Benefits of Organic Dog Food & FAQs (Generic vs Organic)

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Organic Dog Food?

Yes! Not only for our dogs, but the debate about organic foodstuffs keeps on popping even in human beings’ lives.

For us to understand the topic better, we need to find out what the opposite of “Organic” is.

Well, we have it already- It’s “Natural”. We can now go ahead and establish the difference.

What makes a dog’s food to be referred to as “Natural”?

When a pet’s food is labeled ‘Natural’, it should be free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

This means that natural dog food should only be comprised of ingredients that come from plants and animals.

However, there are a few ingredients that can be found naturally occurring in the form of minerals.

Furthermore, certain vitamins complete the list of ingredients that make up natural dog food.

What’s “Organic” dog food?

These are food that dogs that do not contain; harmful pesticides, synthetic hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics.

In other words, organic dog food must have not been either; cultivated in presence of fertilizers, irradiated or engineered genetically.

This is how you can know if the dog food is fully organic or partially organic;

  • 100% Organic- Means that all the ingredients that the food are organic.
  • Organic- Means that at least 95% of the ingredients that constitute the dog food are organic. However, the remaining 5% should be composed of approved substances.
  • Made with Organic- Means that the ingredients that aren’t Organic shouldn’t exceed 70%.

Is Organic dog food healthy?

organic dog foods

Having explained to you what an Organic dog food, we can now answer the constant debate that keeps on arising.

The answer to this question is a straight YES.

In 2013, a 16-year old student, Ria Chhabra from Dallas did a Scientific investigation where she fed fruit flies in one column with Organic food while on the other section with the conventional food.

She established that fruit flies she fed with Organic feed nourished in good health and lived longer than those flies that took conventional food.

Remember, only fruit flies have the same sex chromosome as the human being on the entire planet.

It means that organic food can also elongate man’s life if we go with the say that what’s good for a gander is also good for a goose.

Humans keep dogs and whatever is safe for us must be very safe for our dogs.

Do dogs eat Organic dog food?

We have an obligation to answer every question you pose even if we think that the reply is so apparent.

The answer will be another BIG YES. Organic dog food is made for dogs and it wouldn’t have existed were it that our pets were not taking the food.

What’s more, the introduction of organic food to any meal more than doubles your pet’s appetite.

Perhaps, it’s this aspect that keeps your dog healthy because an improved appetite in your pet means your pawed friend will eat well.

Is organic dog food healthier than generic dog food?

Any day, organic dog food will be healthier than generic dog food.

It’s vital to note that the position I take isn’t bias and only based on fact.

Why would I take a side when I am neither an ambassador to any side?

Our main concern is to breed healthy dogs. That’s all!

organic dog food vs generic food

Here are the reasons why organic dog foods have dominated the pet’s market since their introduction; 

  • Generic foods are often packed without strictly observing what constitute them thereby increasing the chances of your dog consuming unwanted ingredients. Organic dog food, on the other hand, ensures that no chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, and toxins find spaces in the food.
  • Generic products are often items that do not have names for themselves but just mimic the other well-established products. The only selling point that generic dog foods have is that they sell at low cost to lure unguided dog keepers. Have you ever asked yourself the reason why generic products don’t do marketing?
  • Generic dog food tends to exclude; skeletal meat, connective tissues, blood and organs thus low nutrition. Organic dog food has the said component hence higher nutrition. Remember, no scientist has proved that these components are harmful to our dogs.
  • Organic foods are highly palatable and easy to digest when compared to other food categories.

How can organic dog food benefit your dog?

Other classes of dog food cannot match the gains of allowing your dog to consume organic dog food.

If you had asked me about the disadvantages, then I would’ve pointed it swiftly that the cost of these special dog meals is a little bit high.

Now, let’s see how organic dog food can benefit our hunting partners;

Because organic dog foods have few or no fillers, bowel movement is reduced.

In addition, the absence of non-digestible ingredients immensely minimizes the stomach upset in your hence reducing irritation.

The fact that organic dog foods do not have pesticides and other toxic material is another big plus.

For instance, organically produced milk has higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are good for reducing inflammation of the heart.

Furthermore, Vitamin C and other plant-derived nutrients that help in combating dangerous diseases like; heart failure, cancer, and diabetes are markedly high if the organic dog food is in the diet.

Lastly, a dog that consumes organic food causes little damage to the environment when compared to their compatriots who feed on other diets.

Organic food means; factories making organic food emit less pollutant waste, dogs breath fresher breathe and the air dogs blow from their bottoms nature can handle.

However, still recommends getting educate about dog allergies to protect them better.


It doesn’t mean that organic dog foods are flawless, but the truth remains that they are healthier to your dog and the environment.

The verdict is on you to choose a meal for your dog that ensures its comfort and long life.

The article has clearly stated the benefits that organic dog food has over other classes of pets’ food.

It’s important to pay more attention from today onwards to the ingredients that the food we buy for our dogs contained.

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