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The term Schutzhund is the German language, which means “protection dog”. It refers to a sport that focuses on developing and evaluating and those traits in dogs that make them happier and useful to their owners. Schutzhund’s work focuses on three parts.

There are many people who are familiar with the obedience work of the American Kennel Club affiliates and will recognize the first and second part, obedience and tracking.

The Schutzhund standards for the third part, the protection work are comparable to those for dogs in police work.

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Schutzhund sports

For those not familiar with the sport, here is a brief explanation of Schutzhund sports.

This is specifically a three parts dog sport of protection, obedience, and tracking that were initially designed for testing German shepherd breed.

Since then, the sport has changed to become very common throughout the world.

There is now an international Schutzhund competition that is held annually.

If you want to raise a dog just for the purposes of Schutzhund, there are a lot of things you need to consider.

First, you may find some contradictory concepts and theories about Schutzhund training, so it is best to have a general knowledge of how to proceed with training your dog for sports.

Get start Schutzhund training

When you buy a dog for the first time, you may be asked to limit the aggression as soon as possible.

This is usually a great idea. However, in the case of Schutzhund training, you can learn more about the dog’s aggression and how to use it to your advantage.

After all, aggression is a natural part of a dog’s personality and can be handled better than braking.

In fact, dealing with aggression as part of Schutzhund’s training can help you raise a well-mannered pooch.

In addition, the duration and scope of Schutzhund training help strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

The Schutzhund training equipment aids experts and trainers to achieve the aim of a dependable, obediently and reliable puppy.

Schutzhund Training is a highly specialized program designed by experts.

It was initiated in Germany around the early 20th century to help develop the service and athletic skills of the German shepherd dog breed.

Schutzhund training

For example, in Germany, a puppy cannot be registered as a German shepherd, if it has not completed the several stages of Schutzhund program and obtained the appropriate titles.

The program was later expanded to officially apply to all breeds of working dogs recognized by the Federation of Cynologique Internationale de Belgium (FCI), this organization functions effectively as the World Dog Organization.

This expansionist movement includes breed like Doberman, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers, Belgium shepherds, and many others. The following are the three types of Schutzhund work.

Schutzhund Dog Training Best Equipment

Schutzhund Tracking

Whether you are training a puppy or a mature dog, there are some items you will need for Schutzhund tracking.

First of all, you will need a good tracking line, and there are many options for materials such as Gripper lines and bio-thane lines.

The kind of leash you use ultimately depends on the choice of the dog handler, but it is important to remember that the Schutzhund trial rules require that the tracking line be 33 feet.

You will also need a collar, such as a Botcher or a tracking harness.

It is also essential to have tracking articles to allow the dog to follow the footsteps and identify the tracking articles placed on the path by the tracklayer.

The tracking article can be any material, but in the Schutzhund training, you will usually find wood, leather and some types of carpets, rugs or linen.

Other Valuable equipment for Schutzhund tracking includes nylon aprons and bait bags to keep tracking materials, reward toys and tracking bait.

There are many different methods of tracking training for dogs, discover the one comfortable for you and go tracking.

Schutzhund Obedience

Schutzhund obedience is specific and there are different ways to train your dog, but there are some specific necessities in Schutzhund obedience that entail special equipment.

Beyond the simple leash, reward toys, and collars such as a ball or a tug, you will have to train the puppy to retrieve the dumbbell.

Every Schutzhund title requires a different size dumbbell from schh1 to schh3 on the flat retrieve.

For the retrieve over the wall and the retrieve over the jump, all dogs will use Schutzhund 1 dumbbell. The next pieces of equipment you will need, A-frame and a meter Schutzhund jump.

You can also purchase some Schutzhund obedience training videotapes.

However, if you are news to Schutzhund, it is advisable to find a Schutzhund club in your area for help with obedience training your Schutzhund dog.

Schutzhund Protection

Schutzhund’s protection involves a search for and apprehension of the helper.

The pooch must first search a set of Schutzhund blinds to find the helper and alert the handler with a bark.

After finding the helper, under the Schutzhund Judge direction, the helper, the dog, and the Schutzhund handler carry out a series of various exercises that include escape, apprehension, and transport.

Schutzhund helper must be well protected, but at the same time have mobility and agility to test the dog effectively.

If you are searching for Schutzhund dog equipment then Amazon is the best place. It has a wide range of Schutzhund dog equipment.

They have a huge selection of biothane lines and Gripper lines, a high-quality lead and a different size of dumbbell and Leather lead for Schutzhund training.

You will get a large selection of high-quality leather leads to train competition dogs, police dogs, and military dog.

The leashes are made of high-quality leather from people who know how to make leather leashes.

This training technique has been used for the last 100 years and has seen many developments.

Today, it is not as offensive to dogs as they were a few years ago, but the level of strictness remains the same.

Accurately assess the animal’s potential with the help of different tests.

Only manuals and organized courses were available in the old Schutzhund training, the basic idea behind this training is to test the pooch for various features, such as retrieving, sniffing, protection and tracking, which is useful mainly for police and the army.

This training begins at an early age and lasts several weeks or even months until the dog’s fitness is confirmed.

If you are in the market looking for a high-quality leather harness for a working dog, Amazon is the best source of tracking, protection, and leather agitation harness.

They have harnesses for large and small dogs. In addition to a wide range of leather buckle harnesses.

Nylon protection harnesses, Schutzhund dogs training materials, including police dogs, military dogs, and other services dog training equipment.

All Amazon equipment is manufactured from high-quality materials and is specially designed for working dogs, helpers and handlers.

Choose from a wide selection of collars, leads, Redline K-9 leashes, tugs and harnesses, and helper equipment. Amazon is a trusted name. They have the best prices and the best equipment.

And if your dog is crazy about toys, Amazon has dog toys for all breeds of dogs, from dog services to a German shepherd; rubber balls, Kong toys for dogs, a wide range of leather and French.

Dog Puppy Toys

Looking for magnetic dog toys or magnetic rubber ball for dogs, you can get it at Amazon.

And if you are working on the hold with your protection dog, you will get a good selection of grasp building bite toy like three handled with jute wedges.

Schutzhund Dog Training Methods

There are different types of training, but the basic idea remains the same. These are some of the main training methods involved in Schutzhund dog training:

Obedience training

This involves about eleven obedience command for Schutzhund training. The command names are attention and focus, sit, stand, down, targeting, heel, retrieving, heeling, position heel, motion exercise, jumping, and get out.

Tracking objects

Special training is given to dogs to track different objects like drugs, bombs, etc. They are also trained to recognize a particular smell and detect their target.

Protection training

Schutzhund training also included training them like police dogs, attack dogs, and guard dogs. Particular commands are taught to identify the threat and attack it.

Schutzhund training enables the pups to learn a specific set of skills, but unfortunately very few of them are able to finish successfully.

One can also use this to train a dog at home but should be certain of the philosophy and methodology.

Let your dog wear and drag the leash all the time during his training years in his puppy. And tie it to a door or chair so you can supervise them when you’re busy.

Purchase 6 feet, nylon web leash and let the puppy drag it around when he is still young.

Do not be shy, touch the dog everywhere, check their teeth and pick them up so they get used to being touched by a veterinarian, children, caretaker, and adults.

Training your dog Schutzhund takes time and care. If you do it wrong … you can raise a fierce little bastard.

But if you do it correctly … you will have a friend for life who will do everything for you and for the people in your environment.

You can explore pet playground equipment and can pick the best one for your furry friend.

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