state is kept almost intact will make him do not feel like this is a toy just to chew.

265 Reviews


  • Apple sticks are moderately hard and do not harm teeth or gums
  • Naturally attractive scent
  • Suitable for a lot of rabbit living space
  • Raw materials do not contain toxic substances
  • Great customer care, can exchange products if needed


  • Too hard for the young rabbits
  • Poor attraction after the grass disintegrates.

SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Coconut Fiber Ball

This product from SunGrow is simple but surprisingly effective in keeping the rabbits entertained. They are suitable because rabbits are very naughty, like to chew or push things. Give us a SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Coconut Fiber Ball and let them freely express themselves.

This chew ball toy is tightly woven from coconut fibers and uses almost no binder. That means they are very light, very safe and your pet can chew it, lick it and often play around it without problems.

Besides, the soft nature of coconut fiber will stimulate the rabbit to chew more to improve jaw muscles and limit the length of the teeth.

The circular structure makes it hard to stay still. This will motivate your rabbit to be more active. Don’t worry anymore when your pet is home alone because now he has a real friend.

The all-natural materials used to create this ball are harmless to the environment in any way.

Coconut fibers are a much better biodegradable product than other plastic or artificial rabbit toys.


  • The material is completely organic, absolutely safe for rabbits
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Affordable price (approximately $ 7.20)


  • Easy to leave the coconut fiber after a period of continuous use.

BLSMU Parrot Beak Trimmer Calcium Stone

If your rabbits are large and possess a strong jaw-muscle system, a product from the manufacturer of BLSMU may be an excellent choice.

Not derived from organic ingredients, plants such as SunGrow Rabbit Teeth Coconut Fiber Ball or Shelltech Rabbit Chew Toys, this chew toy is different.

It consists of blocks made entirely of lava rock and porous mineral stones that are rich in calcium. It seems that these products are very suitable for “grinding teeth”.

The lava stone blocks are carved into the shape of flowers in colorful colors to help create the attraction. Besides, their uneven surface will facilitate the cleaning of the mouth cavity of your bunny.

The calcium from colorful beads between lava stones and the bell on the bottom helps to replenish calcium for the teeth of rabbits, greatly supporting dental problems.

Products are made in the form of wire hanger for sure with many cage types cage. The accompanying small bell helps to catch the rabbit’s attention.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Extremely durable
  • Strong support for the process of solving dental problems
  • Vivid colors (just used as a great chew can decorate)
  • Great customer service, easy exchange or refund


  • Pretty heavyweight may cause a little difficulty while moving.

BWOGUE 100g Pet Snacks Sweet Bamboo Chew Toy

Using bamboo raw materials, each pack contains 10 to 14 short sticks that rabbits can chew. Extremely simple texture and the characteristic scent of bamboo may attract many rabbits.

This will help them dull their teeth and keep them from growing too long.

If you are looking for a chew toy for guinea pigs or another small pet, BWOGUE’s product may be a good choice.

In general, this Pet Snacks Sweet Bamboo Chew Toy helps you feel secure about the material and keeps your rabbit from getting bored.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Anti-boredom
  • Safe to use for a variety of small house pets


  • The simple appearance is boring, does not attract fastidious rabbits.

Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops Small Animal Chew Treat

Various sources of ingredients have been used to make chew toys for rabbits, and rice seems to be no exception. And true to its name, products from Ware Manufacturing have a very simple design with the main ingredients are Rice, Corn, Sugar. It sounds pretty good!

Each pack includes six small rice pops that are crunchy and crispy and which are safe things for bunnies to chew on.

Using the same food source that is often used to make rabbit food combined with some other hardening ingredients is a smart point of the manufacturer because it creates a great attraction and stimulation for him.

Your pet rabbit. Just have it as your rabbit cage will not be boring anymore. In addition to chewing, this toy promotes oral hygiene that helps rabbits have clean and healthy teeth.


  • Attractive flavor
  • Help your rabbit have clean and healthier teeth
  • Reduce cage boredom
  • Suitable for many other small-sized animals


  • The brittleness of the product makes it easy to be crushed during transportation.

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls

If SunGrow gives you a Coconut Fiber Ball, Niteangel gives you three times the amount. Each package offers you three choices with three very different levels of weaving.

The selected ingredients represent Niteangel’s quest to create the best chew toy ever. Each ball is meticulously woven by hand and stuffed with a mix of rattan, water hyacinth, and seagrass.

No additives are used, including adhesives. This gives absolute safety as well as a comfortable feeling to your rabbit when chewing.

The space inside each balloon is left empty by Niteangel. It is this exquisite design that helps buyers actively stuff more food to attract more attention of the pet rabbit.

Besides, because the ball is made entirely from woven grass, its lightweight combined with a large enough size can help your rabbit can push easily around without taking up too much space.

The owner of the above is enough to confirm that this product reaches 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon is perfectly reasonable, right?


  • The hand-woven texture is solid and durable
  • Made from completely natural materials, safe wood for rabbits to chew
  • Good price
  • Provide entertainment and exercise
  • Can be filled with food for rabbits
  • Good price


  • It may be too big for the young rabbits
  • Crashes after a long time of continuous use
  • Size sometimes varies due to being made by hand.

SunGrow Fresh Pine Chew Log for Rabbits

Back on the list, this time will continue to be a product from SunGrow. At first glance, you might mistake it for a tunnel toy. But not. To chew. That is the purpose of this product.

Inspired by a hollow trunk, SunGrow Fresh Pine Chew Log for Rabbits offers a toy that stimulates the rabbit’s discovery and movement.

Made from 100% natural pine wood, its unique aroma is irresistible to your bunny. The hard pine wood used provides perfect wooden rabbit chew toys for your rabbit to chew and bite for optimal oral health. The tubular structure makes it easy for your bunny to push it around.

The texture with holes pierced through the surface so that your rabbit can poke his head inside and explore. This makes it a logical toy for rabbits.

Would it be lovely if your bunny tried to crawl through that hole? You can also order small food items and that would be a great combination for gluttonous rabbits.

SunGrow Fresh Pine Chew Log for Rabbits is a very versatile log.

214 Reviews


  • The material is completely natural with an extremely pleasant scent
  • Extremely creative holes help stimulate many rabbit activities
  • Can be shared among several rabbits
  • The design is quite nice and elegant


  • Pretty heavy
  • Leave wood chips after a period of use.

SunGrow Banana Leaf Balls

It seems that chew toys in the form of balls are always an option for manufacturers. The ball from SunGrow is made entirely from banana shrub making it safer than ever for your pet.

The 2-layer texture with dried banana leaves has been threaded inside and braided into outer laces to increase the side of this chew toy.

Highly active, just drop SunGrow Banana Leaf Balls for your pet rabbit and let them freely push, snag, chew, bite and tear it.

The beautiful colors make this toy an easy decoration for wooden tables or to fill the void in the corner of the house.


  • The source material is completely natural
  • Safe with pets
  • Lightweight, easy to move and play with
  • Low price


  • Separate after a period of use.

Niteangel Two Bundle of Apple Chew Sticks

No less than SunGrow, Niteangel also has the second product featured on my list. Simple and bulk. Those are the words that can’t be more appropriate to talk about the Two Bundle of Apple Chew Sticks from the manufacturer Niteangel.

These elongated apple sticks with just the right amount of foam help your rabbits chew freely.

A large number of sticks keeps you from having to worry about the source of chew toys for a long time. Give your bunny the movement and chewing habit of having healthy teeth from now on.


  • Low price
  • Many sticks
  • The source of materials is completely natural and environmentally friendly


  • Get in trouble if the rabbit is too greedy
  • Not suitable for large rabbits with strong jaw muscles.

Kaytee Lava Block Chew Toy

This product is a unique combination of volcanic rock and the natural pieces of wood that are bound around.

The volcanic structure of the volcanic rock allows your uncle to chew, gnaw and grind his teeth without any worries. If the rock is too hard, the woodblocks are lightened will not be a bad choice.

Even if the block of wood is loose you will have 2 to 3 products at a time so that your rabbit can freely choose.


  • The sturdy structure of the volcanic rock is extremely suitable for chewing or grinding teeth
  • Safe source of natural materials
  • Unique appearance


  • The wood and stone sections are loosely connected
  • Pretty boring.

Ware Natural Woven Willow (5 Pack)

Products from Ware Manufacturing have a simple structure consisting of 2 balls tightly woven from natural woven willow and connected through a small rod.

The soft, porous structure of Ware Natural Woven Willow Small Pet Barbell helps stimulate the chewing ability of the rabbit.

The hook is attached at the top of the product so it can be integrated into the cage, perfect for play and fun time.

Each package purchased will include 5 packs. This makes you not have to think about choosing chew toys for your pet for a long time.


  • The material is completely natural
  • Easy to use
  • Porous structure, lightweight, suitable for chewing and playing


  • Pretty small size, only suitable for small pets.

Kaytee Combo Chews Apple Slices, 3-Pack

Human creativity does not seem to have any limits. Kaylee gives your bunny an “apple to chew”. The unique combination of chewable wood with loofah crispy will bring them excitement in activities and play.

The loofah fibers with the slender, soft structure will penetrate deep into the teeth to help keep your pet’s teeth clean, healthy and minimize dental diseases.

Especially, each piece of apple has holes that make it easy to connect with other Ka-Bob items to keep this chew toy clean, sanitary and away from the dirt from your bunny’s pen.



  • The material is completely natural
  • Able to integrate with other Kaytee products
  • Suitable for rabbits in any size
  • Increase interaction between owner and pet


  • Easy to leave loofah fibers.

SunGrow Coco Fiber Rope Ball

Rabbits have a habit of chewing anything they can find in your home, especially during teething. But with Coco Fiber Rope Ball from SunGrow, that won’t be a problem anymore.

Coir and seagrass fibers are combined in a rugged, twisted structure that ensures this product will work for a long time. The circular shape of this chew toy increases the rabbit’s maneuverability.

Just throw the ball to your bunny and watch it chew, gnaw, flip and toss it.

313 Reviews


  • Diversified ability to operate helps to increase mobility
  • The source material is completely natural
  • Keep your rabbit's teeth and gums healthy and clean


  • Too big for a small cage.

UJIANG Bunny Toys for Teeth

The all-natural source seems to be one of the pet toymakers’ favorite choices. The chew toy from UJIANG is not out of the trend.

Taking advantage of the sweet bamboo trunks and the milled grass we have a product that can make your rabbit chew relentlessly.

The whole structure with many bamboo bars and grass cakes connected via an iron wire with a hook will be an indispensable addition to your rabbit cage.

This natural, non-toxic, environmental-friendly chew toy will both be a means to play, entertain and exercise against boredom, anxiety, and stress and relieve intestinal inflammation and mild pain.


  • The material is completely natural
  • Attractive sweetness
  • Great for tackling dental problems
  • Reasonable price


  • Only suitable for small pets.

Niteangel Wooden Small Pet Chew Toy, Cage Platform Shelf, 2 Pack

The image of the rabbit and carrot has long become one of the symbols of cuteness. Inspired by the rabbit’s favorite food, Niteangel produced carrots made from wood for chewing and grinding teeth.

Bright colors are guaranteed to attract the attention of any rabbit. When mounted in a cage, the carrots of Niteangel can become unwilling to dance pads for your bunny’s movement and exercise.

The product comes with an iron disc that is suitable for permanent attachment to cages with tight spaces.


  • Safe materials from nature
  • Bright colors, simple designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Enduring durability


  • Easy to get bored.

UJIANG Bunny Toys for Teeth

Another product from UJIANG. Making the most of natural ingredients seems to be the slogan from this manufacturer.

Made from 100% natural apple wood and Timothy grass balls, this chew toy will keep your bunny from chewing. The grass balls are really attractive.

The entire system is connected via an iron wire, so don’t worry about it breaking your bunny “attacking” too enthusiastically.

Two hooks hanging on both ends help increase the strength when this chew toy is hanging on the inside.

Just bring the product to your rabbit and wait and see how your rabbit will chew, gnaw, toss and have fun with it.

30 Reviews


  • Safe to chew and digest
  • Applewood helps to reduce bowel inflammation and minor pain
  • Increase operability for rabbits


  • Leave crumbs or wood chips if used continuously.

Stock Show 200g (7oz) Small Pets Natural Sweet Bamboos Chew Toys

Without a complicated design, the chew toy from Stock Show is simply what your bunny needs to chew or sharpen so that your teeth don’t grow too long.

Each product pack gives your pet over 200g of clean bamboo sticks of all sizes.

Their pleasant sweetness will keep your bunny chewing endlessly. Also, bamboo sticks have been carefully selected to ensure nutrients after each use.

What a double hit on the arrow, right?


  • 100% organic material, so extremely safe
  • A large number of bamboo sticks
  • Pleasant sweetness, attractive
  • Suitable for rabbits of any size


  • Not attractive enough for picky rabbits.

Kaytee Small Animal Hanging Chew Toys

One of the best chew toys for rabbits can be just a stick with some toys on it. That is not to say that this toy is not interesting.

This “Perfect Chew for Rabbits” is a kabob of four wooden fruits arranged on an iron stick. Carrot? Banana? Or eggplant? What kind of fruit will your rabbit choose to chew?

The bell at the end of the product brings that pretty ring.

You can use the attachment to this toy on your rabbit’s activity zone thanks to the clincher at the top.

Also, you can keep this toy in permanent use as, if your rabbits chew and destroy any of the blocks, you can simply dispose and replace them with a new one.



  • Durable
  • Brightens up a cage or kennel and attracts the animal’s attention
  • Disposable and replaceable chew elements


  • Small size, only suitable for small rabbits.

Ewook 3 Pcs Rabbit Chew Ball

A pack of three grass balls, Ewook offers a chew toy that your bunny can have fun to play.

Made from 100% Timothy grass, this product is very safe and biodegradable and is much better than other plastic or artificial rabbit toys.

The braided structure allows users to rely on their durability.


  • The material is completely organic, non-toxic
  • Lack of simple design, suitable for small animals
  • Low price
  • Excellent customer care system


  • Will be dry and difficult to use wrong for some time
  • Leave grass chips after each use.

Kathson Chinchilla Lava Rock Chew Blocks

If you want to quickly reduce the length of the teeth, the volcanic rock seems to be a good choice.

Lava Rock Chew Blocks from kathson is a combination of natural beauty rich in calcium and edible vegetable pigment.

This gives the product advantage as it is both a source of food for rabbits and a better vehicle for chewing, gnawing or grinding.

Vivid colors help this chew toy stand out and be extremely attractive.


  • Supplement calcium for teeth
  • Durable
  • Extremely attractive
  • Easy to clean


  • Too hard for young rabbits.

Niteangel 3 in 1 Combined Chew Toys

What do you think if you can own Sweet Bamboo, Apple branch wood and Timothy or sticks in the same product? Niteangel will make your bunny consider whether you will chew something today.

The chew sticks are made with a moderate size, the porosity is carefully selected to help keep chew toys always fresh for your pet.


  • 3 flavors in 1 product
  • A large amount, guaranteed to be shared for many entities
  • Safe for chewing


  • Different sizes
  • Quality slightly reduced when left for a long time.

Sharllen 20sticks Natural Gold Oat Grass Molar Rod Pet Snacks Chew Toys

The product to finish this list is the chewing sticks made from Natural Gold Oat Grass.

Grass after being researched will be molded into sticks to serve the purpose of playing, chewing, gnawing or toss of rabbits. Besides, this 100% natural product also supports the digestive system very well.


  • The product has been baked to dry and can be stored for long term
  • Safe and secure
  • High in fiber, helps to accelerate gastric motility
  • The taste of grass is very rich


  • Too boring for choosy rabbits.

Shelltech Rabbit Chew Toys

The first product on this list will probably be a better representation of the creativity of the manufacturers. Maneuverable. Impressive. And full of charm.

It can be said that this chew toy will become a favorite item for your rabbit right from the first moment. They are also suitable for many different cage sizes thanks to the hanging hooks.

Apple sticks with timothy powder blocks will be connected via a long iron rod. This makes Shelltech Rabbit Chew Toys suitable for rabbits, especially mischievous rabbits that love to rock.

The organic ingredients are processed entirely by hand. You can be assured that they will not contain pesticides or any preservative additives. Besides, the pleasant aroma from the closed timothy grass, one of the rabbit’s favorite foods, will attract the rabbits to come and deliciously enjoy the apple stick.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Anti-boredom
  • 100% organic ingredients, safe to use for a variety of small house pets
  • Scent sweet, pleasant
  • Suitable for many types of cages


  • Choking for small rabbits.

Our Picks: Best Chew Toy for Rabbit

SunGrow Coco Fiber Rope Ball

I chose this product because it is probably the best chew toy for your bunny. The spherical structure is one of the advantages that it can be used for any purpose other than chewing. With SunGrow Coco Fiber Rope Ball you will have more exercises to help increase your bunny’s maneuverability.

313 Reviews

The moderate size makes it suitable for any rabbit of any size or age.

Being tightly woven is one of the remarkable highlights of this chew toy. Thanks to this, its resistance is greatly increased to ensure your rabbit can chew continuously for a long time.

SunGrow Coco Fiber Rope Ball is also extremely easy to clean.

Finally, in line with the trend of using environmentally friendly materials to make toys for pets, this product will give you a sense of security when using.

Methods of preservation

This is depended on what your toy is and its features.

For example, with toys that use organic ingredients, you should pay attention to them in a dry place, avoid excessive exposure to water or a dark, humid environment. This will help ensure the hygiene of your bunny.

For laminated or plastic toys, cleaning can be easier when you can directly wash it underwater.

The kabob cord with many items attached should be replaced when there is any failure to avoid injuring the rabbit’s mouth.

And generally, no matter how preserved, chewing toys can not exist forever. So, after a period of use please proceed to the whole new bar. For your own bunny.

FAQs about Rabbit Chew Toys

1. Are chew toys really good for rabbits?

Yes, they will do the job. As mentioned above, your bunny needs to do lots of exercises. These activities affect their bodies, the main object being the oral cavity.

This is really good as it will be a complement to the rabbit’s natural tooth grinding reactions. Besides that. Activities like that will make their muscles stronger, especially muscles and their blood circulation better.

Of course, they need not only physical activity but also a mental activity. These toys will give them the demands they want, not just staying in their cages.

2. Will my rabbit-like them? How do I make my rabbit-like them?

Most bunny-like them. But there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. You may need to run a trial-and-error experiment; chances are high that they’ll like them.

Something normal for some rabbits to dislike chews toys. But in that case, you can try to make them interact with the toys first.

For instance, you can hold the toy with your hand and let your bunny wrestle it away from you – this might develop their interest in chew toys but might take time.

If you are interested in how to train pets, join us at https://petlifebuzz.com/category/pet-training/ to learn more about them.

3. Do these toys have a lifetime?

Yes, each product will have a different shelf-life. For organic product, it is no doubt that its lifetime is shorter than the non-organic one. Besides, the environment condition might also affect the lifetime of the toys, so you should carefully check to know when the decay happens to avoid affecting your own pet’s health.

4. Can these toys help with teething?

Yes, indeed, these toys can help. The products on this list not only support dental problems but also provide an effective solution for your rabbit’s digestive system.


Whatever animal you choose to pet, responsibility, and love is indispensable. Choosing a chew toy is also a good way to show it. But that will not be easy. Try to understand your bunny along with time, money and effort.

These rabbit chew toys are listed from many reputable pet toy sites with thousands of reviews from rabbit owners like you. Hope it helps you. Bring love and happiness to your bunny right now!

If you have any questions about how to take care of a rabbit or any other animalwww.petlifebuzz.com will be the answer.

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