The Best Dog Poop Cleanup Tool – Dog Waste Cleanup Mess-Free

Even though it’s not commonly discussed, every dog owner has concerns about the topic of cleaning dog waste.

Dog waste clean up is unpleasant, to say the least.

It is the hardest chore of all, and when things get messy, dog poop clean up becomes a straight out disaster.

There are also many diseases that can be transmitted from dogs to humans via the focal route.

That’s why if you have a dog and want a peace of mind for your health (and sanity), then a canine poop tidy tool is an absolute need!

Fear not – we’ve got the best of them all right here. Behold for the best tool for dog waste clean up mess-free in the article below.

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The Tried and True Dog Poop Clean Up Tool

Dogit Clean Jawz Waste Scooper for Grass and Gravel

Dogit Clean Jawz Waste Scooper for Grass and Gravel

 Product Overview

  • Size: 5.3 x 6 x 25 inches.
  • Net Weight: 13.8 ounces.
  • Materials: Plastic.


  • The scooper is loaded with two springs, so you can open it quickly and easily with just one simple motion.
  • Dual springs increase durability and reliability.
  • The long handle provides better reach, especially suitable for elders and kids, or people with reaching problems.
  • The handle is designed for one-hand use, comfortable and convenient.
  • High-quality plastic keeps the scooper lightweight and easy to clean.

How Does It Work?

The Dogit Clean Jawz Waste Scooper is designed ergonomically, meaning you only need to use one hand for the task.

With just one squeezing motion, the two calibrated spring will open up the at ease, without needing too much strength.

As you squeeze the handle, the scooper will open up.

Then, you need to aim at the poop and release the handle so that the scooper clamps in.

The jagged sharp teeth will scoop the solid poop cleanly, smoothly in one scoop.

The right tension makes sure that besides from the feces, no dirt or grass will be picked up.

It works in the same motion as a scissor.

Some people also say that it resembles the toy gripper game parlor in gaming centers!

This scooter is made of high-quality plastic that can be rinsed squeaky clean, so there’s no need to cover it with a plastic bag.

That will save you a lot of time and effort in dog poop clean up.

Even on difficult surfaces like grass or hard areas like gravel, this scoop will also work well.

How the Dog-it worksThe manufacturer specs sure are promising! How about real reviews from users?

Reviews for Dogit Clean Jawz Waste Scooper

This product stands at a solid 4/5 stars on Amazon, which means it has won the favor of the majority of users.

People are most fascinated at this scooper for its calibrated design.

The two springs create just the right amount of tension to pick up “bombs” from our pets.

The padded handle also helps people to use it comfortably with just one hand.

A lot of users also gladly commented on how long the springs last.

Because people tend to leave dog waste clean up tools outside, so the springs in the scoopers sometimes get rusted out and break.

However, this is not the case with Dogit! Not only does it have double springs, but the springs are also made of high-quality metal that prevents rusting.

Not only that if you feel the dog’s breath smells like poop, but you also have to take care of it.

Dogit Clean Jawz Waste Scooper wins the heart of a lot of dog owners for its good length.

At 25 inches, when use this scooper few people have to bend down or reach up too far.

That is the reason why people use this scooper on all occasions, from dog walks to backyard cleaning, or even traveling.

This is no doubt the right tool for dog owners with concern about hygienic, safe and convenient dog poop clean up.

However, have you got the skills for dog waste clean up? Without the right method, even the best tool will also be in vain.

Compare to human size

Read on below to get guidance from experts on this topic.

How to effectively clean up dog waste mess-free?

In reality, there is not any definite method to clean up dog waste mess-free, because it would depend a lot on where the accident occurs.

In general, however, there are still some tips that the experts have approved.

Follow these tips, you can scoop the dog waste safely and fast.

If your dog wants to do the deed outdoor

  • Try to make him do it on a sand or grass surface. That way, we can just scoop the poop out in one move.
  • If the pup ends up on hard-to-clean surfaces (like gravel or asphalt), you might want to wash down the surface with water and diluted bleach so that the bacteria won’t spread.
  • In the obscure area (for example, on a busy walking area), then you only need to scoop the poop out, the bacteria will die on their own.

If the pup pooped inside the house

  • If it is solid poop, then make a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts. After scooping the poop up, use this mixture to neutralize the pH so that the carpet or linen in the house doesn’t brown after it dries.
  • If it is diarrhea, then you will need to (hold your breath and) scrape up as much as you can. Let the area dry overnight, and scrape it again the next day.
  • Finish up with a hydrogen peroxide spray to disinfect the area and prevent staining.

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