Common Questions About Taking Care of Rabbits [FAQs]

Famous for their sociability, rabbits pose some challenges to their owners. Looking after them is not an easy thing if you don’t do research beforehand.

Here are the top 5 most common questions about taking care of rabbits that will clear up your confusion.

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FAQs to Care of Rabbits

When to change rabbit bedding?

rabbit bedding

You need to check rabbit bedding on a daily basis to see whether it is soiled.

Especially in the summer, high temperatures create favorable conditions for flies to lay eggs on soiled bedding.

Then, maggots enter the pet’s fur and cause the fly strike, which potentially endangers his health.

Rabbits enjoy making bed arrangements so it is necessary to change their bedding regularly so that the cage smells fresh, putting the pets at ease.

Generally speaking, you should change the bedding completely every one or two months and more frequently in case the bunny doesn’t urinate inside the little box.

However, remove all the bedding for a thorough wash every week.

Use clean water to rinse the tray completely to make sure there is no residue left from soap.

Depending on the size of the tray and the number of rabbits you adopt, the frequency of cleaning varies. Refrain from using the same bedding again.

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What rabbit bedding is the best?

Clean, bagged straw is seen as the best type of rabbit bedding on the market. There are several factors that make up ideal bedding.

  • Built-in odor control mechanisms: They are helpful in eliminating any foul smells that may annoy your pet.
  • Safety: Since rabbits spend lots of time sleeping, it is important to make sure they can sleep in safe and comfortable bedding. Printed paper or toxic materials should never be used.
  • Absorbency: Absorbency means absorbing everything that the pet throws out. Absorbent bedding can provide your pet with a dry and clean sleeping space while saving you time and money for changing for a new one more frequently.
  • Moderate temperature: The temperature of about 60 to 70 degrees creates the most favorable condition for rabbits to stay energetic. Therefore, make sure the sleeping environment falls into that range.
  • Eco-friendliness: Look for renewable and sustainable materials, especially 100% compostable and biodegradable. When using such types, you are doing something good for your planet and your little friend.
  • Dust free: The presence of dust takes you more effort to clean the bedding. So, go for the models that are at least 99% dust free.

Otherwise, you can make use of items available at your houses such as a shredded up newspaper or cardboard, wood pellets, straw, and hay.

They are both soft and comfortable enough for the pet to sit and sleep on.

What are some things nobody tells you about owning a rabbit?

Rabbits are quite interesting to adopt. There are some things that are unknown to even their owners, which once explored, you will love being with them more.

They aren’t merely the animal to pet. You can train them to do simple tricks like responding to the call of their name or sitting in your lap.

They also like company. In the wild, rabbits live among one another so it’s unnatural for them to stay alone. If you can’t be with them around the clock, then adopt a pair.

The cost of looking after two rabbits will double but it’s worthwhile to make your pet feel happy.

However, be careful if the two are of the same sex. They tend to fight until sterilization.

The teeth of a rabbit are always growing so they tend to chew continuously to shorten their teeth.

Neutered rabbits live longer than normal ones with the life span of 12 and 8 years respectively.

Contrary to common belief, rabbits ask for spacious living areas. Don’t be misled by their small appearance into installing a simple hutch-and-run combo in the garden. Confined space can make the pet become aggressive.

Unlike cats, not all rabbits enjoy being picked up.

Take time to do so that your little friend can get used to it.

Being notoriously quiet, rabbits don’t show pain or discomfort clearly. Instead, most of the time you have to find out yourselves.

Unfortunately, bunnies aren’t able to vomit. Therefore, make sure to feed them on fresh and healthy food only.

Otherwise, the food lingers in their stomach and causes serious health problems.

How can I keep my baby rabbit from screaming?

rabbit screaming

Rabbits are quiet animals so any sound they make is indicative of something.

You need to be alert at the screams of baby rabbits, which sound like those of a terrified child.

They are never a false alarm but suggest their health condition.

They only scream when in absolute terror or extreme pain, for example, being chased down by a predator.

The poor bunny can even die of a cardiac arrest due to fright.

In this case, keep a close distance with them for several hours and offer prompt comfort. Pay attention to any possible injuries or dangers that may lead to the outburst.

If the little friend doesn’t feel any better or still seems frightened, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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My rabbit hasn’t pooped, what should I do? I have seen it pee twice, but he/she hasn’t pooped yet.  

Don’t be worried too much. This may be a sign of coprophagia.

In other words, rabbits tend to eat their own feces to absorb all the nutrients as much as possible.

At the first time of intake, they cannot get all the nutrients so they will eat the droppings right after production.   

There are two types of poop: the soft and hard, round type. The pet eats the former since they contain nutrients that require rabbits to re-ingest for full absorption.

However, if the situation continues for several days, seeking advice from a veterinarian is necessary.

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Final words

Learning how to look after rabbits properly is a good way to build up communication with them.

We hope you can get all the necessary information before making a choice about whether to adopt a rabbit or not.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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