Common Asked Questions about Dog Care (Complete Guide)

Finding the most useful items when you start adopting a dog will be a headache job because there seem to be too many options.

Just stroll through any pet store, whether retail or department stores, you will find rows of shampoos filled with shampoos, flatbeds, and many toys of all shapes or sizes.

These items will quickly overwhelm you with so many choices.

However, we need to think carefully to select the necessary things when we begin to take the dog home.

Therefore, commonly asked questions about items must-have for dogs is a useful article if you are wondering about choosing the dog’s essential elements.

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Why Staffies Eat their Poo?

Dogs have their own language that allows them to communicate with each other but also with us.

However, it is sometimes very complicated to understand what our dog is trying to tell us or the meaning of its behavior.

Why dogs eat feces

And now we will explain why staffies eat their poop? Indeed, usually a dog eats its poop. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

However, be aware that in most cases, this behavior is abnormal and reveals a health problem.

We will explain everything and provide you with solutions to combat coprophagia.

What is Coprophagia?

If you have a dog or if you have taken care of a dog, you may have seen your stool. It could be his or another dog’s.

In some cases, dogs even eat feces from other animals, such as cats. This is called coprophagy.

Coprophagia may be normal in some cases, but more often it indicates a medical or behavioral problem.

Is it normal for my dog ​​to eat feces?

There are two cases in which coprophagia is completely natural and normal.

When a woman has just given birth, she often has to lick the baby during the first 3 weeks of life to keep the “nest” clean.

Puppies explore their world and curiously taste everything.

So it is very common for puppies to eat their poop, it can also be a mimicking reflex because they have seen their mother do the same.

Unlike these two situations, coprophagia is not normal and you have to take your dog to the vet to determine the exact cause.

Health issues

We have just seen that coprophagia is often a sign of a health problem. It may be:

Anxiety or behavioral disorder: The dog lacks affection and attention.

Stomach disorders: These disorders cause permanent irritation that dogs seek to soothe by eating anything.

Deficiency: A poor and unbalanced diet causes vitamin deficiencies. The dog will then look for what’s missing in the stool.

Parasites: The destruction prevents the assimilation and digestion of some nutrients thus being present and intact in the faeces. This can appeal to your puppies.

In all these situations, you must consult with your veterinarian so that he can establish the appropriate diagnosis and recommend treatment.

How to Prevent Coprophagia?

Now you know this is not normal behavior. Do you want to know how to prevent it?

It all depends on the cause of coprophagia.

If it is a behavioral problem, positive reinforcement should be used. This means you will have to call your dog after he has done his job and reward him for a treat.

So it will be less to try to taste its faeces. After a while, you can replace the treatment with a simple caress.

In other cases, it is sure to change your diet, whether it’s kibble or wet. Your veterinarian will be able to advise you.

How often do you clean / dust after your dogs? (2+ dogs)

Just as we pay special attention to the health and nutrition of dogs, it is important to provide them with adequate hygiene. This does not mean that they should be bathed regularly.

Washing more often is not a greater source of pleasure for them.

Dog hygiene is not as comprehensive as we are. Indeed, bathing too frequently can have detrimental effects on their skin and fur.

How often you should clean a dog

Therefore, our main concern will be: how often are dogs bathed? How many times should you bathe your dog?

Knowing how to bathe your dog regularly is one of the basic aspects of dog hygiene.

And although it’s not done every day or every week, bathe and brush a healthy dog ​​to remove a lot of accumulated dirt for any reason that isn’t redundant, especially if it lives in the environment.

Urban pollution places may infiltrate more than usual on your dog’s skin. If you notice any abnormalities on your dog’s skin or fur, always take it to the vet.

When to bathe the dog?

If you find it hot, refresh it by bathing it, especially in the summer.

If he has exercised a lot, you will give him great pleasure by giving him a good bath.

If it’s dirty, covered with oil or grease, it will be uncomfortable and will need you to clean the skin to feel good.

If it is too dirty, for example due to sand, dirt, mud, or dust.

If it has been exposed to hazardous substances, it should be washed immediately.

If your shirt doesn’t smell good, wash it.

If it is molting, it is necessary to brush it every day to remove dirt and knots.



Washing your fur regularly will give it a shiny coat that you will not be able to stop stroking. But remember that bathing him too often is not good for him.

The soaps and shampoos you apply to it can dry out the skin and diminish the natural oils that give its coat a shine and vitality while protecting it from dermatological diseases.

The frequency of washing a dog will depend slightly on each animal, health condition, breed, or odor it may have, but it is not advisable to wash more than once per month.

In some cases, twice a year may be enough, while other dogs will need to shower every three months.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the recommended limit: once a month or at most every three weeks.

Too often

If we are wondering how often we wash our dogs, it’s important to know that washing it once a week is too much, but washing it once a day is absolutely not recommended.

The needs of dogs are different from ours; You don’t need to wash them as often as we do.

Excessive hygiene will make their skin vulnerable and weaken their defenses against skin problems, in addition to irritation, itching, and peeling of dry skin caused by soap and shampoo.

Therefore, if for some reason it is necessary to wash the dog more frequently than the maximum recommended frequency (every 3 to 4 weeks).

We recommend using a soap-free substance that will not affect the natural protection of your dog’s skin.

Another possibility for dogs that need to be washed more frequently, such as those who live in cities, would be a dry shower every two weeks.

How to Stop a Dog Peeing in the House?

The dog is an animal that learns cleanliness fairly quickly.

Therefore, an adult dog may urinate indoors due to health or behavioral issues.

It is important for the owner to understand why a dog is urinating indoors.

The main thing is not trying to punish the dog.

You should understand the source of this lack of cleanliness to put an end to it. Besides, you also need to train your dog to toilet properly.

Determine why dogs urinate indoors

Unfortunately, an adult dog has difficulty understanding cleanliness, or a clean dog suddenly begins to urinate indoors.

The first reflex is not to find a way to punish or correct the dog’s fault, but to find out the source of this behavior.

Why does a dog urinate inside?

It is important to note that a dog does not begin to urinate inside by accident, and is even less annoying to its owner.

There is always a reason for a dog in the house.

There are many reasons dogs may urinate around the house. Here are the most important causes:

Urinary disorders

In most cases, a clean dog suddenly begins to urinate with cystitis or a bladder infection. He simply could not hold back.

The lack of activity

It is essential to a dog at least twice daily. If you don’t take your dog for a walk often, he can’t urinate outside.

It is important to take the dog for a walk after it goes to the toilet, otherwise it will be held to not end the walk.

Behavioral disorders

In some cases, a dog may refuse to urinate in the garden because of a behavioral problem.

For example, he might be afraid to go out alone in the garden, or be traumatized by a bad experience.

A sudden change in the environment or habit can also cause this problem.

Identifying the source of the problem is still the best way to put an end to it.

Things to know: To prevent dogs from urinating indoors, consider walking in the mornings and evenings with dogs.

When your dog is tired after a long walk with you, best dog strollers will be a useful tool for you.

Good practice

There are good practices to encourage your dog to be clean. If you are sure your pet does not have health or behavior problems, here are our tips to encourage it to clean again:

Take the dog out often

Walking morning and evening before or after meals, necessarily helps the dog fulfill its needs outside.

Remember to walk the dog with him on walks, and not just walk him outside into the garden.

If you don’t go with them, they may be tempted to urinate around the house to get your attention.

Give him a long walk

It is easy for an owner to assimilate the dog’s simple walking needs. And yet, walking also allows the dog to exercise, play and share moments with his owner.

Therefore, the walk must be long enough and does not stop when the dog defecates.

Praise the dog when he needs it outside

The best way to make your dog understand what you expect from him is to be active in education.

Congratulations or rewards when he goes outside will encourage him to recreate this behavior.

If your dog has urinary problems, follow the vet’s treatment carefully and increase the number of walks if necessary.

Remember that a dog who knows he will be out soon is more likely to keep.

How long in between should you cut your pups nails?

To find out if it’s time to take care of your dog’s claws, watch him carefully as he stands. If its nails touch the ground or twist in the toes, it means they are too long.

You can also grab its paws and push the pads to remove the nails and check their length.

It is also a great way to get him accustomed to controlling his feet, which will make your job easier the day you cut his claws.

On average, you need to trim your dog’s nails every two months. An apartment dog may need more frequent care than a dog playing outside to make holes in the garden.

How to trim your dog’s toenails?

You can choose between three locations to trim your dog’s claws.

Trim your dogs nail

Either you put it in the sitting position next to you, or you put it in the supine position and the third is in a standing position. Once your dog is in the right position.

Here are the steps to follow:

Take one foot and remove any dirt that has accumulated around the nail.

To avoid hurting your dog, you should locate the live part of the claw.

Attention, especially difficult to locate blood vessels if the dog has black claws. It is better, in this case, to avoid cutting too short.

Do not forget the feet are inside the foot and are not worn.

Must-Have Caring Products for Dogs

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

As we mentioned above, using a soap-free shampoo is a consideration when cleaning your dog.

Therefore, we recommend that you use this dog shampoo. Its main components include coal tar, salicylic acid, and micronized sulfur.

That’s why it can treat seborrheic skin flakes, reduce disease, and other parasitic infections.

If your dog’s skin is inflamed, rash or pimples, you can use this shampoo as an effective method. Besides, it also cures itching and flaking associated with dermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis or parasites.

You should use it 2 to 3 times per week and reduce the frequency as the skin improves.

The formulation of anti-itch shampoos and antifungal drugs is treated for dogs over 12 weeks of age, so it is not widely used.

The pH of this product is perfect for sensitive dog skin.

This is the ideal product for allergies, sensitive skin, and yeast.


  • Treatment of sebum caused by sebum
  • Reduces disease and other parasitic infections
  • Contains no parabens, dyes and soaps
  • Exclusively for dogs over 12 weeks of age
  • Excellent pH for dog skin

Furminator Undercoat Deshpping Tool for Dogs

If you want your dog’s fur to stay soft and not tangled, you can use the Furminator Undercoat Deshpping Tool.

This tool is especially suitable for long-haired dogs and weighs more than 50 pounds.

It can easily reach the topcoat and remove loose hairs without hurting the dog’s skin.

Its handle is made of rubber, so it very grips when used. Before using this tool, you should use a brush to brush through the dog hair once. This causes the tangled hair to fall out and grooming afterward is easier.

This tool can be used on most shedding animals, but you should also be aware that this tool should not be used for non-shedding animals or particularly sensitive skin animals.

On average, you should use the Furminator Undercoat Deshpping Tool 1 to 2 times a week for dogs with average shedding frequency.

Experts recommend that you use it more often during the heavy shedding season of your dog for a healthier coat.


  • Remove loose hair from hair loss
  • The curved edge eliminates feathering comfortably and effectively
  • Reach out to the overcoat to remove the undercoat
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use
  • Curved edges - comfortable in the pet's natural shape
  • FURejector button to quickly and easily release collected hair
  • Teeth remove undercoat without damaging the coating

Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

There is a product from Gonicc that we like very much. Many pet owners have asked us to try this claw cutter. And we found something special, high-quality and ergonomics there, so we had to put it on the list.

To avoid repetition, this pet nail clipper is similar to the classic nail clippers.

It is a nail clipper made of high-quality material, but less expensive options are available.

The cost of this pet clipper is not much higher than other famous brands.

The thing with these tailors is that they have a handle and they are great. We like their style, their ideas, and their designs.

Created by a professional groom (probably not a veterinarian), it seems the group behind these Gonicc tools knows exactly what it’s doing.

And this is one of the best nail clippers that we encourage you to use.

So let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions for pet clippers.



  • Sharp blades are made of high-quality stainless.
  • Unlock the protection that prevents children from using it.
  • Free Hidden Nail File conveniently stored in the handle will allow you to polish nails to a perfectly sharp finish.
  • Safe cutting blades significantly reduce the risk of cutting nails too short.
  • The ergonomic handle is ergonomically designed, durable and lightweight.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

You are a pet lover. In addition to taking care of your dog with meals, bathing, cleaning, grooming, and grooming dogs is something you often have to do.

In addition to nail clippers for dogs, sharpening nails is also a job that many pet owners need attention.

Especially for families with small children, it is normal for them to enjoy playing and playing with pets.

But sometimes because they make puppies they can scratch and hurt them, so the need for cutting and grinding Pet paws is essential.

You are a pet lover, and you own a dog. Experts recommend that you wash, clean, trim the dog regularly. Besides cutting nails for dogs, nail grinding is also a job that dog owners also need to pay attention to.

If your family has young children, they will play with your dog daily. Therefore, children may be hurt by the sharp claws of the dog.

Careful grinding of the dog’s nails is essential. Veterinary experts encourage you to use Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded to do this job.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded will help you to cut your pet’s nails easily.

Dog grinding machine is designed with powerful motor, continuous operation for 2 hours.

It can sharpen nails quickly and neatly without scaring your dog. Besides, it has a compact design. You can plug in power directly and nail the dog.



  • Compact design, easy to handle, cut at the corners, elbows.
  • Machine with LED battery indicator
  • The grinding head is removable, easy to clean.
  • Fast charging, outstandingly long usage time.
  • Switch on the body, easy to use with two hands.

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment

Dogs are often very naughty, and they like to get dirty. Bathing them after each training session or walking is necessary.

Your dog needs a clean bath to minimize the bacteria from entering the body and making them sick.

However, putting dirty pet dogs in your bathroom will be an obsession.

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment includes a long tube to bathe your pet at any angle comfortably.

Part of the tube to install into the section of the tunnel for the dog to wash water.

The brushed hand part is designed on top of the sprinkler pipe.

The brush hand includes the switch to adjust the water source. Comb teeth to brush hair, water pipes to spray water out.

The material of a dog shower is made entirely of fine plastic.

The tube is made of rubber. Teeth comb is designed by rubber. The end of the tunnel is sturdy and durable.

Water flow levels may vary by the button on the brush.


  • Creative shower wand with lots of settings.
  • 8-foot flexible hose - Extra length for extended reach.
  • Easy to install in your bathroom.
  • Connect to your outdoor hose.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Yes, this is Chuckit! Even for the balls, the world’s simplest toy, Chuckit is still ahead of the rest! This ball is the hardest and most resistant you can find on the market.

It is the perfect toy for dogs that love to grab and chew vigorously.

However, no dog toy is truly indestructible, so always check if the ball is in good condition and discard any pieces that begin to fall off.

One thing is for sure, and this Chuckit ball will keep you and your companion long for hours while increasing their connection.



  • An ultra-durable rubber achieves extremely high durability
  • The ball fights off the fangs of the most ferocious dogs
  • An excellent rebound that gives dogs the thrill when you throw a ball.
  • The review is too excellent, and countless people can verify the reliability of this product.
  • A professional ball is recommended as a safe toy.
  • Available in sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your dog.

Trixie Pet Products

Trixie Pet Products consists of 4 different games in a table.

Every game the dog goes through requires patience, concentration, and motivation from your dog.

If the dog wins the game, the dog will find hidden treatments. In other words, the dishes must be hidden, and your dog will have to find them.

Your dog will not kick Trixie Pet Products easily because it has a non-slip rubber foot that helps keep the plank in place.

Dogs will be comfortable moving the pieces without making the device slip around the floor.

Besides, this product also comes with a guide book to help you know how to keep dogs attracted to the game.

The dog’s curiosity will be stimulated when playing this game.

2,046 Reviews


  • Four games in one product: Ball, slider, drawer, loop.
  • Four different challenging levels.
  • Include booklet with tips on how to keep your cat engaged.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions: 7 19 x x 8
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • One-year warranty

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

You have another option in the candy toy list. This is big enough to hold all the meals in the house!

Offering hours of mental stimulation and physical activity, the two rooms can distribute dishes and croquettes.

And if you have the impression that your dog has become too gifted to get the food inside, you can pose a bigger challenge for it by reducing the size of the holes.

It is one of the dog’s best-performing toys to prevent boredom-related behaviors.

Bob-A-Lot dog toys will be ideal for entertaining and keeping your dog in the long term thanks to its creative and interesting personality!

This toy will be filled with food that your dog likes: it bends down and returns to the right position with every movement.

And the dishes will appear randomly enough to keep the puppies busy for hours! And if you are interested in dog food, please click for more information.



  • Handle distribution toys with adjustable opening
  • Double rooms for different types
  • The bottom is weighted for an oscillating effect
  • This toy made in the United States is designed with high-quality material and won't be afraid of fangs.
  • It has a non-slip material and will be very silent.
  • This toy can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Available in several sizes.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Beds

With years of experience in dog bed selection, we encourage you to use the best dog beds. MidWest is one of the leading companies in the field of pet supplies.

Your dog will be pleased with MidWest Homes as it can be fitted in a 30-inch dog kennel. Besides, this product can also act as an independent bed if you place it in the middle of the floor.

It is a good bed, but it does not mean that it fits all dogs. It is ideal for dogs that average between 26 and 40 pounds.

Your dog will feel comfortable because this bed is made of super-soft synthetic hairs. It can also adhere well to hardwood floors or tiles.

The dog’s home will look more beautiful by Midbrest Homes Ombré Swirl pattern and the neutral grey color sure.

You can also wash it in the washing machine if your dog gets dirty on it. This product includes one year of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Super soft polyester
  • Tufted, luxurious Polyfiber cushion
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for pet bins, pets and vehicles

Final Thoughts

Common asked questions about items must-have for a dog is an article that includes FAQs and items you need to prepare and arrange for them first.

You need to buy these items before you can take your dog home because when you have a dog by your side, you will be very busy playing with him.

With these items, you will be well prepared to welcome your dog to his new home.


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