Best Plants for Bearded Dragon Tank in 2020 (Latest)

Growing bearded dragons is not tricky. However, the first and foremost condition to be able to breed this animal is that you must prepare the best-bearded dragon cages equipped with the necessary items.

For long-time bearded dragon’s owners, they have a hobby of decorating their pet’s tank as the natural environment of the breed.

Besides the necessary equipment, they will equip some more things such as fake rocks, logs, trees, vines, and hammocks, etc. Among them, trees are what they are most interested in.

This is because they occupy most of the space in a tank while not all trees are safe for bearded dragons.

If you are one of them who wants to give their pet a prominent home, you shouldn’t take this issue lightly.

In this article, we will provide a full list of safe plants for bearded dragon tank. Besides, you will also have a list of the best products on the market.

Let’s dive into it.

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How did we pick?

Choosing the right plants will affect how long-bearded dragons can live. Therefore, before testing them in tanks of this species, we have studied very carefully from many sources.

The first one is from documents, online research, and articles. We then consulted with the vets specializing in reptiles and other people who have particular knowledge and experience about bearded dragons.

Real plants

Some plants are safe for bearded dragons, and some are not. Safe here means that bearded dragons are ok if they are curious and want to try the leaves.

In addition to safety, the trees placed in bearded dragons’ cages must be able to withstand hot and dry conditions there. So the best choice would be plants that can live in harsh desert environments.

Also, succulent plants that do not require a lot of water are ideal.

There is another problem that will affect the survival of these trees in the bearded dragon habitat. It is that these animals are quite curious. They will probably climb or destroy the trees.

Therefore, you should choose plants that are strong and have large stems. However, you can still help them stand with the help of gravel and rocks.

After researching, we have drawn a number of safe plants for bearded dragons, including:

  • Food plants (like Callisia Repens)
  • Edible herbs
  • Grass plants
  • Lithops
  • Aloe vera …

Artificial plants

Meanwhile, some bearded dragon owners want to switch to fake tree options to minimize the risk of their pets getting digestive problems. Besides, they are maintenance-free, cheap, easy to clean, and can last longer than real trees.

Fake plants for bearded dragon tanks

However, fake plants for bearded dragon habitat are not entirely safe for these animals for a number of reasons:

  • Some plastic plants will leave a plastic smell.
  • Some products have small details that bearded dragons might eat.

In fact, what artificial trees cannot beat the real trees is their unnatural appearance.

After considering the plants that can be used for bearded dragons, we went to retail sites and filtered out the products with the most positive reviews. We then experimented with each product to get rid of bad choices.

How we tested?

Not all optimal options are suitable for every bearded dragon, as well as the owner’s care. Therefore, even though we have a good list of products, we still need to test them before trusting them for long-term use.

And that is the advice we give you.

We will provide you with the 11 best tree products, including natural and fake ones. However, don’t just hit the enter! Try it for yourself and choose the one that best suits your pet.

Don’t forget, plants can contain pesticides. So, soak the tree and wash it with water for a few days before putting it in the pet’s tank.

And this is how we test – observe the behavior and feces of bearded dragons.

Let us explain it.

Bearded dragons can eat everything from insects to greens. In the daily meals of adults, vegetables make up 60%. So, it is not unusual that your pet might want to try plants in their cage.

Some trees look very beautiful, colorful and make bearded dragon’s terrarium eye-catching. However, we found that the animal’s feces were looser than usual. This is because he digests a large number of leaves, and they actually had problems with his intestines.

We immediately stopped using such plants.

For the fake trees, we also washed them thoroughly. Who knows what is on the leaves, right?

Besides, we removed products that have easily fallen leaves and have small details that bearded dragons may ingest.

Products that have a chemical or plastic smell should also be discarded. Often, bearded dragons will try to stay away from them rather than hide or climb on them.

Our pick: CTS Air Plants Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants

This is one of the most beautiful and impressive products you can find on the market. It has an eye-catching color scheme with a combination of blue and red while its thin and long leaves have a perfectly curved shape.

You may be in doubt:

“Do those pointed leaves hurt my bearded dragon?”

And the answer? They are completely safe.

They look quite thorny, but on the contrary, their leaves are very soft and juicy. Additionally, bearded dragons have thick skin, which will protect them in harsh rocky environments.

Hence, you don’t need to worry too much about this problem.

Besides safety and appearance, are there any advantages of CTS Air Plants?

Of course.

First, like many desert plants, these trees do not require too much water to survive. You only need to water them weekly. Thus, if you choose to buy this product, you will save a lot of time taking care of your bearded dragons.

Second, they can live on gravel and any soil type, which is thought to be suitable for bearded dragon habitat.

Thanks to their healthy growth and development, they will live as long as possible in your pet’s tank.

In particular, when you order the product from Amazon, we can guarantee 100% that these tiny plants for bearded dragon cage will come to you in the safest and healthiest condition.

Moreover, you will be provided with clear and concise instructions on how to take care of air plants, including a link to a video. Great, isn’t it?

If you want your bearded dragon’s tank to look the most natural, you can add white pebbles or some moss. They will match exceptionally well the fresh colors of these Ionantha trees.


  • Easy to live and grow
  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Building an image of the desert environment
  • Safe


  • Pretty small size.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

While the trees of CTS Air Plants are excellent, there are still some complaints about these products. Most of them refer to the lack of diversity in colors and their small size.

That is, when they recept the products, these natural plants were only green, not red.

In addition, they found that the size of the trees was too small for the tank of their bearded dragons.

However, after reviewing the issue carefully and contacting the manufacturer, we found some important things as follows.

Firstly, the trees that the manufacturer sends to their customers are usually the ones they newly grow.

Therefore, it is possible that those plants have not reached a specific size to change the color on the leaves and bloom.

Secondly, in terms of size, we think you can improve the situation by combining these tiny plants with more giant trees, or even fake vines. Thus, the pet’s cage will still ensure the eye-catching factor.

Also great: Fluker’s Pothos Vines

If you are not a fan of reptile living plants, you can consider choosing this fake tree.

Besides the advantage that is safe for pets, these vines are also suitable for those who want something that looks more flexible and natural.

You will not have to worry too much about watering and tending plants, or choosing the right soil type, etc. As a result, the time taken care of your bearded dragon will be shortened.

They are easy to arrange and shape in the bearded dragons’ terrarium. You only need to spend about half an hour or less to attach it to the tank.

These vines come with some suction cups. Maybe for some giant reptiles, they are not durable enough to hold the grapes, but with bearded dragons, they seem to be ideal and more suitable.

With this product, your bearded dragons will have a new space to climb and hide. Surely, they will be delighted and comfortable in their homes.

Above all, these vines are very cheap.

More highlights

If you are a long-term reptile owner, you will learn the truth that most plants for bearded dragons are priced quite high, especially when you buy them from your local pet stores.

With this Fluker’s product, just spending less than $5, you will get more than what a bearded dragon plant offers. Although they are not real plants, they are really beautiful and natural.

It has the perfect length, softness, and everything you can expect from a vine for bearded dragons. It is 6 feet long, and its leaves are very large, thick, and dense.

The vine has a curved shape so that it can fit any tank. All you need to do is just cutting them to meet the tank’s area.

However, there is a problem that these leaves are made of cloth.

Therefore, if you want them to have no bad odor, you should take them out and wash them at least once a month. Or, you can cut it in half and replace it after a few months of use.

They are quite cheap so you can buy more.

8,335 Reviews


  • Cheap
  • The perfect length of vines
  • Clean and safe
  • Easy to arrange


  • The suction cups are not really durable for large reptiles.

Other Best Plants for Bearded Dragon Tank

Exo Terra Terrarium Plant

Exo Terra is a familiar name to reptile owners. They offer a wide range of bearded dragon accessories and available terrarium options, creating an ideal habitat for reptiles.

This is one of the most natural-looking tree products from this company that you can trust.

When it comes to appearance, it has a very beautiful and wonderful color. It is a simulation of a fern, but you will find it looks more like a young fern because its green color is very fresh.

You might be worried that your bearded dragons might climb on these ferns and ruin their look. However, you do not need to worry about this.

Its leaves are made of silk and fixed with a steel wire rod. So, they are easy to bend.

In particular, its base is very sturdy and has a certain weight to be able to keep the plant upright without falling. If your pet is quite naughty and likes to play with the fern, you can add water to the base to make it better balanced.

It is quite cheap and also has the ideal height for bearded dragons. With this product, they will be pleasant and comfortable to play inside their tank.


  • Great color
  • Easily bendable
  • Stable
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for small enclosures.

Faetedgarden Minima Callisia Repens

To take care of these plants to be healthy, you will initially have to spend a lot of time on them. You will have to water them, choose a suitable soil type, pick up withered leaves, etc.

On the contrary, they are easy to live on, and once they grow, we can make sure your bearded dragon’s tank will look extremely attractive and bushy.

These plants have heart-shaped green leaves. If your room has natural sunlight, the closure will stand out even more with the natural violet light of the leaves.

Furthermore, it also acts as an air purifier in your home. At first, you may have to spend time taking care of them. But after only 1-2 weeks, they will spread quickly.

You can cut more branches to create more potted plants and place them in many locations in your home.

And, we’ve saved the best feature until last, the low price.

It can be said that live trees for bearded dragons are not cheap. However, with this option, you will save a lot of money.

In particular, they are a low maintenance choice and grow very fast. They will live for a long time in your home and the pet’s terrarium.

Therefore, if you want a durable and natural plant, then this will be your best bet.

99 Reviews


  • Grow quickly
  • Reasonable price
  • Look attractive under the light


  • Need to spend a lot of effort initially.

3-HRD-KIL 3 FolieraAloeThree Aloe Plants

Aloe vera is an ideal choice in the living environment of bearded dragons.

As for aloe vera products, there is no option that can beat Hirts. Their plants are very succulent and have functional water holding capacity in their leaves. So, you will not have to water the plants too much.

You can also combine these aloe vera with colorful cactuses. As such, the bearded dragons’ terrarium will look like their habitat in the wild. Undoubtedly, the animals will be extremely happy to live here.

Better yet, you can grow small plants from the main ones.

And, these trees also have a decorative effect for your small house. You just need to put the pups in a new pot and place where you want or on your desk, for example.

They will live for a long time and multiply over time. After a year, you may want to give some new growth to your friends as gifts.

In particular, when shopping at Amazon, you will be provided with instructions to grow aloe vera and a bag of moss.

Because aloe vera should not be overwatered, the moss will help absorb excess water and ensure that the bearded dragons’ tank is always dry.


  • Easy to grow
  • Best plants for the price
  • Healthy and beautiful


  • It’s quite small.

Succulent Plants

If you prefer more diverse and smaller choices, we would like to recommend Plants for Pets.

This package includes many different plants for the bearded dragon tank, from cacti, Jade plant, Echeveria plant to Succulent. They will bring to the bearded dragons’ terrarium a sophisticated and exciting mix of multiple colors and shapes.

If you want to make them look even more eye-catching, you can invest in small plant pots decorated with the same theme.

In addition, some of these plants can be propagated from their leaves, which can help you save quite a lot of money. Moreover, you can also use them to decorate your home or give relatives and friends as gifts.

There are some complaints that some trees have died or lost their leaves during transportation.

However, the probability of these cases is very small.

On the other hand, the brand also allows you to return the products within 30 days of receipt. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about this.



  • Diverse types and colors
  • Attractive
  • Easy to live in bearded dragon’s tank
  • Don’t require much water


  • Small plants.

AzureGreen Jericho Flowers

This is one of the most exciting options for bearded dragon tanks.

It’s interesting not only because these flowers bloom in a special way compared to the other plants on our list. It is also about the feeling that you look forward to it blooming day by day.

Initially, when you receive these “trees,” you will think of the tail of the peacock. They have no roots and are completely dry.

They bloom completely different from other species. When in full bloom, they have a natural aroma like the earthy smell. Therefore, the bearded dragons’ cage will no longer smell bad at all.

And the way you take care of these resurrection plants is also very different. They have no roots and don’t live in sand or soils. So, let’s prepare some gravel with some water. That is enough.

You will find them especially convenient when you do not have much free time to take care of them and may forget to water them. They will still be totally fine!

These revival plants can then dry out. You should not water often but leave it as it is.


They will usually bloom best in the spring. So take it away and bring it out when autumn is over. As such, they can bloom very well when spring comes.


  • An interesting option
  • Durable
  • Good smell
  • Low maintenance


  • Those who are not familiar with this plant may have trouble taking care of them.

Japanese Sago Palm

This tree has a thorny and robust appearance, is very suitable for mature bearded dragons. Although it is native to Asia, this plant will make your pets feel interested and curious.

You will see it as a combination of a pine tree and a palm tree.

The tree’s leaves are very hard with thorns, and the trunk is very firm, strong. The height of the tree is also very moderate, not too large, and suitable for all sizes of bearded dragon tank.

You might have read somewhere that this plant has the potential to harm pets or children.

That is somewhat correct. However, for the bearded dragon’s scales, its pointed leaves are entirely harmless.

Besides that, you will also find that purchasing the Japanese Sago palm products are not a waste. They are indeed clean, have little defoliation, and don’t need much water.

They will give your pet’s terrarium a wild and robust look while taking care of it is not complicated.


  • Durable and healthy
  • Easy to take care
  • Suitable for the look of bearded dragons


  • Not ideal for small bearded dragons.

Tropical – Green Giant Leaf Tree

This is a product from 9EzTropical, a company known for the plants for home. Their products are distributed to many countries around the world.

And one of our favorite things is how good it looks. The brand will send you cuttings, and all you need to do is grow their roots.

They are kept in good condition and are very fresh. Usually, you will get about 5-6 cuttings. Therefore, you will not have to worry if 1-2 of them cannot survive.

You will need some small research to grow it because the supplier does not send instructions with the product. However, developing them into trees is not so difficult.

Normally, you only need to soak them in water for an hour before planting. Once the cuttings take root, they will begin to grow their first young leaves.

The leaves of this tree are quite large, thus making it an ideal shelter for bearded dragons after they sunbathe. Also, because they are large in size, you will need frequent pruning, so they don’t grow too much in bearded dragons’ tanks.

After that, you can cut cuttings to create new plants. This is one of the benefits of buying a live tree compared to a fake one.


  • Bushy with large leaves
  • Quite easy to grow
  • Long-lasting


  • Not suitable for small bearded dragon tanks.

Zoo Med Naturalistic Bush Plant Amazon Phyllo

The next fake vines that we have on here come from Zoo Med, a familiar name with the reptile owner community.

You may be suspicious by the “realistic” description of this fake tree product. However, what you can feel after getting the plant from the manufacturer is that it actually looks like a real tree in the garden.

This is one of the most natural-looking artificial plants we can find on the market. Its leaves are very thick and glossy, reminding us of the waxy appearance of some plants such as pothos.

Unlike silk trees, this product is made of plastic, so it is easy to clean. You will not have to wash them often because they don’t absorb the dirt or odors in the tank. It is also quite sturdy and durable after a long period of use.

In particular, when you spray bearded dragons, these leaves will keep the water droplets on the surface for quite a long time. The cage will look incredibly shimmering.

For bearded dragons, they will enjoy playing with this tree for hours. This will be an ideal shelter as well as a place for them to sleep.

In addition, this tree is durable enough for bearded dragons to climb on. Therefore, it also has the effect of stimulating them to exercise and climb.


  • Natural look
  • Straightforward to clean
  • Ideal for bearded dragons to hide and play
  • Cheap


  • Hard leaves.

SunGrow Plastic Plant

This fake tree is ideal for decorating not only reptile terrariums like bearded dragons but also amphibian tanks and aquariums.

The leaves look quite large, becoming a natural and safe hiding place for your pet. In order for the plant to stand stably, we recommend that you should prepare some gravel or rock to hold its base.

Besides this, is there even something more to add?

It is quite cheap and looks more realistic than a fake tree.

You will be extremely impressed with this product. When clustered, they are quite eye-catching with light green leaves and yellow stems.

When it comes to the texture, its leaves are attached to the trunk very firmly, never falling off. Although it is made of plastic, the tree does not have any unpleasant odor.

Your pet will also enjoy relaxing on the leaves next to the heating lamps.


  • Safe and hard
  • Look natural
  • Great price


  • It will change colors quickly after months using.

Care and Plants Maintenance

You’ll need to take care to these plants regularly

Of course, fake trees will not need support because they do not lose their leaves or need no responsibility to grow like real trees.

However, for some plants made of plastic or silk, you still need to take them out of the bearded dragon cage to clean them. They can get dirty and smell bad if left for too long. After a while, they will cause illness to the pet.

Also, plastic or fabric products may fade over time and need to be replaced by a new one.

For natural plants, they require you to spend more time caring. Not only will you need to water the plants, pick up wilted leaves, but you will also need to place them not too close to the heating lights.

Some plants for the bearded dragon tank will also grow quite quickly. So, you also need to pay attention to pruning them. Otherwise, they will take up too much space in the cage.

In particular, you can extract some species. This will help you save a lot of money that you don’t have to buy new trees to replace dead ones.

The competition

Each product has its advantages and shortcomings. Therefore, choosing the best ones is not easy.

With the top product on this list, there’s no question about its advantages. Our bearded dragons are very happy with it.

As for Fluker’s fake tree, when we received the item from Amazon, it didn’t look like what we originally imagined. However, it surprisingly satisfied us when we attached it to the bearded dragon’s tank.

The task is quite easy though you may not be skilled. After about half an hour, we had a terrarium, with half of the space being interlaced vines. They look great, and our bearded dragons seem curious and full of questions.

Moreover, we still have half the unused vines, so we store them for future replacements.

It can be said that they are both best-in-class and will remain there for as long as we can see.


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Bottom line

Whether the product you choose is natural or fake, woody plants or vines, etc., the most important thing is to keep track of your bearded dragons.

You need to consider the activities of your pets in the tank as well as the status of their feces because they can digest the wrong things.

If you need further information, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Also, don’t forget to like and share the article with others if it is useful for you. Thank you.

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