Dog Common Problems & Expert Answers From a Vet (FAQs)

The comfort of the dog doesn’t only make the dog happy, but it brings massive joy to the owner too.

This comfort arrives when the dog is healthy, active and learning the new trick you introduce well.

However, anything that deviates the excellent health of your pet often brings an instant headache to the pet parent who’ll have to spend more to revive the health back to normalcy.

Some ill-health conditions of your dog also put your family at risk of contracting the same infections and pests.

For this reason, we should always act fast whenever we see our pets behave in not conventional manners.

Skin-related infections are the most significant cause of irritation and pain to our dogs.

When these infections are left untreated, we only welcome secondary conditions that will drain your finances before even going to the extent of claiming the lives of your lovely pet.

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Dog Common Problems & Answers

How do you treat hot spots on a dog? Could it be the food?

Hot spot in dogs or acute moist dermatitis is a condition that arises from an immune-mediated response of the skin to foreign substances.

The condition is characterized by wet, reddened, inflamed and oozy lesions that often result in irritation.

The condition comes swift and without any warning and therefore requires an immediate response.

Dogs with long hair bear a high risk of infection when hot spot breaks.

Food allergies remain one of its causes and other causes include;

  • Bites from bugs and other pests.
  • Poor grooming.
  • Stress and distressed are other contributors.

There are several treatments, but we need to put more emphasis on natural mechanism because treatment featuring antibiotics don’t realize the ultimate goal.

Antibiotics treat signs and symptoms thereby allowing hotspots to keep reoccurring.

The best treatment method should address the cause to help solve the problem from featuring in the future.

Other vets may tell you to go the antibiotics’ way, but I a hold contrary direction as my focus is always addressing the main issue.

Here are a few natural ways to treat hot spots in dogs;

Calendula for topical hot spots

  • Calendula oil medication comes in various forms including; creams, tinctures, salves, oils, and even teas.
  • The herb is ideal for curbing inflammation and itching thus helps in the promotion of the full recovery of the skin.
  • However, I caution you against using tinctures made of alcohol since they bring irritation.
  • The medication doesn’t bear the serious risk to the health of your dog. Also, nothing negative happens if a dog ingests it.

Coconut oil

  • The natural coconut oil works well for dogs with yeast infections.
  • The good thing is that coconut oil is versatile in a way that it can be used for both externally and internally.
  • The Omega-3 fatty acid and triglycerides that it contains soothe the painful skin.

Black tea

  • So, you’re considering taking your dog to a nearby joint for a cup of black tea? Are you smiling that you haven’t suffered from the condition because you continuously take a cup of tea?
  • Well, it’s the same tea bag you use at home, but it isn’t for the oral route.

Is deer meat healthy for dogs?

dog eating meat

Yes, all venison meats are good for the health of your dog, and I highly recommend the deer meat.

Think about this… If dogs were untamed, what could they be eating in the wilderness if deer meat isn’t one of the foods? Deer meat rekindles the dog’s instinct.

Some dogs take part in hunting activities where game animals like; hares, wild pigs, and deer are captured for their meat.

It’s only fair if you make some dog treat from deer meat to encourage your pet to continue hunting with vigor.

Are dogs allowed to eat potatoes?

The answer is short, and it’s a YES for me, but just like other meals, it calls for moderation.

Apart from ingredients like fats and carbs, potatoes are known as a generous source of elements such as Potassium that your dog’s body wants for stronger bone formation.

Raw potatoes are not suitable for your pet as they can cause a gastrointestinal obstruction which is characterized by; diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Also, stay away from feeding your dog on potato chunks can equally cause a blockade of the gut.

Because potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and fats, your dog risks gaining weight if the meal is served regularly.

Weight gain can cause inactivity in your dog thus making him live a sedentary life.

With your dog lacking exercise, obesity will be staring your pet.

However, I insist that the potatoes being fed to the dog must be cooked or mashed but without seasoning.

Never cook potatoes with the green skin because the color indicates the presence of solanine which is poisonous.

I gave my dog a bath 5 days ago and now she’s scratching at herself almost all the time. What should I do?

If you indeed washed and rinsed your dog well, then the behavior of scratching at herself shouldn’t happen at all.

Cleaning your dog means that you got rid of fleas and other pests that can cause discomfort to the dog.

Also, washing the dog signify that you cleaned environmental allergies like; grass, pollen, and dust.

Figure out if you switched the dog food for your pet recently. Many dog foods do not feature oil which is an excellent ingredient for moistening the skin hence reduction of itching and irritation.

If the problem is related to your dog food, introduce meals with fats to take care of the hair.

Check the condition of where the dog stays and adjust appropriately.

A dry atmosphere with less humidity has a tendency of causing a dog’s body to irritate.

Consult a vet if you cannot establish the cause.

How soon after switching my dog to a raw food diet will I see results?

We change our dog’s diet when we have a health issue we need to solve but the transition period comes with challenges.

The new dog foods we adopt mostly come after consulting our veterinary officer.

In case you changed the meal because of allergies, you can wait for results a little later after limiting the number of proteins in the diet.

Other changes that relate to dog’s poops can be manifested within two weeks.

Read More: Dog poop cleanup tool.

However, results concerning; weight, teeth, coat and the general energy level may pick in 1-3 months.

Being a pet parent cannot be a part-time duty; the task requires your attention almost throughout.

The responsibility is full of learning where you’ll keep on noticing new things and making observations about your dog daily.

Is it just me or does anyone’s pitbull fart a lot?

What an excellent observation you’ve made! It’s clear that you spend a lot of time with your pet for you to notice the frequent number of time your pitbull farts.

Well, I must commend you for being keen and concern about your pet’s natural behavior.

Just like human beings, dogs often fart, but if this behavior is happening a lot, then you’re not wrong to stay worried.

A dog can fart silently, but the trees around you will be smiling because the dog’s waste is nutrition to them.

Other dogs shamelessly fart loud but with no offensive smell.

It’s not the first time the case of pit bull’s many farts is brought to my desk; other pet parents had made the same report too.

Well, it’s not only Pit Bulls who punish the atmosphere; other culprit breeds include pugs, bulldogs, and boxers.

Dog breeds that fall under the classification known as Brachycephalic tend to fart more than other dogs.

All the dogs under this category have flat faces, so they inhale more air while eating or drinking.

The excess air inhaled has to get out of the pet’s body and has to take the anal route.

Another factor that may make a dog fart too often will depend on the food he takes and the amount he consumes.

Dogs that eat dairy meals, spicy foods, sugary meals, and high-fat meals fart a lot.

Just curious! Do your dogs come or try to come in the bathroom while you’re handling your biss, and why do they do that?

Another very funny inquiry I keep on getting from pet parents whenever I open my email.

The observation is valid because my dog and many other dogs I know behave that way.

The habit isn’t odd so you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Here are the reasons why your dog will keep trailing even to private rooms;

  • Being pack animals, dogs usually do not want to stay alone when someone is in the house. They need a companion, and that’s why they enter the bathroom even before you.
  • Dogs are generally ‘Watchmen’ in our homes, and they do not want any incident to pass them. They want to witness every occurrence due to their curious nature.
  • Dogs do not understand privacy. They trust you, and they never understand why you isolate them.
  • It could be that your pet is guarding you.

The only way you can stop your faithful friend from following you is by keeping him engaged while you’re about to answer the call of nature.

What do you feed a pit bull puppy with?? & how much do you spend a day? What are their good dog food brands?

Just like other puppies, in the first six weeks of pit bulls’ lives, they suck their mother’s milk where they obtain protein for growth and colostrum for natural immunity.

Remember, it’s hard to feed the little dogs on anything because they’re unable to see.

In the absence of Pitbulls’ mothers, you need to give them puppy milk replacement formula.

Put bulls are weaned after six weeks where you introduce them to solid foods that match their nutritional requirements.

Their foods should include high-calorie ingredients because young pets are always active and want to be happy.

Pitbull puppies of this stage should take at least three meals a day.

Between the periods of six weeks to twelve months, you need to pay a lot of attention to the type of food and amount of food you give to your young pet.

It’s in this period that dogs learn a lot, so it’s essential you discipline them with food.

Too much food may cause obesity, and inadequate meals can make the dogs fail to attain their maximum potential.

Generally, a dog’s childhood stage ends after one year, but it can take a pit bull puppy up to 16 months to fully mature when the dog attains the weight of about 50 pounds.

On how much it costs to in a day for a pit bull puppy.

It’s difficult to ascertain this because we have three stages of puppies that require a different amount of food and frequencies of eating.

It also depends on your location and where you purchase the dog foods.

Pit bulls best dog food brands for a pit bull puppy include;

Why is my pit bull so skinny?

This shouldn’t worry you much because the typical American Pit Bull terriers are known to have lean bodies that enable them to be agile.

With exception to diet issues and ill-health state, your pit bull should genetically have a slim body but not so skinny.

Things that can make pit bull so skinny;

  • Inadequate meals
  • Pest infestation
  • Limited meal frequency
  • Ill-health conditions
  • When stressed
  • Too many activities

How can I extend my dog’s life?

I must admit that the questions are getting funnier and I can’t stop grinning from one ear to another.

I wish I had the power to extend my own life before making my pet live forever. I mean such desires are purely fantasies and wishes.

No matter how much you like your dog, it will have to die some days.

I know you don’t want to witness this. Dogs’ lifespans depend on breeds with where some dogs live longer than others.

With an exception to accidents, here are the tips to lengthen the life of your dog;

  • Follow your vet’s prescriptions.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth regularly.
  • Allow your dog to exercise frequently.
  • Adhere to a healthy diet.
  • Enjoy a good time with the pet.
  • Guard your dog against all mechanical dangers.

The best way to learn more about your pet is by spending ample time with him.

Interaction with other pet parents also enables you to discover what you never knew so need to continue socializing and permit your pet to meet other healthy pet.

When it comes to a pet, we must discriminate the unhealthy ones because they pose a serious health risk to your well-groomed pet.

In case you have an issue about your dog, never hesitate to invite your vet.

Dog Common Problems…!

During your observations about your pet, curiosity will take over you, and you’ll begin asking questions that you cannot get their solutions with ease.

The fear you have about your dog will make you find out with other dog keepers if they share your experience.

Here are some weird but realistic questions that we have sampled and answered;

The above mentioned are the dog common problems and experienced answers to growing you’re furry healthy.

Some dog common problems can easily heal, some you should take the direct Vet recommendations.

I’m more happy to help you if you can comment on your dog problem in the comment section.

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