20 Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures in 2020 (Reviews)

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Since the beginning of the early ’90s, the US has been treated to a unique pet whose native home is in Australia.

Many features lured humans toward loving the reptiles including the beard they have on their throats hence the name ‘Bearded’ dragon.

The ‘beard’ sharing could be the reason why humans are slowly taming their bearded fellow.

Bearded dragons are considered to be the friendliest reptiles who like to live around where humans are even when in the four-feet creature is in the wild.

Bearded dragons belong to a genus composed of around eight different species; our interest is on the Central bearded dragons.

The natural habitat of the small dragons is arid or semi-arid where the animals live by climbing trees and rocks to find vantage points for basking.

Being cold-blooded animals, bearded dragons cannot control their body temperatures except by going into hibernation when the temperatures get to the extremes.

With the bearded dragon now living in our homes, we must find for them the best-bearded dragon enclosures for them to live their full length of a happy life.

In exchange, you’ll enjoy seeing a reptile bobbing its hand at you to register its permission.

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Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures Shopping Guide Instructions

Dragon Enclosures Shopping Guide

We all want beautiful lives for our pets, and we cannot achieve that without knowing the factors that contribute to the well-being of our lovely pets.

The places where bearded dragons stay determine their chances of survival and the level of joy they experience.

Here are things you need to consider to obtain the best-bearded dragon cages;

Type of Substrate

Even though bearded dragon can adapt to wide-range environmental conditions, but you cannot expect them to live in cages that lack substrates.

Most of the cages’ bases are made of glass, metals, or wooden materials.

Just like, you the reptile cannot survive on a floor without bedding and other covering.

The reptiles are cold-blooded animals, and placing them on a surface without any covering will make their lives unbearable.

The animals under their category have no power to regulate their body temperatures, so they rely on things around them to grant them the most suited body temperatures.

The type of substrate you use determines the level of comfort your pet realizes.

The following are substrate materials commonly in use;

  • Clay
  • Newspaper
  • Tiles
  • Sand
  • Cage Liner
  • Size

The size matters a lot. Most amateurs rearing the pets often start with 10-gallon cages, but this will depend on the dimensions of the bearded dragons they keep.

The ideal size of a bearded enclosure is 40-gallon that gives the pet a space for exercise.

The best-bearded dragon cage should be large enough to allow many bearded dragons to live at the same time.

A 120-gallon tank is ideal because it can witness the reptiles grow into adults.

Here are the sizes of some best dragon tank;

  • 20-gallon tank enclosure
  • 40-gallon tank enclosure
  • 55-gallon tank
  • 75-gallon bearded dragon cage
  • 100-gallon cage
  • 120-gallon best-bearded dragon cages
  • Material

The materials used in the construction of a bearded dragon enclosure determine how strong the cage can be.

The durable materials will guarantee the sturdier cages.

Also, people often look for materials that allow them to see their pets easily.

A sturdy enclosure will ensure the safety of your pet. Besides, cages built using stronger materials are often lasting for long.

Here are the materials that many manufacturers use in the construction of the best-bearded dragon enclosure;

  • PVC
  • Melamine
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Safety

The best-bearded dragon cage should put the safety of the pet and the handler first.

A cage shouldn’t be of a material that can break easily thereby injuring or killing a pet.

Also, the material shouldn’t allow other animals we keep at home to invade and endanger the reptile’s life.

Lastly, a safety cage is the one that doesn’t allow pets to escape.

Dragon Enclosure Requirements

Dragon Enclosure Requirements

Below are the requirements and specifications you need to measure before going to buy a dragon enclosure.


  • The main reason why we bring pets in our homes is to interact and see them quite often.
  • At least there should be a section with a glass material that allows you to view the reptile.


  • Like we have mentioned earlier, the materials used in the construction of a cage have a big say whether the reptile’s home can be durable.
  • Enclosures with metallic frames and wooden bodies tend to last longer than other materials.


  • Of course, you can only buy what you can afford. The Amazon market features something for everyone where some cages cost below $100 and others bearing price tags counting beyond 500 bucks.
  • The types of reptile cage you take will widely depend on your budget.
  • However, you need to obtain value for your money with the enclosure you pick.


  • Given that most bearded dragon cages cost a lot of money, your purchase should guarantee you compensation when a manufacturer’s fault happens.


  • Bearded dragons are living organism so gaseous exchange takes place in them where they inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide like other animals.
  • Proper gaseous exchange can only take place in a well-ventilated cage.

As per listed requirements and shopping guide, we have found the best customers satisfied dragon enclosures, Here you go.

Budget Picks: Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure Reviews 2020

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Here is a list of 20 best-bearded dragon enclosures that can make perfect homes for your friend with scales;

List of Top-Rated Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Best Large Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium, 67 gallons Tall Large

After acquiring a bearded dragon, the duty of keeping the pet secure and happy come on your way.

But, with the help of the bearded dragon terrarium, both the safety and the comfort of your pet are high.

The terrarium has a raised base that improves the ventilation in the bearded dragon’s cage thus eliminating incidences of suffocation.

The glass bottom panel is equally elevated to necessitate a secure mounting on a substrate heater.

Besides, the raised lower glass reduces problems associated with the heating accessory.

The see-me-through sturdy glass gives you a better view of your pet. The terrarium is designed with robust stainless steel to provide safety and ensures the pet doesn’t escape.

The lid is also lockable so the small kids cannot interfere with the friendly reptile.

No products found.

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Extra-Large Medium

This is a large cage that after making your order, you’ll wait for shipping for you to receive it, but you’ll have to put up with the small task of assembling the cage.

The reptile cage is large so it can be used as an outdoor bearded dragon enclosure.

The level of durability cannot be questioned because the product features sturdy glass material that’s strong enough to be a candidate for a banking door.

The base is deep but water-proof. The safety level is high with the cage having a lockable door. The price seems to be high, but you’ll admit that the more than 120-Gallon deserves its cost.

No products found.

Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Large Terrarium

After conducting a study in Madagascar’s Bamboo Forest, Exo Terra experts established that a natural bamboo background is creating a serene environment for the pet.

Madagascar is in the largest island in Africa, and it’s not very far from Australia, the native home of most bearded dragons.

The dual door offers a clear view and safety of the pet.

The unusual front window ensures the presence of enough ventilation in the cage.

From far, the best-bearded dragon would confuse with a deep freezer fitted with bamboo trees.

No products found.

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Tall Extra-Long Deep

This is one of the cages considered as the best-bearded dragon enclosure due to the superior features that aim to improve the well-being of your pet.

The comfort is a huge priority in the design with the cage offering ample space for exercising.

The base is water-proof, and the key-lock security feature is what makes the pet safe from other larger domestic animals and the interference from kids.

The hinged door slides with ease thus enhancing the convenience. Because it’s a large bearded dragon enclosure, it comes in parts, so you have to assemble it.

No products found.

Best Bearded Dragon Cages

Best Bearded Dragon Cages

Zoo Med Nano Aluminum Screen Cage

Does it look like a TV stand for you? One thing is clear that the designer of the best-bearded dragon cage was more concerned about the security features.

The cage has durable aluminum frames to make it last longer.

The visibility is enhanced with the full acrylic front door offering a clear view.

Without a manual guide, one can assemble the cage with ease. Also, the simple cage is user-friendly.

No products found.

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage

Zoo Med is fighting hard to gain a reputation as one of the best manufacturers in the pet industry.

The manufacturer might not have reached such heights of recognition, but it has cemented a top place in the provision of small pets’ cages.

The Open Air Screen Cage is made of an anodized Aluminum frame for durability.

The cage is also ideal for small reptiles like lizards and chameleons. Like many other cages, the bottom is raised for placement on the substrate heater.

The accessibility has been enhanced because the best-bearded dragon cage has a large front door.

The bottom door at the bottom, and remains crucial for the removal of the substrate heater.

No products found.

Best Bearded Dragon Terrarium

Best Bearded Dragon Terrarium

24″ x 18″ x 24″ Atasuki Knock Down Terrarium

Atasuki is slowly gaining fame in the pet industry after designing some fantastic products at affordable prices.

When you find it convenient to keep many reptiles at the same time and in the same place, it’s no doubt that Atasuki Knock-Down Terrarium is one of the best-bearded dragon cages.

The cage has two separate points of access. The pets mainly use the sliding door for both exits and entries while the handler has a removable screen top to reach the bearded reptiles.

It’s always essential to lock the top of the bearded dragon tank size enclosure for the maintenance of the internal temperature.

With the durable materials in use, the enclosure is made to last longer.

No products found.

Care your pet more than anything it gives you immense pleasure.

Exo Terra Breeding Box, Pet Terrarium

For pet parents who want to see their reptiles lay and hatch their eggs, this is the ideal terrarium for the activity.

The best-bearded dragon cage comes in three sizes hence giving you the option of either choosing Small, Medium, or Large enclosure.

The pet will need food while in the special housing, so there’s a feeding door to serve the purpose. The safety features are advanced with the animal having no chance of escaping.

The terrarium isn’t only meant for breeding; you can use the cage to display the pet to your guests and in exhibitions.

Also, during the travel when the pet should accompany you, you need this enclosure to hold your friend with a triangular head.

No products found.

Exo Terra Reptile Start Kit 10-Gallon Tank

The 10-Gallon terrarium pays a greater emphasis on the safety of the bearded dragon given that the sliding screen top has a pin. The cage has sand and other natural features that offer perfect bedding to your reptile.

Though the thermometer is analog, the environmental instrument will still record temperature changes.

The Terrarium Substrate Heater at the base distributes heat evenly in the cage thus helping the cold-blooded animal to keep the optimum temperature.

Most other terrariums don’t provide features for hiding, but the Exo Terra 10-Gallon has a Hide Cave where the pet feels secured after hiding.

The Day and Night LED fixture is an energy-saving lighting system that eliminates darkness within the cage.

No products found.

Quick Tip

Bearded dragons have existed within the US borders for the past three decades giving pet parents new experience from conventional pets.

Believe it or Not, the small reptile is considered to be the most sociable reptile in the entire universe.

Apart from the fun we obtain from the pets, we keep learning strange behaviors from the reptiles that were only found in Australian deserts.

While deriving entertainment from the pets, we shouldn’t forget their plight of living decent lives.

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Even before we bring the pet home, we should make some arrangements that ensure the security, comfort, and well-being of the reptile are intact.

For both the amateur and seasoned pet owners, you’ll need a special housing known as terrarium/cage or enclosure for your beardy.

However, you’ll need to consider some factors before establishing the terrarium that suits your caged pet most.

Once you’re satisfied with all the aspects of a specific bearded dragon terrarium, you need to find a convenient market that conducts swift delivery, offer significant discounts, and guarantees long-lasting warranty.

The ideal online market that never lacks pet utilities, where we’ve provided you with access links.

Lastly, with the help of our pet experts, we desire to offer guidance and answer the questions that our readers pose.

We urge you to keep engaging us on pressing matters concerning any kind of pet.

Best Bearded Dragon Tank

Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Custom Reptile Enclosure Build Plan

Sometimes we go to the store and buy bearded dragon enclosures which end up becoming either too small or too massive to our bearded friends.

Custom Reptile Enclosure Build Plan grants you power and knowledge to make a bearded dragon tank according to the size of your pet.

Never worry because the plan comes with an eighteen-page printable guide book that will show you step-by-step directions on how to set a bearded dragon tank.

Also, the printable guide has photographs that will show you all the process and the tool you need hence making the entire exercise jolly.

No products found.

Best Bearded Dragon Glass Enclosures

Exo Terra PT2607 Rainforest Habitat Kit, Full Glass Terrarium

Indeed it’s a rainforest bearded dragon enclosure that offers your pet a rare chance to camouflage in the interior plant decorations.

The pet can equally physically hide behind the many jungle vines.

Being arboreal pets, your bearded dragon will get a platform to test their tree climbing instinct.

The designer invested much time on the safety of the pet as the full glass sturdy body ensures that no animal attack your precious reptile. The durable metal lid safeguards the pet from escaping.

The dual front door ruins any escape attempt your pet makes.

Another security aspect is the high level of ventilation, thanks to the Full Metal Screen lid. Besides, the unusual Front Window enhances ventilation.

No need to emphasize the beauty of the terrarium as you can see it from the pictures.

No products found.

10 Gallon REPTIZOO Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium

If you need a sizable bearded dragon enclosure that gives you a clear view of your pet, shop no further than PEPTIZOO Mini Reptile Terrarium.

Just like other superior quality terrariums, the reptile house has a top made of metal for proper ventilation.

The metal top also prevents external overhead heat for interfering with your pet’s temperature.

It looks like the metal cover top where the designers took much of their time because at the top you’ll find a feeding port to enable you to offer meals to your pet.

The option is yours to select the right size for your reptile as there’s also bearded dragon tank size of the brand.

No products found.

8″x8″x8″ Exo Terra Nano Glass Terrarium Reptile Habitat

The bearded dragon cage has a raised bottom to allow for easy placing on the substrate heater.

The ventilation can’t be a problem with the patented front window permitting enough fresh air and light in.

With the Escape-free door lock, you can be sure that your caged friend has no chance whatsoever to get out of the enclosure.

The body is made of clear glass material that’s visible thus allowing seeing the pet amazing interior decoration with plants.

No products found.

NCYP Black Brass Copper House Glass Geometric Terrarium

The multi-purpose terrarium comes handy for reptiles parents who cannot fail to find what to do with the cage.

It’s the right place where you can raise plants such as moss, fern, and cacti for decoration purposes or your pet consumptions.

Also, you can rear insect in this enclosure to use in feeding your friend that like bobbing the head.

The housing unit works superbly for holding and displaying your pet.

It might lack the heating and lighting features, but it offers the best view of the pet.

The closable entry at the top makes the pet secure inside and cannot escape.

No products found.

REPTIZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium with Screen Ventilation

If you are looking for a well-ventilated terrarium for your pet, you shouldn’t shop beyond REPTIZOO Glass Terrarium.

The cage has several areas of ventilation including the sturdy screen top and the front doors.

Besides, the three window ventilation found on the left, the right, and the top of the terrarium improve aeration massively.

The best-bearded dragon large enclosure is designed to promote convenience.

After purchase, you need about five minutes to install it, and again the same amount of time to fold it for easy transportation.

The installation notes will guide you if you face some troubles related to the operation. The front doors that open with ease make the task of feeding the pet convenient.

The front doors close to prevent the reptile from escaping. The robust screen top not only improves ventilation, and also allows the penetration of infrared and UVB in the cage.

The raised base makes it fit the substrate heater.

No products found.

33.66 Gallons Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Mayan

The European herpetologists who designed the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium had in mind the exact needs of a bearded dragon.

Raising the glass panel bottom of the terrarium makes mounting on the mounting of the reptile cage easy on the heating system that consists of the substrate heater and the heating cable.

Also, the raised bottom glass panel ensures that the problems with the heating accessory don’t occur.

The ventilation is supreme and the bottom both the optimal hot and cold spots to maintain the proper aeration.

The bearded dragon enclosure has an extra tall height to allow for additional layers of substrate.

The reptile also has more space upward to demonstrate his arboreal instinct.

No products found.

Other List of Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10 with Lights and Heat

Bearded dragons are a source of fun and enjoyment to any household, and you don’t want them to go on hibernation due to a lack of features that support their lives.

Zilla has come up with a kit that will help new reptile parents start their fun adventure effortlessly.

The best-bearded dragon enclosure features a Reflexive Dome that has Day Blue Bulb to release both heat and light to the pet.

The aggressive creature is well secure in the cage, thanks to the durable Screen Cover.

There’s the Humidity/Temperature Gauge that helps you to make a quick environment reading before initiating swift required adjustments.

No products found.

20-Gallon Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Starter Kit

The reptile that waves his hands to show satisfaction might be out of the Australian deserts, but it should still feel thoroughly at home under your care.

The pet will like the enclosure that comes with all the necessary features to make the life of a reptile bearable.

The best-bearded dragon enclosure should have a source of light and a heating mechanism to enable the cold-blooded animal to maintain the optimal temperature.

The home is also built using strong materials for safety and durability.  The design is perfect and will make your house admirable.

No products found.

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Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles

It may look simple but trust me; it has features that other superior bearded dragon enclosures don’t have.

For instance, the cord access port is ideal for fusing the heater and the lighting system.

The housing is transparent thus allowing you to see your pet.

One area where the designer of this best-bearded dragon enclosure succeeded is the numerous component of durability.

The frame that holds together the enclosure is made of aluminum that’s non-resistant hence can last longer.

The sturdy black mesh around the entrance is durable and prevents the pet from escaping.

Also, the PVC bottom is water-resistant and can last longer.

The fact that it’s a simple cage makes it easy to assemble, and you won’t need a manual instruction to act.

No products found.

Medium Glass Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl

Are you laughing at the name of the bearded dragon enclosure? The name is bearing ‘Bias,’ but trust me there are no biases to your adoring pet.

If anything, the terrarium is fair because it brings the pet closer to viewing.

The glass resembles the wine glass, but more giant enough to accommodate large plants at the center and smaller ones on the periphery.

With the unique shape, the reptile enclosure attractive appearance improves rapidly after adding gravel, shells, and other decorative materials.

Remember, the shipping of the terrarium doesn’t include the extra decorations; the funny bowls is what you receive.

No products found.

Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit with Mini Halogen Lighting- 11 GAL

Zilla Manufacturers shows their safety concern of the pet’s cage even before they ship it to your location. The product is shipped along with reinforced packaging to prevent any damage.

The glass terrarium has a capacity of 4-gallons hence also ideal for smaller pets like tree frogs and crested geckos.

After the entire decoration process, the cage is likely to improve the aesthetic value of your house.

The glass material makes it possible to easily see the progress of your pet. The artificial trees offer climbing and hiding ground for the Australian desert natives.

No products found.

FAQs about Bearded Dragons and their Enclosures

Best Bearded Dragon FAQs

How large of an enclosure is ideal for a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are terrestrial animals that can move nine miles within an hour, so large enclosures are always ideal. I recommend 70-gallon bearded dragon tanks to be the minimum limit.

However, the ideal tanks should be 100-gallon tanks or 120-gallon tanks.

Why is one of my bearded dragons outgrowing the other at a crazy rate?

This isn’t unique as it happens in many other cages especially with pet parents who keep more than two male bearded dragons.

Just like in the wild, dragons are led by the dominant male that controls the territory.

The dominant male will not only have territorial authority but will also decide whether other competing males will eat. As a result, the dominant male bearded dragon will grow faster due to higher nutrients while the suppressed males will shrink in sizes because of inadequate food.

You have to monitor the reptiles during eating to ensure that no bearded dragon eats more than the rest.

What should a bearded dragon’s cage look like?   

The question is simply asking about what the best-bearded dragon cage constitutes.

We have listed the best-bearded dragon enclosures in this article, and we have also provided factors that when met, a cage can be considered as an ideal place for your pet.

Here are some main features of an ideal dragon house;

  • It should be spacious. At least 40-gallons for a mature reptile
  • The cage should have UVB powered light
  • Should have high voltage bulbs to provide heat
  • It should have a substrate on the floor
  • Should have good ventilation
  • The pet inside should be visible
  • Should be easy to clean
  • It should be durable
  • Should adhere to the safety guidelines
  • The cage should have some decorations to improve the aesthetic value

Should I change the furniture in my bearded dragon’s cage periodically to ‘entertain’ him?

It depends on the pet’s preference because making the climbing reptile happy is paramount to you.

Changing the furniture and beddings isn’t as important as keeping them clean.

However, you know that your pet is getting bored with the existing furniture when;

  • Attempting to escape a lot
  • Changing the color of the beard to color black
  • Performing glass dancing
  • Hiding on many occasions.

The above behaviors are enough to show you that the pet needs a change in his cage.

The type of change you adopt should bring excitement such as; making the pet move a lot, reducing the frequency of black bearding, and the increase in head bobbing.

What can live in the same cage with a bearded dragon? 

The answer will depend on the amount of space you have depending on the size of the cage.

The ideal area worth sharing should be 100-gallons tank going onward. The juvenile bearded dragons are aggressive which leads to fighting a lot. It’s, therefore, important not to unite the reptiles until they’re mature.

On making a bearded dragon to live with other species in the same cage; I won’t recommend it.

Animals weren’t staying together in the wild shouldn’t be forced to cohabitate in cages. The action should be natural.

The risk that may occur if you introduce other species in the tank where your bearded dragon lives, you’ll be inviting constant fights that may even lead to death and some infections.

Remember, bacteria that may be beneficial to bearded dragons could be harmful to the other species and vice versa.

If you keep smaller pets like lizards in one cage with bearded dragons, be sure that the tinier creature will be meals of the Australia-origin reptile.

Final Choice…?

How do you feel about keeping non-conventional pets? After all, the wise men of the past said that ‘A change is as good as rest.

Bearded dragons are natives of the deserts in Australia, but are now in nearly every part of the world since humans adopted them as pets in the early ’90s.

The first step of owning the reptiles is by acquiring an ideal cage that satisfies nearly every desire of your pet.

In this article, we have reviewed 20 best-bearded dragon enclosures to make your selection easy.

The article also features factors that you should meet to obtain the best-bearded dragon in the market.

Besides, our experts have answers the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) some of our readers sent.

With the support of our pet experts, we are open and ready to help you give your pets worthy and healthier lives on this planet as you also generate fun and a learning experience.

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