Best Herding Dog Training Equipment & Commands

Dog training can be an exciting, yet challenging task. However, when you have a herding dog, it can be more challenging than you think.

Even though you think you have all the equipment’s and patience to train a herding dog, it can be difficult to deal with it.

With any kind herding dog that you get, it is bound to have that herding dog DNA, but each dog is different and can be more stubborn than the other.

So, if you are wondering how to train a herding dog, here are some basic tips to know and learn, so you can have a successful time training your dog.

Advantages of Training Herding Dogs

The advantages of training herding dogs are very abundant. Fencing for your pastures can be very expensive and requires constant maintenance.

Training a group of dogs or a dog for herding requires time and effort, but is not only it is useful but also rewarding. Some dogs have some amount of herding training breed into them.

This makes the training process easier but still requires effort and time. Research for herding dog breeds will go a long way.

As soon as you find a good puppy, you should begin to familiarize your dog with the workings of sheep farming.

Training your puppies around animals that have been around dogs before is the best to start with, mostly because the animals already know the practice.

It is best if the dogs are a bit younger or the animals are the calmer among the herds.

Older animals that have not been close to dogs can be very difficult for a dog that is just learning.

If you want to train your herding dog, consider getting agility training equipment.

Training your dog with this equipment can help your dog build endurance and gratefulness.

The following are the list of the best herding dog training equipment available on the market. You can purchase this equipment online at; this article will help you choose the right equipment that will be suitable for training your herding dog.

Herding Dog Training Equipment Information

Best Park agility training equipment

This equipment has pretty much all that is necessary for training your herding dog.

The equipment contains a doggy crawl, hoop jump, king of the hill, 5 stepping paws, and a teeter-totter, among other activities.

The training equipment is also good for dog owners who would like to enter their pooches into agility shows.

The Best Park equipment comes in two different color patterns; blue/red and green/beige.

All the components available in the tackle are produced with powder-coated steel.

The surfaces where the dogs step onto are covered with a thermoplastic covering to check to slip.

Many dog owners love the items included in this equipment. The items make it useful.

The space covered by the equipment is not surprising given the number of different items it contains. The items are also used in competition

Kyjen Dog Agility Starter Equipment

This equipment comprises of weave poles, high jump, a tunnel, and a pause box.

Kyjen equipment comes with an owner manual and will give your dog both physical and mental workouts.

The training equipment can also be used by kids. The equipment is sturdy even though it was not made with real training in mind or an expert’s idea.

The equipment is intended for non-serious event pursuers. It is really good for having fun in the yard.

Equipment can be assembled without any problems and comes with a manufacture manual.

Agility is portable and can also be dismantling easily, which means that it can be assembled anywhere.

Cool Runners Weave Poles

This Weave pole is stress-free to assemble and consists of 6 weaving poles.

The poles have a straight configuration and can be adjusted.

The equipment complies with competition guidelines. Some training centers have equipment measuring 2 feet.

The durability of these weaving poles has been confirmed by many dog owners.

This weaving poles equipment provides you with enough distance and is right for this particular kind of dog training, no matter the size of your puppy.

Agility Gear Training Jump

This is made up of a 30” jump set, which works well with small dogs. The equipment adheres to the criteria of the American Kennel Club and is ideal for training your dog for any type of jump.

The jump can also be attuned from 4” to 30”, it depends on what you need.

The equipment is made of PVC pipes and is based on one area of agility training.

Its adjustable size also gives you a wide range of choices to select from during training.

Lixit Jump Hoop Dog Agility Equipment

This comprises of 6 jumping loops with a range of height positions that can be adjusted easily.

The equipment has spikes prepared with heavy-duty material that are used to grip the 20-inches hoops upright.

It comes with a carrier bag. And has a limited scope when related to the other dog training equipment.

Moreover, it is not sturdy and is great for beginner training because of its base materials.

It as well works well for playtime in the backyard with the dog and your kids.

This equipment has everything that is necessary for basic dog training. And it is inexpensive.

Common Herding Dog Training Commands

dog training commands

Balance: The correct positions of the pup, stock, and handler relative to each other.

Dog-broke: Stocks that are comfortable with working with dogs.

Leadership: Moving stock from behind and away from the handler.

Fetch: Bringing the stock to the handler from a distance, preferably in a straight line.

Collection: The actions move stock towards the handler from the reverse side of the stock.

Grip: Bite or bite when necessary or when driving; it is used to transfer stubborn material.

Lift: moving stock from the fence or the initial movement of the stock towards the processor.

Strong eyes: A pooch that works by looking at the stock.

Loose eyes: A pooch that works straight and does not keep eye contact with the stock at all times.

Wear: The action of the dog moves aside to one side in a short arc to move the arrow.

Lie down: It is used as a stop command to drop the dog in a prone position. This can be replaced later in the training by “there”, “stand up”, “stand up, stay” or “stay” for the dog to turn on its feet in standing position.

Stay: It tells the dogs not to move from the stopped position until counter commands are given.

Sir: It is used to move the dog toward the stock. Other terms that can be used are: Go in and walk-in.

Easy: It is used to tell the dog to approach the stocks or circle around the stocks slowly. Other terms used for this are: take time, steady, or time.

Penning: Moving the sheep to a pen or holiday area.

Shedding: Separate one (shedding) or more (splitting) stock from the rest.

Sides: The direction the pooch is to go: clockwise or counterclockwise.

Away To Me: This is used to direct the dog I a counter direction around the stock. The term “way to me” is also used. This counterclockwise movement is also known as “off the right hand”.

Look back: If the stock has been divided and you want the dog to go beyond the handler to gather stock the dog cannot see.

Get Back: It is used to remind the dog to keep a suitable distance from the stock.

Get Out: Used if your dog is very close to the stock, splitting stock, diving to pull the wool.

Praise your Dog Always

Praise your dog every time he responds to your command correctly. The dog will know that you appreciate him for doing a great job.

Don’t forget that each dog will mature and handle things differently from others.

Puppies and a new dog will be more likely to want to do the work again if you make the work fun.

Do not raise your voice really loud to your dog or hit him, if you do, he will reluctantly want to go back again tomorrow.

If the dog shows that he does not want to go back at it, or if he simply displays fear, you can always go back to it in a few weeks.

In any way you want to train your herding pup, always remember that he will get it soon.

It is bred into them. They want to please and do the right thing, but you just have to be the best trainer.


Never give up and you will have one of the best herding dogs around.

This is command is considering a reprimand. If you try to train an elderly dog who has never been around big animals, they can be frightening at the beginning, you will have to do more to correct the problem.

Just taking the puppy with you to the fields is a good start.

Sometimes you may be afraid. Scary dogs may lash out and become uncontrollable to train.

While having a pack of dogs either two or three is more efficient when you herding, you only train one puppy at a time.

Trying to control, scold and praise several dogs at once will not only frustrate but also confuse the dogs.

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