Basic Dog Training Techniques & Commands For Beginners in 2020

What is Basic Dog Training?  

Teaching your dog the basics skills can be exciting and interesting. To begin, the first is to do your homework. All dog training basics are more comfortable than you think.

The main drill in dog training basics is to pay attention to commands.

Always call your pup name, and then use a short word like “look” or “watch” by doing this, your dog will associate the words to a command.

Once you have the dog attention, it’s time to start the lessons.

You need to get your dog attention for a short period.

Try to keeps his concentration by doing the particular drill. An example may be to hold a toy close to your lips and then say it with the required keyword.

Every time it takes time to observe, praise him.

The more you practice it, the more time your dog will be able to pay attention to you. Try to get him to look at it at least one minute.

Let him know that he is doing an excellent job by rewarding him. Pooches remember better this way.

The following are things you should know before starting dog training basics lessons:

Basic Dog Training Commands

  1. Don’t suffer your dog, because it will undoubtedly make him become more aggressive or shy away.
  2. Constancy cannot be emphasized enough. Don’t forget that dogs are like children, and if you are not consistent, they will be confused as to what is expected.
  3. If your dog starts to get distracted, switch the sound of your voice and this does not suggest raising it.

The number one command to start with would be to “sit”. You need to say the command sit as you teach your dog so he can connect the word with the command.

You can do it by putting a gentle pressure down on the back. At the same time pronounce the word “sit.” After a while, the dog will understand what you want him to do.

The next command is “down.” Dogs can be overexcited when they are stimulated. Jumping on the owner’s lap is usually how to do express their excitement.

If you have a large dog or have another individual around, you may not want him to jump around. When he drops, say “down.”

Do not act with excited to see them while they are on you. Keep saying “down” and even lower their legs down if you have.

The next command is “Stay.” This command is one of the best for your dog to understand mainly if he is an energetic and excited dog. Teach him to stay, by putting a treat on the ground.

When he starts moving towards the treat, just say “stay.”

Another acceptable concept is to put your hand up when you say the word “stay.” When he begins to comprehend the command, start moving away from the dog.

Then he will be brave enough to take a step forward.

He just wants to know if you’ll let him escape his actions. When he does, continue to put your hand out and repeat “stay.”

Your dog has to know that, even if you walk away, you can still see what he is doing and expect him to continue to obey.

The last command you should teach your dog in the basics training would be “stand.” This is where your dog is permitted to get excited, but not in such a jumping mode.

While teaching your dog to stand, with your hand, gently tap your chest, and once again, put a little emotion in your words so that he knows that he is allowed, under certain circumstances, to stand. He will learn the difference.

Dog Training Basic Techniques

A lot of people like the idea of having a dog, but one thing they should keep in mind often is that the dog needs to be trained.

While the puppy may look cute when they are in a pound or a shelter, choosing the best dog is only the first part of the relationship between the animal and its owner.

Many folks do not realize that they have to dedicate time and effort to socialize the dog.

An unsocialized pooch will scare others, destroy the home and create an environment that can become dangerous for both human and other dogs.

Often, when dogs are returned to shelters or other places, they end up being euthanized, which is very tragic. All this can be avoided if the dog owner learns the different techniques of socializing the dog.

The only thing you have to understand is that a dog wants to be told what to do. It is the dog’s nature to follow the leader. Every dog will be more than willing to support the leadership of its owner.

The following are some of the conventional techniques used in dog training:

1. Dog Whispering

This method has existed for a while but has gained national recognition in the last ten years. Some people may hear this term and wonder how whispering can help in training a dog! Whispering does not mean to be taken literally in this situation.

Whispering is a word that refers to communicating with an object or entity at an intense and nearly spiritual level. When it comes to dog training techniques, dog whispering entails careful observation of the dog’s actions and behavior.

Implies getting into the behavior system and the mind of the dog. When the trainer uses dog whispering techniques, they interact with the dog at the dog level.

And one of the most common mistakes people make is treating the dog as a little human.

2. Reward training

This technique is straightforward, and it is one of the old tricks that work. This is a simple way to train your puppy by positive reinforcement. When he does what he is told to do, he receives a treat.

Once the dog develops awareness for the reward, it generates a strong desire for it. When the craving for the treatment is powerful, the owner pulls back.

Then the puppy receives a command, and when he obeys the command, he is rewarded with a treat. The goal is to make the dog relate the treat with the command.

3. Clicker Training

Dog Training Clicker

This is another dog training technique similar to reward training. How clicker works is that it is integrated to get the puppy attention. The clicker is used as a form of communication with the pooch.

The dog learns that there is a command and a treat is associated in combination with the clicker. A lot of owners claim that this technique is fun and that it’s one of the best and easy ways of training a dog.

4. Ultrasonic whistle

No products found.

It is not difficult to incorporate dog training techniques, but they are something that must be entirely included from the moment the owner brings his new dog home.

Regardless of age, they all need training. Once the dog is properly trained, they will be a wonderful addition for a family.

Basic Dog Training Tips

Dogs behave as they do, and we do not seem to like it, their behavior is because they are animals and that’s how their instinct tells them to behave, regardless of the environment or other factors.

So, the first tips when training your dog is:

Do not expect your dog to behave like a human, it is a dog, and it needs the right training to acquire an acceptable behavior from the human point of view.

After that, the next tip will be to try and understand that a dog has the intelligence of a small kid. Do not expect miracles from the dogs.

If you start training your dog, it will learn, but the dog will not learn unless you say what you want them to learn only once. You must be patient and repeat the command and demonstrate the behavior you want the dog to notice.

And, the next dog training tip is:

Be patient. If you do not know, small kids also do not learn quickly, so the dog is at almost the same level of mental development, even if it is a grown dog.

Another important dog training tip is to stand in front of the dog and show him who is leading the game. This is another basic rule.

Dogs always need to feel they belong to a group and they are used to having a leader, if not they will want to be in charge.

The fact that you always give your dog commands and toys will have a good effect, also the dog will learn that you are the boss.

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