Feeding Guinea Pig: A Guide from Vet [FAQs Included]

Having guinea pigs in your home is always a fun time, yet it can be stressful if you don’t understand what they ask for.

Some people are not serious in feeding their piggies, many of this animal can’t live long with the lack of care as the result.

Get yourself a certain knowledge about guinea pigs’ food is an advantage to help you get away with problems.

We’ll explain some of the commonly asked questions that guinea pigs’ owners have regarding the food concerns.

We hope that with these answers below, you will get the idea of what you should feed your pets in the right way.

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FAQs about Guinea Pigs’ Food

I forgot to buy food for my guinea pigs, what should I feed them tonight?

Hay is the main food supply for guinea pigs which contains fibers, a significant diary material in the digestive process and dental growth.

Timothy and orchard hay are the best options for piggies – hay lovers.

Make sure that you have some extra in case you forget to buy food for the pets.

If you run out of hay, grab your guinea pigs the natural grass as the replacement.

It should be fresh and chemical free to keep your pet safe and healthy when they consume.

Grass has almost the same nutrients with hay, it will be perfect if you can get some young and green grass to serve your hungry pigs.

Pellets are not as important as hay or grass, yet they provide vitamin C which guinea pig can’t produce itself.

High nutrients in pellets supply a great energy source for guinea pigs to run and play around.

Normally, pellets can’t be substituted for grass or hay, but it is an alternative to serve your pets a temporary dinner.

An about ⅛ cup of pellets per day is the suggestion, but you can feed the piggies a little more in the meal since you do not have any more food.

However, remember to compensate for your pets lots of yummy hay in the next morning, you can even afford hayrack feeder.

Do not worry if you have neither grass or pellets, guinea pigs also love vegetables and fruits.

In order to keep the diet balanced and varied, pet owners should offer fresh veggies daily.

Lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, or carrot are safe choices for guinea pigs.

Fruits such as apple, raspberries, blueberry, or grape can be served as well.

You may find them somewhere in the kitchen, just ensure they are not droopy or spoiled.

Nevertheless, you should monitor the calcium input when feeding your pets these things.

Too much of veggies or fruits can cause health issues.

Can guinea pigs survive off dog food?

Absolutely no! There are particular foods that serve for specific pets, that’s why we have cat food, dog food, or rabbit food.

Moreover, the nutritional needs of a dog and guinea pigs are completely different.

Piggies are vegans while dogs aren’t. Originally, guinea pigs are herbivores, they will be happy if you feed them hay, pellets, or veggies.

Imagine how weird to offer meat to a vegan, just as a goat is asked to eat a chicken.

The problem is not only the weirdness but also the big risk to guinea pigs’ health.

Dog food contains mostly preservatives and dry meat which is totally inappropriate for guinea pigs’ digestive system.

It is a great problem for the stomach since it can’t digest meat.

Dog food is also high in protein, fat, and grain that destroys guinea pigs’ organs like liver and kidneys.

Furthermore, your piggies might face the digestive shock resulted from the strange food source.

The life-threatening condition might certainly occur in the worst case.

Do not even try to feed guinea pigs dog food if you don’t want to put your pets in a dangerous situation.

You can always reserve hay or pellets in advance. Even if you don’t have those two in the house, try to find some healthy veggies and grass instead of serving your buddies dog food.

If you are raising dogs and guinea pigs at the same time, ensure that their food is kept far away from each other and in separate diets.

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What foods are dangerous for guinea pigs to eat?

feeding guinea

Although fresh veggies and fruits are necessary for guinea pigs’ diet, yet they can cause different levels of sickness depended on how much you feed your piggies.

Gas or bloating is a common health issue due to overfeeding in daily diets.

Too much gains no good, and not everything seems healthy is healthy.

People often make a mistake that all veggies and fruits are friendly to guinea pigs.

For example, too much iceberg lettuce causes diarrhea. You’d better be careful with what you are going to feed your pets.

Like what has been mentioned above, meat or the other pets’ food are dangerous to guinea pigs’ health, seriously ill or even death.

Besides that, all the dairy products like yogurt, milk, or cream are forbidden because they can’t be digested.

Human snack just does not work on guinea pigs’ stomach.

Chocolate and candy are said to be very dangerous to your pets’ digestive system.

Garlic and onion are also in the poisonous food list since they can lead to blood disorders.

In general, your piggies will be always safe with hay and grass. Other food has to be fed in moderation and observation to avoid deadly danger.

There will be more food has not to be listed, so you should be aware of and keep on checking what food are toxic for guinea pigs.

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Can I leave my guinea pigs for a few hours alone with enough food and water?

Sure, as long as you are consistent with the time and your pigs are in healthy condition.

A few hours does not mean a whole day, so if you plan to leave them more than 24 hours, you’d better ask someone to take care of them.

What you mean by enough food and water might not be enough for your pets.

Guinea pigs enjoy chewing every time, therefore, the food provided might run out.

In addition, the water bottle might get clogged sometimes, and it is not fine for piggies to live without water for more than 12 hours.

Guinea pigs don’t need human to accompany all the time.

Yet they need a clean and secure cage while you are not there, so they can’t escape and be threaten of predators.

You can provide a mix of fresh and dry food for piggies not to feel bored.

Weather is also another factor you need to consider. If it is too hot, you should prepare a fan to cool down the temperature in the cage.

In contrast, cozy bedding will keep your pigs warm in cold weather.

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How do I stop my guinea pig from tipping over its food bowl?

Basically, you need to understand why your guinea pigs love to tip over the food bowl.

There are probably two main reasons. Firstly, they are asking for more tastier treats.

If you give them the same pellets every day, notice whether they will do exactly this behavior over time.

If so, you should make some changes in the food dish.

Secondly, some guinea pigs knock down the food bowl just for fun.

It is an interesting game for them to see things messing up. Some piggies’ favorite is to tipping stuff over.

You don’t have to get mad or wonder why your pets are acting weird with bad behavior.

They are just small creatures enjoying life. In this case, buy them a heavier bowl which they can’t tip over, a ceramic bowl is a great option.

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Be mindful in what you feed your guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are adorable pets that deserve proper care from the owners. Because they are small and sensitive, you always have to be cautious in taking care of them.

Even though some food seems to be healthy, yet you should monitor and control the amount offered to your pets.

Providing the piggies with a nutritional and smart diet, so that they can grow and live happily.

Avoid the toxic food that harms guinea pigs’ lives. Visit the veterinarian to get advice and feeding guidelines.

Understand their basic need will make you have a more memorable experience with this lovely animal.

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