12 Best Hamster Ball in 2020 (Reviews & Maintenance Guide)

Adopting a pet hamster is accessible for children and adults because of its adorable appearance, along with entertaining activities.

These small rodents are typically low-maintenance pets, though, proper care is necessary to keep them in optimal health and happiness always.

These hamsters need to have enrichment and be active, so do not let them get bored and overweight.

There are multitudes of in-market toys that make you confused, which the best item to choose for your little furry friend; hamster ball is an ideal choice.

If getting to select a suitable hamster exercise ball, you are somewhat will be a great owner. But, it seems uneasy to pick a good toy that suits your small guy by yourself.

Don’t worry anymore because we are here to help you!

Today’s article will provide you with essential knowledge of how to pick the hamster balls as well as bring a real review of the products that we believe are the best for owners like you!

Read on!

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How do we pick the toys?

To pick the best hamster balls for you small rodent, hamster owners need to base on some prime criteria as follows:

Security features

When determining to buy any product, you need to notice whether these toys are safe for your little friend or not.

Because hamsters cannot actually control or stop the ball they often crash into walls or impinge on furniture or even fall down-stairs leading to sprains, traumas, and other invisible injuries, sometimes even death.

We should choose the right size for the current and future hamster size, so when running the hamster does not have to bend, and struggle hard with the ball that is too small compared to their body.

Alternatively, balls must be durable, do not have significant gaps or holes as they are the likelihood of hamster injuries like broken legs.

Unlike the hamster wheels, hamster exercise balls often are made of plastic. Purchasing a run-about ball is made of high-quality plastic that should be considered, though.

For example, it is made of transparent plastic that helps you can always see what your small rodent does inside the ball.

Products made of poor plastic should be warded off since they are not reliable and can even lead to deadly consequences in the long term.

The pet’s nature

Bear in mind that hamsters are nocturnal, they love to sleep during the day.

Understanding that, we can choose the best toy for it.

Hamster balls can sometimes be noisy. If so, you will probably be disturbed by your hamster running.

So when taking a hamster ball into account, look for one that is guaranteed by the supplier to run smoothly.


Hamsters are interested in doing lots of activities, so this thing is worth considering.

You should give your hamster a suitable ball for them.

Bear in mind that many balls can fit for dwarf rodent types; however, they might not be suitable for adult hamsters, and chinchillas.

Accordingly, make sure you measure your furry friend and double-check with the manufacturer to get an appropriate ball as possible.

Also, a hamster ball with an eye-catching design is a great idea that prettifies for your home.

What’s more, convenience for your cleaning is super important because you need to wash it daily.


This is the very crucial criteria for a perfect hamster exercise ball.

The toy you are considering should equip with a good ventilation system.

All holes should cover the whole area of the ball and be big enough to assure your friend breathes easily.

How do we test them?

Let’s begin with checking the quality of the material that is used to make the toy.

See if they resemble what written in the description or not.

After that, the product supporting physical activities needs to be an excellent performance.

Hence, check if the entire position is well-attached and there is any sign of abnormality on the toy, like small cracks.

Last but not least, to check whether they are convenient to clean up, pay attention to the product’s design.

Hamster balls with smooth surfaces and removable parts usually take less effort to wash and store.

Top Rated Hamster Ball Reviews

Legendog Hamster Toys Hamster Track Toy

This hamster runway is such a cool toy for your hamster.

Worry about the safety of your small rodent? Just grab this well-designed product!

It is made of good quantity plastic, and durable, especially style for hamster healthy exercise.

It also comes with the runway movement, not only keeps the hamster under the safety but also increases human interaction.

With the buckle design, you can easily change its shape, and clean according to your wish.

If you want to get a good night’s sleep, no bother from the toy of your little dwarf rodent, buy this hamster runway now! Hollow structure helps the ball run smoothly, cut down the friction and noise.

If your little friend is naughty, it is wise to pick multiple runway form, more fun, more interesting!

This hamster runway would be a wise option for you!


  • High-quality material and durable
  • Add fun for your hamster
  • Can be compatible with other brands


  • May have some errors in size

Kaytee Run-About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball Moon Glow

If you are searching for a comfortable, and charming accessory for your small rodents, why don’t you grab this hamster ball from Kaytee Run? Kaytee Run-About 7” Hamster Exercise Ball Moon Glow is what your small friend is looking for!

This item is made of sturdy plastic and measures roughly seven inches in diameter, the ideal space to accommodate small rodents, such as mice, dwarf hamsters, and gerbils.

Plus, it is tailored for encouraging your hamster’s health in a secure and safe way, don’t worry about injuries of your rodents any more!

What’s more, the transparent design is excellent if you want to keep an eye on your pet every second.

The ball is equipped with an easy opening mechanism that will secure your hamster inside.

This run-about ball not only provides you and your furry friend for a happy playtime, but it also makes a perfect temporary area to keep your pet while you are cleaning up their cage.



  • Promote exercise
  • Comfortably accommodate all types of small rodents
  • Available in various colors
  • Lightweight, easy to carry to another place
  • Small holes on the entire surface bring good ventilation


  • Latch system can be faulty
  • Shell has a little bit openings

Kaytee Dwarf Hamster Mini Run-About Exercise Ball

As its name suggests, this hamster ball is specially designed for dwarf hamsters and mice, enabling them to manoeuver with greater ease.

Your pet can get to explore places they could not before.

The ball is big enough that they cannot get lost under your couch or kitchen counter.

Simultaneously, they are small enough so that your rodent can move them and fit in places to explore your house.

It is available in three colors for you to choose, including moon glow, clear, and rainbow.

If you are interested in colorful items to point out your house, select the rainbow color.

If you want to see exactly what your hamster does inside the ball, just grab moon glow or clear ones.

It also comes with a simple look but stylish design and perfect structure, an excellent tool for physical exercise, stretch, or even a secondary shelter.


  • Easy to store
  • Safe to use
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Perfect for dwarf hamsters, mice, and other animals


  • May be uneasy to clean because the hole is too small
  • May not fit big size hamsters

Kaytee LED Run-About Exercise Ball

This is another product from Kaytee Run, listed the 12 best hamster ball in 2020.

The outstanding feature of this item is equipped with led lights.

This can bring happy moments during your hamster’s playtime because of its color. Plus, a 10-minute timer in the LED light that can remind you when your pet has enough exercise time.

Also, Kaytee Run’s products always put safety on the top, so you do not need to worry much when the product includes batteries and LED lights.

The fully protective lens cover is chew-resistant, protecting your hamster from accidents.

The toy comes in various sizes from small, extra-large to 7 inches in diameter, which makes it big enough for a lot of rodents, such as dwarf hamsters, mice, or even gerbils.

It is made of reliable plastic plus clear design that gives impeccable visibility for your furry friend as well as provides owners with a hint about how the pet is feeling inside.


  • Well-designed, sturdy construction
  • Various sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Very vivid
  • Chew resistant


  • May cause a little bit heavy to Robo Dwarf Hamsters
  • Low lighting

Emours Run-About Mini 4.8 inch

If you are seeking a ball big enough so that your pet’s spine is not curved excessively, but small enough that he can push it around without consuming too much force.

This product from Emours Run ended up being marvelous for your pet. It measures 4.8 inches in diameter that is ideal for dwarf hamsters, mice, and small furry animals.

Being made with pet-safe materials, plus the smart design for the ball without fixed the 2 lids, this Emours Run-about ball brings about comfort, and safe bask spot for your hamster to play.

It also is equipped with a practical and convenient locking mechanism that enables you to disassemble for cleaning efficiently.

This item would be a nice option for you!


  • Well-designed
  • Made with safe pet materials
  • Fit for hamsters, and other small animals
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Polished finish


  • May not fit for rats and adult hamsters
  • The latch might not stay in place

Van Ness Hamster Ball with Stand

You have an anti-social hamster in the past? You wish to keep an eye on your pet all the time? Worry about the quality of the hamster ball not good enough?

Finding a new fascinating place for your pet? Grab this Van Ness Hamster Ball with Stand now!

This product is easy to move, so you can put him/her into the item and then put them nearer to “people height” to make them more friendly.

For example, you can put them on a coffee table; both watch TV and observe your hammies’ behavior.

This hamster ball is very sturdy and holds together, so no worries there.

It comes with a stand, 2 lids (one lid is to use when you do not want the hamster to come out, and the rest is for when you want the hamster to come in/out as it pleases), and the ball including 2 pieces you have to put together.

Plus, it functions very well on the stand while the hamster runs in place.

On top of that, well ventilated and easy to clean is remarkable points you should be considered.

In general, good quality ball for the price. Take it into account!


  • Beautiful design, sturdy and reliable construction
  • Good material
  • Easy to clean high polished finish
  • Well ventilated
  • Can put in a different environment


  • The door might pop off.

Habitrail OVO Transport Unit for Hamster Cage

When it comes to Habitrail, travel cages having great ventilation come first in mind, so you do not have to worry about if your furry friends can breathe properly or not.

Plus, this item also appears with convenient handles for short trips, you can take your little friend with you to explore the world outside of his home.

You and your pet will get meaningful moments together. It can be used to carry your pet to the vet as well.

One key point of the cage is the retractable roof that allows you to interact with your little friend.

We are sure that your pet will also be happy when playing with their lovely owners.

Great value for its price, highly recommend buying this hamster cage!


  • Eye-catching and fun design
  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe and secure


  • Can meet a little hard to assemble at first

Amakunft Hamster Run Exercise Ball with DIY Track

Your small rodents wish to walk around but always run into the bottom of the table or the sofa. This can be dangerous and make them get injured.

Have you ever encountered such a situation? Or you do not know where your little guy puts every time you clean up their cage.

Don’t worry, this Amakunft Hamster Run Exercise ball with the DIY track can definitely address these hassles.

The tracks are spliceable and along with optional colors, which lets you design according to your creativity, and clean this toy without any problem.

Depending on your hamster’s size, you can opt for the best suitable size for them, size S (4.3”) for small hamsters and small exotic rats, and size L(7.3”) for squirrels, hedgehogs, etc.

On top of that, it is made of shatter-resistant plastic, which makes it effortless to transport and deposit in your hamster’s cage.

Its colorful design would be an alternative source of entertainment for your pet.

No products found.

Cheeko Hamster Ball and Stand

Finding the best hamster ball could encounter quite the challenge, especially as there are a bunch of options worth considering.

Cheeko Hamster Ball and Stand come with 3 in 1 roller balls as bright savor.

This product is made of durable plastic material to make sure the safety of your furry rodents.

The transparent feature provides owners with a clear view of what your small friend does inside the ball. Also, Cheeko run-about ball with detachable stand grants you to clean and store comfortably.

This is an excellent product from a well-known brand like Cheeko!

1 Reviews


  • Smart design with detachable stand
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Sturdy base
  • Fit for many hamsters’ size


  • Not much activity to do with

Da.Wa Hamster Wheel Runner Toy Rat Hamster Climbing

All you know, hamsters are active, love climbing and chewing.

This fun toy is particularly tailored to encourage physical activity and relieve upset of your pet.

The item performs a perfect option to remain hectic for hours, removing boredom whenever you cannot play with them.

It is available in various colors, including bright yellow, bright red, bright blue and transparent.

The design is simple at first sight but very strong with the highly durable plastic material, so it will not cause any health problems.

The dimension is good for small animal hamsters and other small animals. Also, the door is large enough to get in and out freely and assure the airflow circulate proper ventilation.

This product is not only an amusing toy, but it also represents an enjoyable hideout, food-storing place of theirs.

No products found.

Pet Play Exercise Rodent Jogging Mice Hamster

A product from a new brand, though, it is unable to deny that this toy arrives in amazing features.

This item represents hours of active fun and safety for your small furry animal.

The ball is the perfect combination of exercise and play, making it more exciting for hamsters and more motivated to maintain good health status.

Plus, this toy is equipped with a screw-fix together, which makes it functional than normal hamster balls.

Its 3.54-inch size is optimal for hamsters, gerbils, mice, or other small animals.

About ventilation, this run exercise ball is big enough for your little guy to breathe properly and receive enough oxygen to support their activities.


  • Made of good plastic material
  • Good ventilation
  • Good appearance


  • Trouble cleaning because small
  • Got melted if too hot

Deals Assured Deluxe Hamster Ball

The last best-seller hamster exercise ball in 2020 recorded in our list is Deluxe Hamster Ball from Deals Assured.

Say goodbye to boring days and step on amusing exploration with this elegant and fun design!

With durable plastic material, this item offers a stable base, so your little pet can practice physical activities every day in a good mood always.

Another remarkable point is the bright design that is good for assuring proper visibility for your little guy while offering you to observe the pet’s every single behavior.


  • Reliable material
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clean


  • Can melt if too hot

Our picks of Hamster Ball

Lee’s Kritter Krawler Jumbo Exercise Ball

Are you searching for an exercise ball that is comfortable enough to contain larger rodents? This ten-inch exercise ball from Lee’s is great for hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other bigger breeds of hamsters.

The excellent toy is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic that is shatter-resistant, bringing a comfortable environment for your small rodent to exercise.

Another highlight is the assuring closing mechanism, you will not need to bother about your hamster escaping it and running around the house anymore.

Notably, this hamster ball arrives in ribs inside, advanced gripping power, protecting your pet from dropping.

Also great: M-Pets Purple Hamster Ball 6-inch

As its name suggests, this toy features a calm shade of purple, suitable for both female and male hamsters.

The transparent plastic performance offers you to see exactly what your little guy do inside the ball and make sure it in the safe.

It also is an effective and safe method of avoiding obesity or recovering after surgery. Its dimension is 6.9 inches in diameter; it is suitable enough to accommodate small-sized rodents.

In particular, there is a safety closing system that will protect your pet from dropping out of it while practicing, but we recommend you should use the toy under your tight supervision.

Maintenance Guides

Regardless of the type of toys, bear in mind to keep these items clean first.

You should wash the toys after each use and dry it carefully between sessions. You should also consider what the object is and its features to clean, though.

Proper care for a hamster ball

For instance, when washing hamster balls, do not use a scrubber or abrasive sponge, as they can create scratches on the ball’s surface, which inadvertently forms a shelter for bacteria.

To remove the dust and bacteria on the hamster ball, you can use soap, cage cleaner, and vinegar with a soft cloth.

You should avoid using chemicals like bleach as they are too strong and may be harmful to your pet.

In case you do use soap, select a fragrance-free kind to ensure your little friend’s health.

FAQs on Hamster Balls

1. What types of toys do hamsters like?

Hamsters are active creatures, and they require plenty of toys and other items to exercise, explore and play. We will recommend some essential toys for your furry friend.

The majority of small rodents make good use of a hamster wheel so you should buy one for them.

Besides, a hamster ball is an ideal choice to accommodate your hamster in and let them play on the floor with no worry about them far from you.

Alternatively, chew toys are items that your little friend likes to play with. Not only do they amuse, but it also allows your pet gnaw on.

As you all know,  their teeth grow continuously, so chewing is vital for hamsters and other rodents.

Additionally, tunnels are an efficient source of happiness and exercise for your pet as well.

2. How much does a hamster ball cost?

Hamster balls come in different sizes, and these affect the final price. Also, the cost can base on the quality of the material, the design, the manufacturing brand, or any other additional features.

Basically, a decent hamster ball should not cost over $20.

If you breed a small rodent, like a dwarf hamster, you should get the miniature balls that measure under 4-5 inches in diameter and do not cost more than $15.

3. Can I use hamster balls for my little gerbils?

hamster balls

Like all other small rodents, gerbils also is in need of various physical activities to stay a healthy life and keep in good shape.

Nevertheless, not all animals may have fun with the product, and it is up to your hamster’s personality to either like or dislike the balls.

If you decided to pick a ball for gerbils, we recommend opting for one that has roughly 7 inches in diameter.

This seems the most comfortable size for your little-pawed friend and will not put extra pressure on its spine.

To reduce injuries or to stress out the gerbil to the lowest, we suggest locating the ball on a flat surface, without obstacles.

4. How long can a hamster stay in a run-about ball?

Well, it depends on your hamster’s immune system, endurance, characteristics.

Hamsters can quickly become lazy, especially if you give them more food compared to regularly.

Accordingly, we cannot surely inform the time your small rodent should stay in an exercise ball.

Besides, it also depends on your pet’s interest. Some are not interested in this kind of toy. But do not too hurry to appreciate your hamster’s interest because some can take up to 1 week to develop an attraction toward an exercise ball.

5. How big should a hamster exercise ball be?

As we previously mentioned, it counts totally on the size of your little friend.

More specifically, gerbils and large hamster breeds need more space to exercise inside the ball comfortably, so the diameter of the product should be at least 7 inches.

You should not opt for a product that is too big as this might trigger your pet to consume more effort to use the toy, which could cause stress, even injury.

Hence, we suggest you should check your hamster’s size then compare it with the dimension of the ball for the proper fit.

6.What size ball does a Syrian hamster need?

As we mentioned in the part above, you should opt for the toy depending on your pet’s size.

Syrian hamsters are large breeds; therefore, they require more space inside the ball.

We recommend choosing a ball of  10 inches in diameter at the very least, these are not very common options in most online stores and pet shops, though.

It is very essential for your pet to see whether your pet’s body move freely inside or arch its body.

An unsuitable ball size can result in bunches of health issues, such as back pains, and stress.

7. My dwarf hamster gets fat. Besides hamster balls, are there any toys for my hamster to keep in nice shape?

Thanks for sending your issue to us. Yes, there are a variety of toys that provide you with physical exercise to enhance your pet’s health.

Hamster wheel would be an ideal option for your small furry friend. Many rodents make the great use of a hamster wheel to burn excess calories.

Just ensure the wheel is a suitable size and opt for a solid surface wheel to reduce the injuries.

Overall, this really an effective method to make sure your pet gets enough exercise besides hamster balls.

Also, some items including chew toys, climbing and housing options, sand and digging options should be considered.

Final thoughts

To sum up, as a hamster owner, it is your responsibility to do the best things for your small furry friend. After reading today’s real reviews and detailed guide, we hope that you are not worried about picking a toy, take a lot of time, money and effort anymore!

Always keep in mind the primary criteria to take a hamster ball into account precisely.

Finally, you are just the person who now can build a fun territory for your small-pawed friend and increase its mood of happiness.

So, what are you waiting for without shopping now and make it come true!

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