The Precious Tips To Help You Get Better Dog Boots (FAQs)

Last summer I was having a chat with my friend, albeit who doesn’t keep any pet and he was laughing at the end of each of my sentences.

I’m not aware if I’m humorous but the friend was laughing profusely at my idea to cancel our next appointment because I was going to fetch shoes for my hunting partner.

Many people do not understand the need for a dog to have shoes with pet critics even saying that we are extravagant.

Dog’s shoes are not only meant for fashions and beauty but also for the protection of the soft paws.

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How do I measure a dog’s paws for boots?

Measuring your dog’s paws before buying the boots is one step you should never overlook because ignoring it will land wrong boots for the pet.

There are varieties of ways to do the measurement and all the methods require the dog to be in an upright posture.

It’s standard to measure every part of the paw that touches the ground where you begin from the back and finishes at the edges of the toenails.

It’s at this period that you need to trim the nails to ensure that the dog gets perfect fit shoes.

Here are the four methods that many dog owners use to measure dog paws for boots;

  1. Place a ruler on the floor and allow the dog to step on it for you to record the readings.
  2. Make your dog stand on a clear piece of paper then both the rear and the front to establish the length. Remember; never trace the paw as it will only give you inaccurate readings.
  3. Take the wet feet of a dog and press them to a blank piece of paper, then take the width and length of the impression without omitting the toenails.
  4. Put a tape measure on the lower parts of the paw and record the readings including the toenails.

How do you choose the best dog boots for the dog?

Choosing the best dog boots for your dog requires patience because there are several factors that you need to consider.

Here are the factors that will direct you to select the right boots for the pet;

Dog Boots Soft Anti-Slip Sole Waterproof Paw Protectors


The material in use determines the durability of the dog boots. Dog boots come in these materials; suede, leather, plastics, rubbers, fleece, and nylon.

The material also dictates the nature of the activity your dog does with shoes. I always insist on water-proof materials.


Never expect to acquire for your dogs the best after taking the wrong readings of the paws.

I listed in the above question various ways to measure the dog’s paws.

After measuring, you can go for what perfectly fits your canine companion.


Dog boots come in different styles, so it’s upon you to select the design that attracts your eyes.

The design should be appealing considering that your dog has several walks to attend and winning the crown is always the target.


The purpose the shoes serve determines the best shoes for the dog.

Here’s a list about activities the dog shoes perform;

  • Hiking
  • Snowing
  • Sidewalk
  • Abrasive surfaces
  • Asphalt
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Grass
  • Chemical lawns.


If you can find a dog boot that can suit all season, you’re lucky.

Ideal dog boots should combine several factors with matching our pets’ needs.


After checking all the above factors, identify the best boots selling at considerable prices. Always get the value for your money.

Which boots are comfortable for the dogs?

The market features various kinds of dog boots that will often give you the selection headache.

However, the most comfortable boots for your pet is the shoe that satisfies all the factors we asses during selection.

Comfort comes with how best the dog shoes match the weather of your location.

The material plays a significant role in bringing comfort to the dog’s feet despite the weather.

When you choose the right size, comfort comes by default.

What are some advantages of snow and winter dog boots?

I might not know how you feel about winter, but for most people I know and me, it’s the most unbearable period of the year that I want to stay indoors.

It’s that period that most people fly to Africa for extended vacations to escape the horrible weather.

Now, you have your dog and you want to face this season together and leading a sedentary life isn’t the option as it puts both of you at the risk of gaining weights.

In short, I mean you won’t escape the regular dog walk.

I know you have winter clothes and you keep feeling your wardrobe with more to overcome the harsh coming season.

What do you consider doing to the dog you spent a fortune to bring at your home?

Well, apart from winter coats, your canine friend needs pairs of boots to overcome the frigid climate.

Here are the advantages of buying boots for your pet during winter;

  • The packed ice during winter form sharp edges that can cut your dog’s paw if not wearing boots.
  • Ice brings out dangerous salt and harmful chemicals that can cause allergies if the dog steps on them bare-footed.
  • The boots protect the pets; feet from the extreme coldness during the season.
  • Gives the dog the balance hence reducing chances of slipping during walks.


For now, everyone has seen the benefits of buying dog boots for your pet.

Earlier, I equally thought that it was an avoidable luxury until I attended to four dogs with cut paws in my neighborhood within just three days.

Are you ready to forfeit buying dog boots and reserve some money for the treatment of your dog?

Do you realize how painful your dog feels walking in cold weather?

Getting for your dog is part of the grooming exercise you need to put in your routine to enable the dog to live a safe and comfortable life.

When your dog is comfortable, he becomes happy and active hence promoting good health.

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