How to Make a Bearded Dragon Leash? (Step by Step Guide)

Pets are always an essential part of life. And when dogs, cats, birds or pigs have become too familiar, many special animals have been added to the list to become pets. The bearded dragon is one such case.

The rugged appearance, the hyperactivity and the fact that this animal is quite easy to raise have made bearded dragons loved by many people, especially young people who are looking for and discovering new things.

The bearded dragon possesses a very special appearance

There will be a lot of new equipment to support the breeder in the process of caring and nurturing them.

The glass cages, the small landscape samples to put in the cage… will become immutable objects if you want to give the bearded dragon a healthy living environment.

Along with that are the leashes. It sounds strange, but it can be considered an extremely meaningful invention.

Recognizing the potential of this small animal, many vendors offering pet-related products have invested and focused on the production of the leash.

You can easily find it at pet stores. However, the leashes from Orijen, Acana, Merrick, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Moshm … are not cheap. $ 13 or more or you won’t have a quality product. But have you ever been curious as to whether you can make a leash for your bearded dragon yourself?

A leash for the bearded dragon

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Typical traits of Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is a rather strange member of the pet family. Hobby bearded dragons have only been around for the past 5 years. Perhaps this animal’s unattractive appearance makes it impossible to score points in many people’s eyes.

Bearded dragon has the characteristics that are unmistakable and perhaps this has impressed the breeder right from the first moment. This is an animal belonging to the line of lizards originating from Australia.

They live in the desert, steppes, in the forest where arid rock land, on branches or in the bushes, … Australian dragons have a triangular head, a flat body, on both sides of the head and Australian dragon people have thorns that look dangerous, but they are very soft so they do not pose a danger to the breeder.

With a length of birth about 4.7 inches, when reaching adulthood, the bearded dragon can grow up to 2 feet.

If you are a beginner of bearded dragons, you need to be aware of them in a secure captive environment (with a lake and a desert-like dry area or maybe a cage-like an aquatic one), they have to be with you for more than 20 years.

Why a bearded dragon leash is needed?

First of all, if you have had the opportunity to be raised or witnessed another breeder of a bearded dragon, it’s easy to see that the animal is not very active. But don’t let that laziness fool you.

These bearded dragons are mischievous and optimistic about their surroundings. They move in silence and of course, you will not be able to control this.

Release them from the glass case and boom. Just 2 to 3 minutes is enough for them to disappear from your sight. And then a leash is a guaranteed choice to keep this pet out of your control.

In addition, the communication between the pet and the owner is extremely important. What do you think about taking your beardie out, going to the park to sunbathe on a sunny day? Isn’t it really cool?

Meanwhile, the leash will act as a link between the 2 friends. It is a safe and easy way to get your dragon to learn to walk with you on a large ground or in a non-captive environment.

Of course, animals like bearded dragons will not be easy to walk like dogs, they are always active and the rope will help you control the dragon’s movement to a certain extent.

How to make a bearded dragon leash?

Now we will move on to the most important part: How to make a bearded dragon leash.

1. Raw materials

For many pet suppliers, the choice of raw material for production is extremely important to the success or failure of a product.

For DIY products, when you have decided to do something for your pet, you should pay attention to the material issue a bit.

Referring to the leashes for the bearded dragons market, manufacturers can focus on materials such as Nylon Webbing or ropes. And you can find items like this at any convenience store.

You also need scissors, fabric (in case you want to make a harness), string, string adjuster, ruler, sewing machine or sewing needles and tape.

Note: When choosing, you need to make sure your ingredients are strong enough to keep your beardie safe, strong enough to resist when he scratches or bites in order to escape and when he speeds up in the environment. But do not forget that because of comfort.

Once you put a leash on the bearded dragon, your pet is suffering from restraint, make sure he is comfortable so he can move and get used to this equipment.

The string adjuster also needs flexibility because we will need to use them a lot to tighten or loosen the leash. Plastic string adjuster can be used for their durability, lightweight and low cost.

2. The process of making a leash for bearded dragon

Step 1: Make sure the ingredients you have prepared to ensure enough quality requirements

This is the most important preparation step to make a leash. Try to check right from the time you buy these ingredients. And when you present them to you, make sure they meet the requirements.

This is a product you make for your beardie, so don’t use inferior ingredients. Add a bit of love and care, you’ll have yourself a masterpiece.

Step 2: Make a harness

This is not a mandatory part when you intend to make a leash for your bearded dragon. But if you want to make him comfortable, this is not a bad step.

Bearded dragon harness
This measurement helps to create the comfort of your beardie (source: DIY Large Lizard Harness | Great for Bearded Dragons)

Let’s use the fabric we prepared earlier. In order to create a suitable harness, you need to measure your bearded dragon first. Gently wrap a string around the upper chest of your beardie then keep your finger on the string where the one the end of the string met the other.

Mark the string. After that, you can use a ruler to measure the string’s length. Thus measuring how big around your beardie’s upper chest is.

Cut the fabric as long as your dragon’s length around (remember the string thing). The width of the fabric will be equal to one half of the length. The second piece of fabric has the same measurement as the first piece.

Large Lizard Harness
Please choose a very thick and soft fabric (source: DIY Large Lizard Harness | Great for Bearded Dragons)

Be careful at this step

Let the two sides look more beautiful facing inside then use the sewing machine or sewing needles to connect the outer edges together to make sure.

Your stitch is 1/4 inch from the outer edge of the harness will be most reasonable. Note that leave one side not sewn. Then turn it right-side-out. Tuck the not-sewn end side about 1/4 – 1/2 inch, then carefully again.

bearded dragon fabric
This is where the leash will be inserted (source: DIY Large Lizard Harness | Great for Bearded Dragons)
bearded dragon fabric cloth
This is where your beardie will pierce the front legs directly (source: DIY Large Lizard Harness | Great for Bearded Dragons)

Create 2 holes at the edge of the fabric. That’s where you put the leash in. Then, place your beardie neatly on the fabric. Mark directly under your bearded dragon’s armpits.

This is where you will create 2 holes for your dragon to pierce your feet.

After careful stitching, let your dragon slip your leg directly into it. If he can move freely, it means your harness is done and you have reached 80% of the job.

You need to note that in both holes you need to use the squeezed stitch to ensure certainty.

Step 3: Making leash

Cut a piece of string with a length of 6 to 8 feet long. Fold the string in half then fix it with tape.

Step 4: Complete the leash for your bearded dragon

Insert your beardie’s legs directly into the harness and pull the fabric ends together.

Thread the leash through the 2 small holes created at the ends of the harness.

The Best Harness Leash for a Reptile
After adding string adjuster we will get an easy structure to disassemble like this (source: DIY: The Best Harness Leash for a Reptile)

Finally, insert the string adjuster with the leash. Align the size of the leash accordingly by pressing the button and pushing it closer / pulling it away from your lizard shoulder.

Thats a beautiful leash

That is how you can create a product that can accompany your beard. Depending on how creative you are, you can decorate your leash as well as the harness them.

How to Make a Bearded Dragon Leash

Train your bearded dragon to get used to the leash

No one is interested in managing or being forced by anything. Your bearded dragon is very naughty. He understands that a leash is no different than a chain to bind.

Do not forget that it will be the first time your beardie has to move in your tight management. So, be gentle! After placing the leash on your beard, slide the leash carefully over your legs before pulling slowly over your head and

tucked on the back of your beardie. Push the turn button or regulator (located at the back of the leash or at the top of the harness) until everything is firmly seated on the dragon.

To help him get used to it, use the harness a short time ago.

However, you should pay attention not to extend this process more than 15 minutes as well as more than 2 times/day.

Once he is comfortable with it, take time and start taking him around the house or simply your room. After about 1 to more than 1 week, when your beardie is ready you can take him out and enjoy.

Remember that the bearded dragon likes sunny environments because it closely resembles his living environment. In addition, your beardie will never let you walk like a loyal dog, let him be a little free.

The bearded is, unfortunately, the favorite food of the hawks. So try to keep an eye on it while leaving it free to explore its surroundings.

And finally, make sure your pet doesn’t eat anything it sees on the ground. Dangerous chemicals or pesticides or pesticides that have been sprayed before will endanger your beardie.

Let the leash become your companion and your beard!


A suitable leash will facilitate your beardie care process. What are you waiting for without starting immediately on making a meaningful item like this?

If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to read the article again or refer to other videos on YouTube. I bet your little dragon will soon get used to the presence of “this new friend.”

Hope you enjoy the tips and will be able to make your own leash to gift the beardie. Remember! Everything can get done with love. So, put some in the process.

Is there any query regarding the topic? If yes, please drop the comments right below. Our bearded dragon expert will cover you ASAP. Thanks for reading!

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