100 Amazing Pitbull & Other Dog Images for Pitbull Fans

Pitbull has become a loyal companion of human beings for a long time.

The name doesn’t indicate a specific breed of dogs, but dogs of different pedigrees.

They can be among American Staffordshire Terries, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers, or American Bullies.

Despite their origin, they are all favored for their awesome look and behavior.

These following Pitbull pics will help you get a broader view of such amazing dogs.

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Pitbull’s origin

Initially, the Pitbull dog was the product of crossing Terrier and Bulldogs to sere herding purposes.

Later on, they mostly showed up in bloody fights and sports. This trained them into a speedy and agile breed, so were their appearance.

At the same time, they are well-known for sensitivity since they can easily get hurt.

The Old English Bulldog in the 1800s is widely believed as the ancestor of the dog that we are familiar with nowadays.

The former’s physical presence is relatively similar to what we see in pit pics.

The fierce impression

What strikes people most about their physical appearance is an ideal balance between weight and height. 100 Pitbull pics & Other dog pics is never enough to show off all their outside and inner beauty.

In particular, their head shape is in the form of a large brick, making their owners feel confident about their sturdiness.

The cheeks are strong enough to sustain powerful jaws.

Their bite is ferocious, ready to frighten anybody who is preparing a break-in.

In addition to the bodies, their necks are equally muscular.

With a powerful size, a Pitbull dog is incredibly speedy and athletic. They can even jump very high.

The ears are either cropped or curled forward.

Pitbull’s have long, thin tails which are a little bit pointy while their coat shines and presses to the skin showcasing the brawny muscles.

The coat and nose typically share the same color. For example, a blue-nose pit bull with a gray coat is likely to have a matching gray nose.

Below are basic measurements of an adult Pitbull:

  • Life span: He can live up to 15 and 8 years old at the least.
  • Weight: On average, a Pitbull dog can reach 14 to 36 kg in weight.
  • Height: A male dog is taller than a female one with an average height of 48.26 cm and 45.72 cm respectively.

An adorable pet

Long with amazing appearance, Pit Bulls’ mental characteristics make them ideal furry friends.

However, watch out for their same outstanding qualities. If you are not experienced in dogs or don’t really know about such breed, they can be difficult to handle.


Compared to other breeds, Pit Bulls become mature at a later age. That means the dogs become adults between 2 and 3 years old.

Being a child for such a long time fuels their energy to turn on the play mode at any time.   At the early stage of maturity, Pitbull’s tend to show off their strength and power in front of other dogs. Chances are they may get into a fight. You should be there to control the situation.

However, early socialization can enable their good temperament thus improving a positive manner towards other dogs.


Believe it or not, Pitbull’s are full of humor.

Like many dogs, Pitbull’s have their silly times performing movements to make you laugh. Your happiness means a lot to them.

That said, just looking at your dog jumping around will make your day.


Well-known for the adaptability, such dogs can manage urban surroundings as long as there are spacy outlets to release their huge energy.


Another remarkable trait of these canines is determination.

No matter how demanding a task is given, if they accept the challenge, they will exert themselves to finish it.

Giving up isn’t common among Pitbull dogs.

Instead, they tend to put their soul and heart into whatever they do.

For example, destroying a new couch in the living room or climbing out of the fence to explore the neighborhood.

They can even climb into your lap with numerous kisses after you come home from work.


For caring people, affectionate Pitbull’s are perfect furry friends.

They are extremely affectionate and demand constant human attention.

They are fond of cuddle and belly rubs. Pay attention to this so that you can grow a strong bond with your pet.

Such dogs aren’t normally aggressive, shy or unstable.

Thus, constant negative reactions can be set aside.


They love fooling around beside children. With an unlimited source of energy, they won’t easily become tired.

Daily long walks and regular exercises are necessary to keep them active.

You can try involving your canine companion in more difficult tasks like drug detection as well as search and rescue work. By this way will you sustain his enthusiasm.

However, mishandling, poor breeding or abuse may give rise to improper aggression.

Though friendly, large dogs can cause severe damage when they aren’t in a good mood.

Accordingly, constant temperament evaluation is essential in keeping differently-sized dogs under control.

When playing with children, dogs of all sizes and breeds should remain under supervision.

Children are still too young to handle these animals properly.

They may take away dog food, pull their nose or ears, which are likely to provoke negative reactions.

For the sake of safety, if you are unavailable around, you’d better lock them in their crate.


There are numerous dog foods are available to feed your pitbull, however, if the pit has allergies then this food is favorable to them.

Obedience training

Pit Bulls are highly responsive to training. Once your friend catches up with shots, it is advisable that you take him to obedience classes as soon as possible.

Stick to your dog’s rules but don’t be aggressive.

As intelligent dogs, Pitbull’s are quick at learning new things.

Thus, you can expect a few difficulties.

However, one tip for you is to avoid rewarding excitement. Otherwise, counter-productivity is unavoidable.

Pit Bulls are susceptible to distemper, so make sure to give him all necessary vaccinations before letting him be among other dogs.

Now let me show you all the top 100 pitbull pics & other Dog images which have collected from the original dog owners.

100 Pitbull & Other Dog Images

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How about adopting one?

On contrary to a strong build and fierce impression, Pitbull dogs are extremely playful and affectionate.

The more I look at Pitbull pics, the more I tend to fall in love with them.

Therefore, I immediately search to buy one of my own.

He is so nice and powerful to rely on.

What about you?

Tell me your intention below.

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