The Most Common Asked Questions about Dogs for Beginners

You probably think of your pooch as a member of your family.

They are loyal, cute, as well as naughty.

You consider it as a best friend and always share your secret with him/her.

But have you ever thought about what your pet needs?

Be a big responsible pet owner!

There are various common asked questions about dogs for beginners you should know.

What the lovely bundle of fur loves eating?

Is it challenging to keep your fur friends happy and healthy?

To help you out, we list the most common questions about dogs and show you the answer.

Keep reading to the end of this post to understand more about your pets.

Best Products for Dogs Pet Parents Should Know

The first thing you should do is to find suitable items for pets. Down below, we have rounded up 10 of the best products for dogs.

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10 Must-Have Items for Your Dogs

Bone Dry DII Pet Bowl for Food & Water

You are looking for the best container for pets’ food and water, why don’t you try this DII Bone Dry pet bowl?

The brand creates this item for your adorable furry friends.

It is made of ceramic that is completely safe for your cute animals.

You want to heat the pet’s food, take the treat into the bowl and place it in a microwave.

We guarantee that it is microwave safe as the material is heat-friendly.

Plus, there is a silicone rim at the bottom of the bowl that will keep it from sliding on the surface.

It is a nice sturdy item of pet bowls. You are for the first time having a pet, this bowl is the best feeding solution.

Plus, the design looks good with lattice, cute paw print stripe, patriotic, marble, and more.

Another amazing reason explains why we recommend the stuff is its thickness.

It is heavy enough so that your furry friends have not found a way to split it. No more water and food messes on the floor.

Also, it is easily cleaned by hand or dishwasher.



  • The ceramic bowl is sturdy and safe.
  • Suitable for medium and large dogs
  • Easily cleaned
  • Keep the floor clean
  • Delight your hungry and mischievous pups


  • Quite expensive

Loving Pets Bella Bowl

When you have a pet, numerous common asked questions about dogs for beginners appear in your mind.

Which product is good for dogs?

What can I do to protect and keep my pups stay healthy? And more.

Opt for the bowl from Loving Pet if you are seeking a safe, healthy, and affordable pet item.

Many pet owners report that it is truly the perfect pet dish, and they are happy with the quality of this item.

Great quality! It is made of stainless steel, so you can wash it easily.

At the bottom, there is a removable rubber base preventing skid and slide on the hard floor.

The item is available in four main sizes, small, medium, extra-large, and large.

Whether your pet is a pup or an adult dog, products from Loving Pet will meet your requirements and pets’ demands.

Besides, it comes with cute and fun stickers in the bowl and on the bottom of the Bella bowls.

Overall, we highly recommend this if you have a big, energetic pooch who needs lots of water and food.



  • Variety in colors and sizes for all sizes/breeds of dog.
  • Stainless steel is safe for pets.
  • It does not move around the floor when your dogs are easting from it due to the rubber ring around the base.
  • Wash beautifully and look attractive in the home


  • Some say it is smaller than they expect.

Vcalabashor Custom Leather Dog Collar

Do people rather collar or a harness for dogs? Both of them are good items used to control and train your loyal animals.

And this custom leather collar is an excellent choice in keeping your dog safe and offering a more fashioned design.

Vcalabashor’s dog collars are so colorful and stylish.

The item is available in blue, pink, red, violet, white, and yellow, and five main sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL).

It is made beautifully with the highest standard and designed thoughtfully; give your pets a comfortable feeling when wearing it.

Therefore, dogs can wear their collar every day.

Ask the manufacturer to etch important information on the collar just in case your pooch loses.

As it sounds, the collar enables you to customize as you desire.

Measure your furry friend’s neck circumference carefully to make sure that it is not too tight to your dog.

This designer collar is one of the must-have items for pet parents, especially beginners, who want to keep things simple.

Pick the right collar for your loved pets and treat it as you do with your child.

No products found.

RUFFWEAR – Hoopie Collar

The next product for your lovely pets will give them everyday comfort.

We understand that you will be skeptical about purchasing this cause the brand is unfamiliar.

Don’t worry! Ruffwear Hoopie collar will not disappoint you as it is a well-designed and robust item.

It even still looks brand new after months.

The rust-resistant aluminum V-ring is a secure connection between pet parents and dogs.

It comes with an extra small metal hook specially made for your dog’s name tag.

Buy this collar and your dog will be your companion for any outdoor adventure as well as walk.

It is made of durable threading, hardware, good-quality materials, adapting all environmental conditions.

The item is expensive, but it’s tough and chunky.

Hoopie collars have massive expansion in them so they will last as your dogs grow.

We think it’s worth every penny.


  • Durable and good-quality design
  • Easy on/off adjustment
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Security and long-lasting wearing
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • High cost

BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash with Handle

You have numerous questions in the first as a pet parent, we know.

You go down on the Internet to find the best thing for pets and learn the necessary things to take care of them.

We have another item for you and furry friends – rope dog leash.

It is designed to improve the dog walking experience and help you control them effectively.

If you are going camping, jogging or hiking, give your loyal friends a big surprise as a gift and enjoy a good time with them. You can use it

This dog leash is incredibly gentle but firmly redirects your dog to walk alongside you. Hence, it is comfortable to hold.

The strength and quality will surprise you.

It is entirely durable so don’t have to ever worry about snapped leash even you pull it the most aggressively. Highly recommend!



  • A good quality leash made with the strongest rock climbing rope and durable clip hook
  • Come with comfortable padded handles, protect your hands
  • Highly reflective threads leashes keep pet owners and dogs safe on your evening walks.
  • Great for walking, running, and training


  • Mainly designed for medium or large dogs

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash

The retractable dog leash is suitable for your stubborn pugs. It is nice and sturdy stuff.

The lock is high-quality and you can feel it the first time you use.

Many previous pet owners review that there is no shakiness to the plastics and it feels so secure.

Plus, the leash has a sliding mechanism that pushes to unlock & even that feels solid.

The durability allows it to withstand daily use.

The manufacturer designs it to support people to control their animals.

When you are walking with dogs, use a unique “brake n lock” system so that you are still in control.

Plus, it comes with the anti-slip handle that helps enhance comfort.

The set of Ruff ‘n Ruffus products contains a collapsible bowl, a waste bag dispenser, and a roll of plastic waste bags.

They help pick up your buddy’s messes and keep your pooch hydrated on long walks. Perfect!

No products found.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Natural Dog Dental Kit

The advanced oral care dental kit is a good preventative dental care for your furry friends.

Opt for the item to keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

Many vets also recommend the kit.

Remember that if you establish a good dental routine for pets, it helps reduce dogs’ risk of developing oral disease and other problems down the line.

Even it may extend the life of your fur friend. It is completely suitable for at-home dental care and daily use.

Additionally, the kit includes a soft-bristled toothbrush, gentle finger brush, and tasty toothpaste.

The brush has an angled neck for better reach and ultra-soft nylon bristle tips to clean between teeth.

The toothpaste is in varieties and flavors for every dog’s need, such as natural allergen-free peanut flavor, bacon flavor, and more.

Therefore, pet parents can have the right pick for dogs. Now, you and your companion are both smiling!


  • Help keep good breath, remove plaque & tartar buildup on your pups' teeth.
  • Improve healthy gums with tasty toothpaste in flavors dogs love.
  • A high-quality toothbrush allows you to gently clean hard-to-reach areas in your dog mouth.
  • Easy-to-use pet oral care solutions and give effective dental liquids.


  • The toothbrush is too big for small dog breeds.

WOOFMEW Quiet Painless Dog Nail Grinder

It is important to keep your pet healthy and happy. We think you will need this product to use on pets.

The pet nail grinders have a protective designation.

It slowly polishes the nails without much noise, leading to a smoother and more even result.

Also, apply the machine on dogs’ nails, it does not hurt your dogs and make nails bleed.

Some say that their dogs hate touching their paws, but it is ok with the grinder.

Besides, the machine has an advantage that it keeps your skin, floor, and furniture safe from scratches.

The stuff has three size pots that are suitable for the pet’s nail sizes and hardness.

For large dog breeds, you should cut their nails before using the grinders.

The small design fits your hand, so you are in control at all times.

Now, you no longer need to chase your pup around when it’s time to trim her nails.


  • The low-noise feature helps dogs relax, and it's not so stressful when getting cut nails.
  • Never hurt your pet
  • Suitable for all dog breeds, from small to large.
  • The machine comes with a USB cable for your charging convenience.


  • Some report that it is not enough power for their dogs.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

The next product on the list is from the Furhaven brand. The bed is soft and gentle, which brings comfort to your lovely dogs.

Plus, the silken micro velvet fabric provides a pleasant retreat and warm for your pug’s privacy.

The cover is zipped and removable; hence, it is easy to wash. We’re sure that the pooch will love this bed.

Why don’t you buy this dog bed? If you are a reliable pet owner, purchase this item as it is worth every penny.

Especially in winter, this bed is the most favorite place for pups. It keeps them warm and protects them from diseases.

The convoluted foam inside the bed helps soothes pressure points, reducing aching joints and muscles well.

Then, your fur friend can enjoy a deeper and more restorative sleep.

Moreover, you can convert the bed into a tent-like, creating a playing space for dogs. You will not be disappointed!


  • Made of soft and gentle material
  • Offer a great sleep surface for dogs
  • Easy to wash
  • Smart design helps improve the pet's sleep


  • Not for dogs with excessive teething behavior.

Burt’s Bees All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs

It is so important to keep your dog clean. To deal with it, you use soap to wash your pets and use the best shampoo to keep them in good scent all the time.

Oat Milk shampoo and conditioner for dogs from Burt’s Bees is a great option.

The brand is familiar to pet owners with more than 30 years in developing nature-friendly health and beauty care products.

As advertised, Burt’s Bee provides all-natural solutions for furry friends.

The shampoo and conditioner are gentle to clean, soothe, soften, as well as condition your dog’s skin and fur.

The item is available in bottle form, so it is easy to utilize. It is a miracle worker because it leaves pets’ coats easy to untangle, bright, and shiny.

In other words, your animal’s coats always look better and more manageable than on the occasions when you take them in for full grooming.

Apply the shampoo on the wet coat or you can shampoo dogs with pre-diluted oatmeal-based first, then follow with pre-diluted conditioner.

The shampoo is pH balanced for all dogs, for puppies and adult dogs. Also, the set is easy to rinse and has no strong scent.

Now, you can hug your pet to show your love and vice versa.

17,607 Reviews


  • Natural formulas with oat milk, honey, green tea extract.
  • No contain harsh chemicals like colorant, sulfate, and paraben.
  • Cleanse, moisturize, and nourish your pet's skin and coat.
  • Suitable for all dogs


  • Not be found

FAQs about Dogs

FAQs about Dogs

Do people rather collar or a harness?

Dog collars and harnesses, which one should I choose? It depends on your pet size and preferences.

Each item has its own pros and cons, but both of them are designed for your pets only.

For example, the collar is a popular item when you walk a dog.

It helps you control the pet well. In the market, dog collars are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Some collars are also designed for the aim of training. If you prefer using a collar for pets, opt for the pick that fits your dog’s neck. If you have a long-haired dog, a collar is better than a harness.

Harnesses are becoming more popular now because pet parents discover the benefits they provide.

They are a better option for dogs that pull hard during walks.

This item will not increase the risk of a neck injury and prevent dogs from getting loose, as well.

Harnesses are a great training tool for fur friends and allow walkers to stop dogs from chasing or jumping up on strangers.

It will enable the owners to have a bit more control. If your pugs have any trouble breathing, a harness is the best solution.

Is there any disadvantage to dress up your pup?

Surfing on Instagram, you see many owners let their pets wear clothes. Their dogs have thousands of fans and followers.

They look so cute and fun.

But you wonder whether is it ok when allowing your pet to dress up. Some say yes, while some argue that dogs should not ever be dressed up.

There are some times it is ok to dress up your pet, and the most occasion is on winter days.

The dog coat does not have enough ability to cope with the cold weather, so you can dress up your pet to keep it warm.

Let it wear a sweater or a doggy jacket to help it survive in severe weather conditions.

If your fur friends are comfortable, allow them to wear clothes for a photo or on any special occasion.

You are a big fan of your dog, you want to take photos to save its moment.

Make sure that it’s fun for the pet, and it is not being forced to wear something.

However, you don’t dress up your pups when they are unhappy or fearful. It may make your dog react negatively.

Make sure that your pet is not going to be uncomfortable when wearing clothes.

Try to find an outfit that fits your dog perfectly without impeding the movement and vision.

How to put a thin dog on weight?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about dogs for beginners. What can I do to fatten up my dog?

Think about switching up the feeding schedule for pets.

Bear in mind that a pooch metabolizes food in different ways than humans.

Let your dog eat twice a day, but the time is changed.

You give him a small meal in the morning and a large portion at night.

This helps the dog store fat during sleep instead of burning energy and calories.

Or you can divide the food into small meals to feed dogs.

Make sure that you provide enough nutrients for pets all through the day.

Don’t hesitate to try a new schedule as it may help improve your pet weight.

Do you supply enough protein and fat for pets?

When welcoming a puppy into your home, you have to prepare enough food containing necessary nutrients for dogs as they are good for growth and development for pups.

The weight of your pooch will be improved gradually and you can notice results after a few weeks.

In some cases, you can consult the vet to find the main reason and solution to help the dog gain weight. The vet knows exactly what to do to keep your pet healthy.

What to do for a dog when you work from 8-5?

In a busy society, you have not enough time to take care of your furry friends. What can you do for your pet?

Try to spend your free time on dogs, such as mornings, nights, and weekends with your pups.

For example, you can get up earlier than normal to spend your time with puppies. It can improve the connection between pet owners and dogs.

Spend your weekend for your pet and take him a walk or play in the yard.

Remember to offer your pooch a comfortable space and favorite toys to relax, play, and sleep.

Make sure that it stays safe while you are at work.

Also, ask your family members for help is not a bad idea.

Ask them to feed your dog and provide its necessities when you are not at home. Some people hire a dog sitter to take care of their pets.

It’s good for all, you and your companion. The sitters have experience in caring for animals and take your pooch out during your workday.

In addition, before buying a dog, you should consider the dog breed first.

You’re so busy, look for a smooth coat dog as it is no grooming.

Opt for a puppy and take it to training courses in your free time to teach it good behavior. A pure dog breed is suitable for busy people like you.

When should I train my puppy?

It’s necessary to train your dogs.

People tend to ask the ideal time to start training puppies.

When? You no need to wait, start as soon as possible.

When you bring him/her home, you can start teaching them accordingly to your requirements.

However, don’t do all things at once.

Train them gradually until dogs understand and obey.

For example, you can teach them to prevent them from chewing shoes, slippers, and something down like that.

Try to stop its jumping behavior on strangers and don’t running around when taking a walk.

Keep the training session short and exciting, avoid making him getting bored. You can reward him after the dog training as a way to encourage him.

Is it necessary to vaccinate your dogs every year?

Why should you not skip the annual vaccination for pets? Most vaccinations are researched and created to maintain your pet healthy.

They save many dogs’ lives over the years and improve resistance.

Past studies showed that the dog’s immunity is improved and lasts longer when vaccinated.

You should take the annual rabies vaccine for your pooch to ensure that it stays safe.

Some vaccines last for much longer than one year or even for a lifetime.

By vaccinating your pets, you help protect them from various diseases that affect dogs’ lifetime.

Vaccinating not only protects your pet, but you as well.

But most vaccinations have some unwanted effects, such as allergies, mild itching, and swelling.

Don’t worry, take the pet to your vets so that they help you find the solution.

My dog chews everything. How can I stop this behavior?

When bringing a new pooch to your family, most new pet owners get angry when he chews everything.

He is chewing continually. However, it is a natural dog behavior.

The first thing you have to deal with the dog chewing habit is attentive. A pup is much like with a baby, so you have to keep an eye on your pups.

Please keep your pet from his own curiosity.

Give the dog favorite toys and necessary things to eliminate the chewing habit.

Because dogs often chew many things when they are alone and bored.

Make sure that you choose durable toys and suit dog ages.

Spending time to play with your pets is a good idea, as well.

How to stop dog chewing? Put away everything a dog can get into the mouth.

This includes items like shoes, children’s toys, plastic bags, and so on.

Must-have Items Before Welcoming a Pitty Pup

Items Before Welcoming a Pitty Pup

If you bring home a pity pup, a little advanced preparation to ensure all the essentials for him. What you should prepare for pups?

A bed or safe place to sleep

Soft bed or dog crates are the most secure place for your pup to sleep and play.

Bear in mind that puppies need spaces where they feel completely safe.

Make sure that the bed is made of soft, gentle, and durable material.

This offers your pets a deeper sleep, and they cannot chew it.

Healthy food and treats

Healthy food for dogs

Go down on the Internet and find the best food for dogs. Try to treat your pets as your child.

A pity dog needs nutrition as complex as human nutrition, as well.

We highly recommend you choose high-quality dog food you can afford that contributes to helping your dog grow healthy and strong.

Opt for treats that are made of natural ingredients and high protein.

Be sure that you follow the guidelines and recommendations of the veterinarian to improve the pet’s health.

A sturdy collar or harness

In the market, there are various types of dog collars, harnesses, or leash. Choose an item sized appropriately for your pup and its properties.

An adjustable collar is the best as you can easily put on and remove it out from the dogs’ neck. Plus, your dog will grow up, so you can adjust the product to fit its size.

Moreover, you can get a dog training shock collar to get him in control.

If you buy a harness or leash, opt for an item that is strong and comfortable on your hands. Make sure that it is durable in case adult dogs always pull strong.

Additionally, invest in food and water bowls, chew & play toys or toys boxes for pets.

For instance, Utilize a non-slip bowl as it minimizes spills and gives your dog more comfortable when eating and drinking.

Moreover, it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

In The Bottom Line

That’s the list of the most commonly asked questions about dogs for beginners you don’t skip.

We do hope that our post will somehow help you understand the way to take care of pets and give them the best gifts.

Should you have any questions about dogs or other pets, feel free to browse our well-built website.

We commit to give you interesting information and useful tips for pets!


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