Best Bearded Dragon Tanks in 2020 (Buying Guide & FAQs)

It is practically impossible to keep a bearded dragon without possessing a great bearded dragon tank. The natural homes of the beardies are in the Australian deserts, but it is not easy to make your home become a desert.

However, you can change a few features and bring fantastic bearded dragon accessories that can make your pet’s habitat natural.

As your partner in pet products, we found it our duty to make you understand all issues related to bearded dragon tanks. We understand that we keep these desert dwellers as pets, so it is in order to grant them happy-to-live life.

Besides, when you provide the best-bearded dragon enclosures to your beardies, the reptiles stand a chance of realizing their lifespans.

Providing an excellent bearded dragon tank means that you are creating a favorable space for your pet to hunt, play, and hide. All pet parents I know relish the opportunity to see their desert dwellers exhibit their instincts.

For instance, an ideal bearded dragon tank should encourage your reptile to display adorable colors.

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Bearded Dragon Tank Sizes

The ideal tank for baby bearded dragons

Bearded dragons measuring below 10 inches are considered as baby pets.

It’s important to note that young beardies take long before they learn to walk perfectly, so a spacious enclosure isn’t mandatory. Besides, baby bearded dragons aren’t enthusiastic about exercising since they find it hard to walk well.

We find a 20-gallon tank to be adequate for your little beardies’ needs. Granting a young bearded dragon a big tank may make it difficult for the young reptile to locate its food within the enclosure.

Just like other desert dwellers, bearded dragons are known as silent hunters, so putting the young pets in large tanks may make them not to become stealthy predators.

Can I place my young bearded dragon in a 40-gallon tank?

I have already mentioned it that baby dragon should operate within narrow spaces to find their foods with ease. The young reptiles often struggle to catch their meals, especially if the said foods are live.

Keeping a young beardie in a huge tank can be detrimental to your pet, which may end up starving.

Besides, when your pet fails to grasp its live foods, it gives you another responsibility of placing the meals into the reptile’s mouth.

A 40-gallon tank usually measures (48 long × 12 wide× 14 deep) inches. The size of the container is slightly appearing large for small animals.

However, some young beardies are already too big for 20-gallon bearded dragon tanks, so a 40-gallon can offer new challenges to the pets.

The primary benefits of securing a 40-gallon tank are that it can serve pets at both infancy and juvenile stages.

I find a 40-gallon bearded dragon tank great for pet parents rearing two or three young reptiles in the same enclosure. However, a dominant reptile might emerge, thus forcing other small animals to suffer.

With this tank, I urge those keeping just a beardie to keep monitoring their pets and feed them if they cannot catch their live food.

How big should a bearded dragon tank be?

I like working with limits, especially when they are impacting on our lovely pets’ lives. We normally group bearded dragon tanks in three categories to enable us to establish the largest homes we can accord these reptiles.

For baby bearded dragons, 20-gallon or 40-gallon tanks are sufficient spaces that allow the pets to access their needs within the enclosure.

Baby beardies are usually around 10 inches long and do not require the space for exercise. Recently, the market, such as Amazon features a 30-gallon that works perfectly with the young reptiles.

Here are the measurements for baby bearded dragon tank sizes;

  • 30 inches By 13 inches By 12 inches (20 gallons)
  • 48 inches By 12 inches By 14 inches (40 gallons)

Before your bearded dragon matures, it passes through the stage of the young adults. Some young adults have identical sizes with adult bearded dragons hence the need to use the same bearded dragon tank sizes.

Though 55-gallon tanks can serve all the needs of these juvenile reptiles, 75-gallons tanks are still preferred because they create more spaces for exercise and foraging.

Here are the bearded dragon tank sizes for the reptiles in this category;

  • 48 inches By 13 inches By 20 inches (55 gallons)
  • 48 inches By 18 inches By 20 inches (75 gallons)

The third category consists of adult bearded dragons. We left some adult beardies in the group of young reptiles, but this category now captures adult pets that have attained the standard length of matured beardies.

Adult bearded dragons are generally large, but 75-gallon tanks can combine them with the young adults.

However, 120-gallon bearded dragon tanks have offered the most fabulous fun for the pets under this classification.

You should note that average adult beardies are about 20 inches, and as a result, need ample spaces to have comfortable lives.

Remember, adult beardies are enthusiastic about exercising and are equally great hunters. Besides, adult desert dwellers are fond of hiding from what scares them, so more space is needed for you to witness the hiding instincts.

Here are the adult bearded dragon tank measurements;

  • 48 inches By 18 inches By 20 inches (75-gallon tank)
  • 48 inches By 24 inches By 24 inches (120-gallon tank)

I have seen beardies that grow into exceptional creatures hence requiring special tanks. These unique pets cannot work with tanks that are smaller than 120 gallons.

However, I always urge pet owners with these giant pets to create time to monitor the pets’ activities outside the enclosures.

Which bearded dragon tank can accommodate my two beardies?

Putting two or more bearded dragons is a perilous path that I wouldn’t want to see my readers take. For first, these desert dwellers are territorial warmongers that do not get along when placed together.

For a long time, bearded dragons have been known for endless fights that often result in blood-bath, starvation, and even death.

Unless your pets were hatched and have been raised together throughout, I cannot advise my readers to unite the reptiles in one terrarium. Even if your beardies were hatched together, you would still have the task of continuously monitoring them.

A dominant beardie will emerge if you decide to keep the reptiles in a single cage. This dominant pet will colonize the partner to the point of denying even a chance to bask.

I repeat, bearded dragons should be confined in a separate terrarium, but if you insist and you are available to monitor, I can offer a suggestion to you.

For baby bearded dragons, even a 40-gallon tank is enough to rear three little reptiles. However, for adult beardies, you’ll have to do something special for the option to succeed.

A 120-gallon bearded dragon tank will not be large enough to accommodate the two creatures, and 120 gallons being the biggest capacity; you’ll be forced to devise a means. Combining two 75-gallons will create an adequate space for the two pets.

Remember, enough space is required to encourage exercise, create a basking area, and other arrangements.

However, putting two 120 gallons together isn’t ideal as it can create a giant enclosure that will give you a headache to keep in your home.

An Ideal Bearded Dragon Tank for the Purpose

If you are planning to combine two giant bearded dragons in a single enclosure, it cannot work with any tank size. But for averaged size and young beardies, the 120-gallon terrarium is great for the role.

Here is our choice for the purpose;

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano Tall

The height is more expansive than the width and length to encourage your pet to climb more, thus fulfilling the exercise goal. The patented front window ventilation makes it easy for fresh air to reach your reptile pet.

The base of the tank is slightly raised to give room for the substrate heater for a warmer enclosure. The beardies will be securely inside given that the escape-proof door will stand in the way of any pet planning to sneak out.


Product Benefits

  • It is large enough to accommodate two beardies.
  • The height is great to encourage climbing.
  • No chance of escape whatsoever.
  • It is designed to look natural.
  • The base gives space for a substrate heater.
  • Proper ventilation for the two pets.
  • A great tank for all desert dwellers.

What period does a baby bearded dragon take to become an adult?

Keeping bearded dragons is a good idea for impatient pet parents who get baby pets and struggle to wait for maturity. These desert dwellers have vigorous growth that ensures your baby pet becomes an adult within two years.

In fact, 15-18 months is the period that witnessed increased growth that ends up achieving an adulthood status.

When you have a baby beardie, you must always be ready to do a bearded dragon tank update because the growth is too sudden. However, the genetics and diet you offer determine the growth rate.

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup

I am not aware of how you call your reptile pet’s home, but I am pretty sure that your beardie has a perfect place to live in. The terms for referring a bearded dragon enclosure may differ, but in the end, we realize that we all mean the same thing.

Cages, terrariums, and tanks are the famous words we often use to refer to reptiles’ habitats.

For the beginners who have aspiration in keeping reptiles, bearded dragon tanks are the primary items that you cannot wait to purchase afterward. Once you have acquired a suitable bearded dragon tank, other things will obviously fall in place.

Rearing a pet is fun, but the whole headache comes in bearded dragon tank setup, where a single mistake can affect the overall performance of the habitat. In this section, I have strived to provide you with detailed information regarding the bearded dragon tank setup for the well-being of your pet.

Types of Bearded Dragon Tanks

The best part of pet products is the fact that you have several alternatives when making the selections. The availability of various kinds of tanks makes it possible for every pet parent to afford at least an enclosure.

Here are the main bearded dragon tanks that you’re likely to see;

  • Glass tank
  • Melamine cages
  • ABC cages
  • PVC cages
  • Vision cages

Glass Aquariums

Glass tanks are the most popular enclosures that are finding spaces within our homes. The best part is that these types of cages are transparent hence giving a clear view of your pet.

Even though they can be durable, they remain bulky so it will be difficult to relocate them after the setup. Another misgiving of glass terrarium is that they are not good insulators making them not retain heat.

Lack of sufficient heat will make your pet look pale. If your pet is displaying great colors and you don’t want to lose the appearance, then glass aquarium is not what you need.

Melamine Cages

These are cages made of melamine boards but perform the same role that glass cages do. If you are good at crafts, you can create one for your pet, but you can still find them locally.

If you cannot find one in your location, Amazon will offer you countless options for selections.

Most pets are enthusiastic about this kind of cage because enough heat supply is guaranteed. Besides, the white color of the board always reflects vital light rays to the pet. A well-structured tank looks admirable, thus can decorate your home.

PVC Cages

If you don’t pay much attention, you won’t notice the difference between PVC cages and melamine cages because the two enclosures are identical. However, PVC cages are much lighter because the tanks are made of plastics.

Though they may be more expensive than melamine cages, PVC cages still lead in attractiveness because they are smooth.

ABC Cages

There are a lot of semblances among PVC, ABC, and Vision cages, but ABC Cages brags of being lightweight and strong. Also, ABC cages are free from plastic odor.

Vision Cages

These are chemical-resistant cages that are convenient to clean. Unlike the previous tanks, the manufacture of Vision cages requires experts alone. The construction involves the use of molding plastics.

If you are operating within narrow spaces, this is your type of cage that you can stack on another one to minimize space consumption.

Bearded Dragon Tank Lids and Coverings

After identifying the appropriate tank, you equally need the most suited lids for bearded dragon tanks to avert any attempt from your pet. Bearded dragon tank lids also play roles in ensuring that no invader has access to your pet’s habitat.

For proper air circulation, many pet owners ignore lids made of glasses, wood, and plastic.

Also, materials like glasses and plastic are known to create unfavorable humidity that does not accommodate desert dwellers.

Wire mesh screen lids have proved to be the best cover of bearded dragon tanks. The material ensures the security of pets and at the same time, permits the entry of fresh air.

Bearded Dragon Tank Humidity and Lighting

Never miss the reality that bearded dragons are natives of Australian deserts, so the reptiles need a full spectrum of light for healthy survival. The level of light in the tank directly contributes to the happiness of the beardie.

Vets recommend that desert dwellers should be granted access to light between 10-12 hours each day.

While providing nutritious light to your pet, you should remember that extreme availability of light, especially at nights interrupts sleep in pets. With UVB bulbs or basking bulbs, you are good to go in your effort to attain the perfect bearded dragon tank setting.

UVB and UVA bulbs ensure that your pets are living healthy lives. Without UVB light energy, the appetite level is low in reptiles, thus leading to weight loss.

Consequently, deficiency in UVB inhibits Vitamin D3 synthesis hence leading to Metabolic Bone Disease. The basking bulb is ideal for maintaining the right humidity in the enclosure.

Bearded Dragon Tank Temperature

Once you have decided to own bearded dragons, you instantly have a call to defy seasons and provide constant temperatures to the small pets.

With the knowledge that beardies are natives of hot deserts, you surely need a reliable source of heat to keep the tank warm throughout.

After availing the pet enclosure, you need to work on bearded dragon tank setups in regards to temperature requirements. An ideal tank should have a basking spot with at least a thermometer to help in maintaining the suitable temperature ranges.

An adult beardie needs a basking zone of 95◦F while the young and juveniles require around 110◦F in their respective tanks. It’s clear that an ideal tank for these desert dwellers should

have a temperature range of between 95◦F-110◦F. However, nights witness temperature fluctuations as low as 60◦F. You should work to manage the temperature in the regions of 75◦F at nights.

I am not a big crusader of heated rocks as they can burn the bellies of our bearded dragons.

The healthy ways of heating a bearded dragon tank should involve the use of the following;

  • Ceramic heaters
  • Ordinary household bulbs
  • Reptile basking lights displaying a full spectrum

Vets recommend that small bearded dragon tanks should have a thermometer for the purpose of reading the temperature changes correctly.

If you have a larger cage; you should have two thermometers with one being placed on the cool side while the other one in the basking section.

Never forget to have a hygrometer to help you maintain low humidity inside the enclosure.

Bearded Dragon Tank Floor and Beddings

Beardies are cold-blooded animals; as a result, their temperatures will always ape their surroundings. A bearded dragon tank setup cannot be complete without providing ideal beddings for the pets to lay their bellies.

You have several affordable options to select while trying to accord your pet a comfortable life.

Vets caution against the use of loose beddings but recommend reptile carpets to pet keepers. Whether you keep an old or a young beardie, the following are the popular beddings in use;

  • Butcher papers
  • Newspapers
  • Paper towels
  • Reptile carpets

Best Bearded Dragon Tank Ideas

This article aims to give detailed information about what perfect bearded dragon should entail.

You will also find enough tank ideas that will enable you to set up your reptile home in the best way.

The first basic thing you need to accord your pet is the tank where the beardie stays. It’s essential for the tank of choice to meet specific requirements.

Remember, without a proper bearded dragon tank, other bearded dragon accessories might be difficult to be accommodated.

Bearded dragon tank ideas are helpful in granting our desert friends perfect homes for healthy living.

With the market featuring a number of bearded dragon tanks, it is easy to get confused and purchase a product that does not conform to your pet’s needs.

Apart from giving reviews about new and existing pet products, PetlifeBuzz has always kept its promise of featuring Buyers’ Guide.

Factors to consider before buying a bearded dragon tank

In the initial stages of this article, I mentioned how bearded dragon tanks are the primary equipment for your pet, hence they need careful selection.

Before buying a bearded dragon tank, there are a few things you need to put into consideration for you to land a habitat that suits your pet.

Here are the things to consider;


Even though I have given details concerning bearded dragon tank sizes, I still feel the need to put further emphasis. Well-crafted bearded dragon tank ideas will guide you on the best enclosure size that matches your pet’s desire.

As already said, use either 20 gallon or 40-gallon tanks for young beardies to enable them to reach their food with ease. Juvenile and some adult beardies will need either 55 gallon or 75-gallon tanks.

Bearded dragons that are exceptionally large in sizes will require even up to 120-gallon tanks.

For pet parents who want to keep two beardies within one tank, there’s no luxury of finding an ideal bearded dragon tank size for you. You will have to combine two 75 gallons for you to achieve the requisite capacity.

However, I will still insist on my earlier bearded dragon tank ideas that these reptiles should not share an enclosure.

An ideal Bearded Dragon Tank for Young Pets

For young bearded dragons, you don’t need to acquire huge tanks that will complicate activities for your pets.

A large bearded dragon tank makes it hard for the beardie to even catch a live meal within the enclosure.

This is our choice for the purpose;

Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

This is one of the perfect enclosures when it comes to the rearing of young bearded dragons. The size is great for permitting your pet to access every benefit within the tank.

These pets can easily feed on live meals without your help and can still exercise in the remaining space. Besides, it has a basking spot and design for heating the terrarium.

The fact that the front doors can open separately makes the tank convenient for quick access. The base is waterproof, which ensures that no liquid can find the way in the tank. The glass terrarium is also transparent, thus making viewing easy.


Product Benefits:

  • Two front doors that open separately for quick access.
  • A glass tank for easy visibility.
  • Waterproof base.
  • Perfect for all desert dwellers.
  • Raised bottom to accommodate the substrate heater.
  • Made of sturdy materials to ensure durability.


The material in use will determine the level of durability a bearded dragon tank can achieve. There’s a dire need to select a pet habitat made of materials that are good insulators to help retain heat.

Furthermore, best-bearded dragon tank ideas dictate that you should go for cages made of lightweight materials.

Also relevant is a material that allows you to see the pet while in a terrarium. The material to settle on should be resistant to an uncomfortable odor.

It’s needless to point out that you need secure material to prevent escapes and evasions from the tanks.


I always recommend versatile bearded dragon tanks that allow various operations to take place. For instance, your pet will need space to exercise as well as to bask.


You can only buy what you can afford, but there is a need to strive for quality products. Go through online markets and choose products that match your money.


The bearded dragon tank you buy will depend on the place where you live. However, it’s advisable to purchase a pet house that can accommodate your lovely reptiles in every area.


After spending your hard-earned money on a terrarium, it needs to meet your expectations and the specifications that the manufacturer has listed. Any manufacturers’ failure should attract either replacement or a refund.


We cannot talk about bearded dragon tank ideas without showing how it is essential for you, and you to see each other with ease.


The security of the desert dweller is paramount and a home that is not guaranteeing safety shouldn’t be considered in the selection.

Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories

We have not forgotten to feature elaborate information regarding the options of tanks that you can find in the market.

Take your time and read how you can accord your pet the best habitat accessories.

To accord your beardie a deserved healthy life, you need bearded dragon tank ideas that will enable you to upgrade the habitat from time to time.

The reptile does not only need a home but requires habitat with features the desert dwellers have in their natural homes.

Every vet will advise you to try to have as many bearded dragon tank accessories as you can because some equipment is essential for your caged friend’s existence. Here is the list of bearded dragon tank accessories;

  • Hammock
  • Leash and harness
  • UVB bulb
  • A heat substrate
  • A cowboy hat
  • Toys
  • Bearded dragon tanks
  • Basking rock
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Beddings
  • Bearded dragon meals
  • Beardie dragon rearing guide

It’s an incomplete life in the terrarium for the desert dwellers without bearded dragon accessories. Any item that works for the well-being of your pet is considered an accessory.

We have several bearded dragon accessories that we have already listed in this article, but I will now give details about their use.

Harness and leash

Harnesses and leashes are considered as important bearded dragon accessories because they make it easy to walk in the park with your pets. Besides, bearded dragon harness leash is what you use while allowing to bask in the sun naturally.

When going for a harness leash, pay a lot of emphasis on the comfort of the pet to make your reptile not to hate the leash. If your pet likes hiding, you can buy bearded dragon harness leashes with wings.

Consequently, accord your pet the leash of its favorite color for you to see the natural color display on the reptile.

UVB light bulbs

Bearded dragons depend on the natural light’s aspects for some metabolic processes. Considering that the reptiles are away from the desert where they freely afford sunlight, UVB light bulbs will be an alternative source of light under confinement.

Some light bulbs equally produce UVA, which is vital for enhancing appetite level in reptiles. UVB bulbs are indeed must-have bearded dragon accessories.


No one hates leisure activities because of the comfort they bring. Hammocks are the comfortable beds that these reptiles can have for relaxation. It’s another dominant bearded dragon accessory your pet will madly like.

Bearded dragon meals

You need to keep an eye on your pets to ensure that they don’t eat poisonous insects. Insects like mealworms and crickets remain beardies’ staple meals. Amazon’s market has various meals and treats for the desert dwellers.

Cowboy hat

It is a luxurious bearded dragon accessory that will make you admire your pet.

Thermometer and a hygrometer

To monitor the temperature and humidity, you need to have a thermometer and hygrometer. Without the two bearded dragon accessories, it will be challenging to regulate the amount of heat and level of humidity.


After availing much space, you will need to obtain toys to aid your beardie’s exercise desire.

Heat substrate

A bearded dragon tank should remain heated, especially during the cold winters. The heated substrate remains one of the vital bearded dragon accessories for keeping the cage warm.

Other two Great Bearded Dragon Tanks

Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat

This is another bearded dragon enclosure that can serve your desert friend perfectly well, the size of the pet notwithstanding. The great part is that the manufacturer features two tanks of varying sizes but the same design.

It means that Zilla covers all pet parents that have beardies of different stages.

The aluminum material is sturdy thus ensuring the durability of the enclosure. The black wire mesh screen lid guarantees that your beardie will be securely inside. Again, the screen lid ensures proper air circulation in the tank.

Product Benefits:

  • A sturdy habitat for your pet.
  • Two front doors that open separately.
  • Proper air circulation.
  • The wire mesh screen lid securely keeps the pet within.
  • A water-resistant base.
  • The bearded dragon tank is easy to assemble.

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Tall Large

Forget about the price of the enclosure and focus on the quality service that it will grant your pet. Carolina Cage presents to you a terrarium that promises easy viewing.

The key lock feature seals the problem of your pet escaping. It won’t take you long to assemble the terrarium because the designer has made it easy.

Product Benefits:

  • A quality product for your reptile friend.
  • Key lock security feature.
  • Waterproof bottom.
  • Clear visibility
  • Easy assembly.
  • You can access 18 various models of the cage.
  • Durability is guaranteed.

FAQs on Bearded Dragon Tanks

Although I had already tackled a few questions in the first section, I still feel indebted to answer more of the common queries related to bearded dragon tank requirements.

Take your time to see if your concerns have solutions under our engaging FAQ section.

Why is my bearded dragon tank smelling bad?

Just like human beings, beardies do not have offensive body smell, unless they are suffering from some fungal infections. The foul in a tank does not always emanate from the pet, but from the surroundings.

If you are not clearing your pets’ poop and other wastes on time, you are inviting an odor in the enclosure. Leaving the meals that your pet has abandoned to stay in the cage beyond 24 hours also causes a bad smell.

Furthermore, a loose substrate has been cited as another cause of offensive smell in a cage because it has a tendency of harboring wastes, which eventually decay.

Routine cleanliness is the sure way of eliminating odor in your lovely pet’s terrarium. The use of reptile carpet and tile linoleum has offered an excellent solution for maintaining pleasant smell in a bearded dragon tank.

Finally, Reptile Odor Eliminators are now on the Amazon market to help pet parents to have habitable cages for their desert dwellers.

When should I clean my bearded dragon tank?

There’s no ideal time to observe the cleanliness of the enclosure, but we recommend you to do it in the morning, especially when your beardie is securely basking outside.

The cleaning exercise should occur every day with feces, and food remains being withdrawn.

What should I use to clean my bearded dragon’s tank?

The things you need to clean a bearded dragon tank will depend on the extent of dirt in the cage.

For instance, chlorhexidine solution is ideal for cleaning soiled accessories and the entire tank. Other items for cleaning the tank include;

  • Bleach solution
  • Soap
  • Water
  • White vinegar solution for cleaning areas with glass.
  • Brush/sponge/microfiber cloth
  • Scooper

NB: Never use baking soda in cleaning a beardie house as it is irritant and toxic.

What temperature is ideal for a bearded dragon tank?

For the daytime, the temperature should be kept between 80◦F-110◦F. At night, an average of 75◦F should be maintained. However, the ideal temperature should also depend on the age of your pet.

How can I keep my bearded dragon tank humid?

Being natives of hot deserts, bearded dragons require low humidity for survival. You will need a hygrometer to help you monitor and regulate any abnormal rise in humidity.

Placing the water bowl and soaking tubs closer to the basking section can increase the humidity level of bearded dragon tanks beyond desirable levels. Also, overfilling the bowl is a factor that can contribute to high humidity.

The solution to problems associated with high humid is acquiring the best-bearded dragon UVB light bulbs. Also, having a tank with a wire mesh screen lid is another means for lowering humidity.

How do I make my bearded dragon tank warm at night?

Nights, especially in winters, are cold and sometimes unbearable for reptiles like bearded dragons.

However, ceramic heaters, basking lights, and household bulbs can save your pet from experiencing an extreme coldness. But, never use heated rocks since they can burn the underside of your pet.

When should I upgrade my bearded dragon tank?

Keeping a bearded dragon goes in steps, so you cannot buy one tank and leave it to serve the entire life of your pet.

You’ll need at least two tanks to pass various stages of growth, but if your pet turns out to be exceptionally large; it will call for the third one.

Buy a 20-gallon terrarium for your baby bearded dragon, then transit to a 55-gallon tank and 75-gallon tanks to serve the juvenile and some adult pets.

If you have a giant bearded dragon, you can upgrade to 120-gallon. Remember, beardies take less than two years to grow up fully.

Another situation that can force you to upgrade a bearded dragon tank is when you want to bring two pets in one enclosure.

How do we insulate bearded dragon tanks?

Inasmuch as glass aquariums are offering greater view, you won’t like acquiring one. Bearded dragons and heat sources cannot be separated.

Having a bearded dragon tank made of insulating materials is a significant boost to the challenges of retaining heat.

If your bearded dragon tank is not insulated, you can buy an insulated lid to cover the enclosure.

Can two bearded dragons share a tank?

I have already given some ideas about this question in the earlier section of this piece. I will still provide more insights into this issue. Making a bearded dragon share a tank is an idea I will continue to denounce because of its lurking dangers.

It’s nearly impossible to keep two male beardies in one cage because of their territorial authority that will result in endless fights and injuries.

The loser in the contests will be condemned to suffer domination in meals and even basking space. Two female beardies can coexist, but at some times you witness their territorial wars, which can become nasty.

Putting a male and a female may attract limited wars.

However, it cannot work in your favor if you are not ready to see your pets breed. Another big challenge for making these pets share a habitat is that no cage is enough to accommodate the two reptiles.

Even though the beardies who were hatched together and never been separated get along well, you’ll still have to combine two 75 gallon tanks to have both of them.

The union of these pets will equally call for your keen monitoring.

Good luck with your pet!

We found it great to begin from the foundation so that beginners and aspiring pet parents can learn something before coming into the ring. The same way with your case, a perfect home is what a happy beardie needs.

This article has addressed nearly every aspect of a bearded dragon tank.

From bearded dragon tank sizes to bearded dragon tank setups, we have provided details about the tanks that your pets should have.

Furthermore, we shared bearded dragon tank ideas to enhance your creativity in the pursuit of granting the pet a better home.

We ended the article by sharing answers to common questions in our FAQ section. As always, you can bank on us to provide you with ideas that will make your pets live better lives.

You can engage us in the comment areas or by sending your mails to our e-mail address.

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