Dog Allergies FAQs and Food Recommendations (Guide from a Vet)

Pitbulls are one of the dog breeds that are highly susceptible to skin allergies, so a pet parent needs to take precautionary measures to minimize the risks.

The fact that a blue Pit Bull has short hairs puts the dog breed to suffer each time skin allergies strikes.

Shorter dog coats mean lower defense to predisposing factors that cause skin allergies.

After your dog has contracted skin allergies, you have no pleasure to feed him with the dog foods you desire, but foods that reduce chances of severe skin allergies.

The food should be free from notorious ingredients that make skin allergies to prevail.

Also, the food of choice should posse’s ingredients that boost the immunity of a dog to overcome future allergy risks.

Since you never went for the hypoallergenic dog breed, we now have to handle the case of your dog to regain back her comfort.

Remember, we don’t discriminate any breed of a dog even if they’re prone to skin allergies or other infections.

We love pets, we care for pets, and we enjoy having pets around us all the times.

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What is good dog food for blue pit bulls that have bad skin allergies?

Most dog foods with grains give present upsets to digestive systems of many dog breeds including Pit Bulls.

We know that your PitBull obtains her much-needed carbs for activities from grains, but some grains donate both energy and food allergies.

The ideal dog food for Pit Bulls shouldn’t have grains like; wheat, corns, and soy but you can substitute them with barley, brown rice, and oatmeal to obtain carbohydrates.

Again, dairy products have proved recently to bear risks of making dogs suffer from skin allergies, so avoiding the products is a good idea to keep your pet safe.

If you cannot ditch dairy products altogether, you can keep their content low.

Also, remain cautious while replacing dairy products with ingredients like eggs and cheese which have enzymes that are potential allergens.

The dog food of choice should equally be free from gluten, by-products, and artificial preservatives. Buffalo Wilderness Protein Natural and Hills Science-Diet Sensitive Stomach meet all the requirements hence perfect for severe skin allergies.

What’s the best dog food brand for dogs with allergies?

Before we get to learn the best dog food for pets with allergies, it’s prudent to establish the cause of allergies in dogs first.

An allergy is an immune response to a particular substance that the body deems as ‘foreign’ hence alerting the immune system to fight it.

Allergies in dogs have various causes which are mainly environmental, but parasites and foods also have a big say in the genesis of allergies in our canine friends.

It’s the immune response that makes signs and symptoms of allergies in dogs visible.

Here’s a list with features of a dog suffering from allergies;

  • Excessive licking of the coat.
  • Severe sneezing.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.
  • An ear infection that keeps recurring.
  • Chewing and licking of the paws.
  • Inflammation and reddening of the skin.
  • Itchy skin causing the dog to scratch a lot.
  • Visible scabs on the skin.

The best treatment you can ever accord your dog is the one that includes food.

This is because such treatments grant your pet nutrition value thus improving the health by default.

It’s difficult to tell the best food for allergies because each dog food serves its specific purpose.

It could’ve been easier if we were to identify the best dog food for allergies based on these aspects;

  • Age of the dog
  • Size and weight
  • Type of coat
  • Type of allergies
  • Causes of allergies

However, for general allergies in dogs, I would recommend the following dog foods;

Note: Kindly click at the dog food above to see the features and prices before making any purchase.

What is the best dog food to give Pit Bulls with allergies?

dog allergic food

Pit Bulls will join other non-hypoallergenic dog breeds in the struggle to shake off allergies’ scares.

Other breeds vulnerable include; Boxers, German shepherd, and most Terriers.

Having established the best food for skin allergies in Pit Bulls in our first question, it’s now easy to recommend the general dog food for allergies for the breed.

However, it’s basic to grant your Pit Bull food based on age, size, and nature of the allergy.

The best dog food should be free from synthetic food colors, preservatives, and allergy sensitive grains.

Besides, a portion of good dog food for Pit Bull with allergies should have adequate fiber to improve digestion.

Addition of prebiotics and probiotics can just make a portion of dog food to be better than the rest.

Here’s the list of dog foods to consider whenever your Pit Bull suffers from allergies;

What is the best homemade food for dogs with allergies?

Sometimes pet parents go to the extent of trusting the manufacturers to provide for their dogs quality dog foods thus making their own foods for the dogs.

It’s never wrong to retort to give your dog homemade foods because you’re sure of the ingredients in use.

Besides, you can omit the use of dangerous food colors, preservatives, and flavors.

While making food for your pet, ensure that the meal meets the standard set by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Here are some homemade menus you can feature in the diet of your allergic dog;

Rice Meal and Crockpot Beef

  • The ingredients you need for this meal include; beef, kidney beans, squash, brown rice, carrot, and frozen peas.

Rice, Turkey and Mixed Vegetables

  • This recipe requires you to have the following ingredients; water, olive oil, grounded turkey, spinach, zucchini, and carrots.

Beef Stew for Dogs

  • Indeed it’s being prepared for your dog and you need these ingredients to prepare it; beef, green beans, flour, sweet potatoes, carrots, water, and olive oil.

What would be the best food for dogs with skin allergies?

We have tried to exhaust the answers related to allergies and now we have skin allergies staring at us.

The first step is to diagnose your dog for possible skin allergies where you will use either of these two methods- Hydrolyzed diets and Novel Protein.

Remember, diagnosis requires the prescription and supervision of a vet.

Once you’ve established the ingredients that bring the skin allergies, you need to alter the ingredients but with the counsel of your vet.

It’s not easy to recommend the best food for dogs with skin allergies considering that each dog is allergic to different ingredients.

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