Rabbit Ear Mites (Explained & Treated)

Mites are one of the most annoying problems in animals, especially those with thick and long fur, like rabbits.

Even worse, mites living in places that are hard to see, like rabbit ears, are more likely to be ignored.

  • So what are rabbit ear mites?
  • How harmful are they to pets and owners?
  • And how to treat rabbit ear mites?

Rest assured that all your questions will be solved in this article. Also, with more than ten years of experience in rabbit care, we will provide you with twelve of the best treatments for rabbit ear mites on the market.

As a result, you will not get confused when searching for suitable remedies for pets.

Therefore, do not miss any useful information!

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Mites in Rabbit Ears

Ear mite infection, also popularly known as ear canker, is caused by Psoroptes cuniculi.

What do rabbit ear mites look like? They are oval-shaped, brown or black, and have long suckers and many short legs.

These mites can live on animals’ bodies for 21 days, and they will undergo several molting times.

During the life of the female, they will lay eggs in the ear canal of rabbits, namely in the wax and debris in there.

This disease is quite common among rabbits kept in a house, which becomes a big problem for rabbit owners.

Why do Bunnies Get Ear Mites?

The spread of ear mites among rabbits is the main reason for the popularity of this disease to the species.

Many believe that it is transmitted when people raise a large number of rabbits at livestock facilities, pet stores, and raise them with wild rabbits.

Symptoms and Dangers of Rabbit Ear Mites to the Animals

If your pet rabbit has ear mites, the first thing he will feel is itching and discomfort.

Let me ask you something: When you feel itchy on the skin, what will you do first?

Scratching, right?

It explains the reaction that when rabbits get itchy but do not get medicated, they will unintentionally use their claws on their feet to scratch. This can make them feel more comfortable and not itchy anymore.

However, it is only temporary.

After they scratch their ears, the later itches become more sensitive and need to be scratched more and more continuously.

Over time, it will lead to ear scrapes, bleeding, and pus discharge. After a while, their ears will become ulcerated and smell foul.

The wounds will spread more and more due to the scratching of the rabbit’s claws into unscathed locations.

It has the same effect when you have more than one rabbit.

Yes, they can spread the disease to each other if there is a conflict between the two rabbits.

Besides, it affects not only the ears but also the fur and skin of the animals. They will have hair loss and eat less.

That’s enough reasons for you to care about your pet, right?

But it is not finished yet.

We have recorded even more severe cases of ear mite infection in rabbits.

That is when it goes to the later stages. That is, the mites go inside the ear to attack and destroy the deeper parts, like the eardrum and inner ear.

As a result, the rabbits will experience severe pain from neurological disorders and secondary infections.

There were even individuals who died in pain and withering.

Serious symptoms of bunny ear mites

How to Stop Rabbit Ear Mites?

There are several ways to minimize the effects of ear mites on rabbits.

However, it’s best to take the initiative to prevent this infection so that it will have no chance of getting started.

#Preventing Ear Mites

Clean your rabbit’s ears once a month

The rabbit ears are often ignored by owners when they bathe their pets.

That’s because they have a shape and texture that are tough to clean.

Additionally, the water can easily get into the ears, making them tinnitus or uncomfortable.

Rest assured that you don’t have to wash your bunny ears too much because the natural oils on your pet’s skin are still the best protective shield, which is easily lost when you wash them too often.

For that reason, we recommend that you repeat cleaning your rabbit ears once a month.

You can also use natural or baby oils to avoid sensitive or irritating ingredients for your pet.

The oil will have the effect of smothering the mites that accidentally stray into the rabbit ears. As a result, they will be killed before they can multiply.

As for more information, you can find the ear mite medicine for rabbits covered in the FAQ section below.

You can use a soft cotton cloth to soak up the water or a cleaning mixture and clean the ears of the pet.

Rabbits may struggle and try to run away because they find it uncomfortable to get wet.

Keep them still with your hands and do it gently, slowly.

You can also use a cotton swab, but it can poke deep into the eardrum and cause pain. So be as careful and gentle as possible.

Moreover, do not forget to squeeze water to avoid it from running into the animal’s ears.

Avoid exposing your rabbit to other sources of disease

Rabbits can get ear mite infections easily when living with or interacting with other infected rabbits.

Consequently, it is best to isolate sick animals in the herd. Also, do not let your pet run around in the garden to avoid contact with wild bunnies.

They will have a higher risk of carrying germs.

Keep your rabbit’s home clean

If the rabbit’s pen or feeding area is damp and dark, they will be an ideal environment for harmful creatures to live and breed.

On the other hand, if you clean them regularly and keep them dry and breathable, your pet will have a perfect rabbit home.

Watch for symptoms of rabbit ear mite infection

Not only is it necessary when your pet already has ear mites, but early detection of the signs of this disease on his body will also help you treat it in the early stages, when it is still not developed.

Therefore, check your rabbit ears weekly and apply the measures below as soon as you notice any of the symptoms we have listed.

#Treating Ear Mites

Do not pry the scales and crust inside the rabbit’s ears

These scales are a reaction of the rabbit skin when it is scratched or bitten by mites.

Initially, the areas which have lesions on the skin will secrete a liquid that will turn into the brown crust when dry.

Be assured that these scales will come off on their own when the rabbit ear infection is completely treated, and the young skin layers have fully grown.

On the other hand, if you try to remove them, the skin that is not completely healed will continue to be scratched and cause pain, discomfort for the animal.

Apply ear cleaners or home remedies to rabbit ears

Pet ear drops for dogs and cats can also be applied to rabbits. Therefore, you can buy them and use soft cotton to clean your rabbit ears daily for at least three weeks.

Consider products that are gentle, natural in composition, and fragrant, so they don’t irritate the ears of the rabbit.

At the same time, if you have not found any products, you can temporarily use some available ingredients at home.

They are very safe, cheap, and work well for cleaning rabbit ear mites.

Stop rinsing your ears only after the symptoms have been gone for a week

As you know, bunny ear canker is a disease that can be recurrent easily. And while they may be straightforward to treat at an early stage, definitive treatment is essential.

If you stop the treatment as soon as the condition gets better, it can still come back, because the mites can hide more deeply on the rabbit’s ears.

Clean the breeding facilities

You should increase washing your rabbit’s bedding and cleaning his home while making sure it is still dry and airy.

In addition, throw away rabbit droppings and leftovers from food.

For items such as rabbit water bowls, feeders, and toys, you should wash them with warm water and soap, then sterilize them again with a mixture of vinegar and clean water.

Finally, do not forget to bathe as well as wash clothes, pillowcases, and sheets regularly.

The mites can visit you anytime.

Take the rabbit to see a veterinarian if the disease worsens

In our experience, it is not necessary for you to take your rabbit to the veterinary clinics when the disease has just begun.

It can be solved easily and quickly at home, and it also saves you a lot of money.

However, once you see the pet’s ears appear pus and crust with a thicker frequency, and smell fouler, then it is time for your pet to apply the vet’s treatments and let him use the best rabbit pellets.

The veterinarian will examine your rabbit ears, test, and give an overview of his health. After that, they would usually inject Ivermectin and give the animal Miticides.

Antibiotics will also be applied if he has a secondary infection.

Top-Rated Products to Prevent Rabbit Ear Mites

Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention for Small Animals

Bayer Animal Health treatment is an effective method for mites and fleas for your pet not only in infancy or larva but also for the long term. Therefore, they will no longer come back.

These mites will be processed quickly with simple application and reasonable cost.

Key features:

  • Effective after one month of use
  • Contain no toxic or sensitive ingredients
  • Cure itching well

Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy

If you want ear drops rather than ear ointment for your rabbit, then the Four Paws remedy will work for him.

It effectively kills the mites while ensuring no irritation to the animal’s ears. All thanks to the aloe ingredient.

3,813 Reviews

Key features:

  • Contain aloe vera
  • The formula is pretty thick which makes it a little hard to squeeze
  • Keep the rabbit ears clean

Bodhi Pet Ear Cleaner Solution

If your rabbit has mites in the ears with unpleasant odors, don’t panic.

This product from the Bohdi Dog brand will clean them in a completely natural and safe way.

It is also very easy to use with a pleasant scent, keeping your pet fresh and clean.

Key features:

  • Do not contain alcohol
  • Relieve itchy ears
  • Eliminate bad odor effectively

Pet MD Otic Clean Rabbit Ear Cleaner

This is one of the effective ear cleaners you can apply to your pet that has mites.

It not only solves the problem in just one treatment but also helps the rabbit smell better.

Additionally, it is liquid, so you can wipe it off easily with a cotton swab.


Key features:

  • Great product for the price
  • Help soothe the rabbits’ ears
  • Solving the problem of smelly ears

Lively Pets Rabbit Ear Cleaner and Ear Infection Treatment- Stops Ear Mites

With its simple yet effective design, you will not have much trouble using this product for your rabbit.

The solution contains quite a few ingredients, which will bring relief to the animal almost immediately.

You can be assured of its quality because it is also widely used by veterinary clinics.

No products found.


Your bunny will love this. Weather conditions are one of the causes of rabbit ear mites, leading to scales, hair loss around the ears, and other parts.

With this product, you will see a marked improvement in just a few days, not only hair growth but also clean ears.

It also has natural ingredients.

No products found.

Vet Organics Natural Pet Ear Cleaner

Symptoms like itches, scratching, smell or discharge in your rabbit will go away after 4-5 days of letting your pet use this product.

He will feel relieved every time you use a cotton swab to apply the solution and wipe the ears clean. Besides, don’t forget to massage his ears.


Key features:

  • Help restore the natural health of your pet's ears
  • Fragrant tea tree oil smell
  • Great value for the price

Arava Pet Ear Wipes

With natural ingredients, such as peppermint, lemon leaf oil, eucalyptus, and thyme, combined with the minerals in seawater, the treatment from Arava will completely kill the parasites in your rabbit’s ears.

Not only that, but it can also be used regularly to prevent the return of bacteria and mites.

Key features:

  • Operate efficiently and quickly
  • Have a pleasant smell
  • Do not contain chemicals or detergents

ZYMOX Pet King Brand Otic Pet Ear Treatment

This is an effective solution for rabbits who have a severe condition of ear mites or recurrence that gets worse and worse.

You will be amazed at how effective it is, and of course, it will save you a lot of money compared to taking your pet to a veterinary clinic.

Key features:

  • Get rid of rabbit ear mites quickly in less than a week
  • Safe and pleasant
  • Easy to use

Bio-Groom Ear Mite Treatment

This product will significantly improve the infection of your rabbit’s ears.

It will keep him healthy and happy with aloe vera ingredients that are not greasy or sticky in his ears.

Use it monthly so your pet will always have clean, bright ears.

Key features:

  • Treat dry, cracked ears caused by mites
  • Work effectively and quickly
  • Safe with aloe vera recipe

VetWELL Pet Ear Cleaner

One of our favorite things about the VetWELL pet ear cleaner is how good it smells.

It works very well in helping to eliminate the odor on rabbit ears caused by mites and parasitic problems.

Furthermore, it also brings great improvement in the health status of the ears as well as the fur and other parts of the animal.

You will save a lot of money with the cleaner.

16,051 Reviews

Key features:

  • Budget choice
  • No irritation or pain to rabbit ears
  • Do not smell terrible

OASIS #80062 Rabbit Vita Drops

The final product on this list will surprise you with the low price, but the effect is extremely worthy of recognition.

It is unlike other products that are added directly to the rabbit’s ears but work by mixing into pet food or water.

With vitamin A, D3, E, K, B12, and many other minerals, it is not only useful in treating rabbit ear mites but also digestive problems as well as hair loss.

Key features:

  • Contain many beneficial substances for the rabbit body
  • No unpleasant taste or smell
  • Good price

FAQs about Mites in Bunny Ears

Can rabbit ear mites spread to humans and other species?

Mites in rabbit ears and fur can be transferred to other pets if they are in contact with one another at close range.

Therefore, if you have rabbits with parasites or ear mites, it is best to isolate him from other animals in the house to avoid spread and disease.

For humans, those filthy creatures can also be transmitted to them if they play with pets often.

Fortunately, they cannot lay eggs or live on human ears and skin because we do not have thick and long fur as our four-legged friends.

That’s why those mites on the human body will automatically die after their life cycle ends. Besides, people also shower, wash their hair and clothes daily so that these parasites can be removed on their bodies and clothes easily.

Accordingly, even if you get rabbit ear mites from your pet, their impact on your body is negligible and will go away automatically at most after a few days.

How do I prevent the reinfection of bunny ear mites?

The only way is to thoroughly prevent the parasites and mites on the rabbit body, shower the pet regularly, and maintain a clean living environment for your pet.

If you notice your rabbit showing signs of mites-ear infections, you should treat it on your own or bring him to see a vet.

If your rabbit has a more serious condition, such as otitis or inner ear infection, it may require an x-ray to look for pus in the rabbit’s ear. From there, the vet will make the next correct steps.

Don’t forget to isolate your rabbit from its colony or other pets in the house to avoid spreading the disease and also to avoid reinfection of rabbit ear mites after treatment. Besides, decontamination is also essential for the environment in which your pet lives.

Is it necessary to regularly rabbit ear clean?

Cleaning rabbit ear mites

Yes, but only if your rabbit has an ear infection or accumulates dirt, flakes, wax, and debris.

As for normal healthy rabbits, regular ear cleaning is not recommended by veterinarians.

This is because it removes moisture and natural protection from the skin in the rabbit ears.

Even, if you are not careful, you can cause them to scratch and bleed, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to attack and reproduce.

Besides, in our experience, this job is also quite difficult because the pet is not comfortable with this. That’s why they will struggle and try to run away.

Can indoor rabbits get ear mites?


As we have explained, ear mites are easily spread from rabbits to rabbits when they come in contact or live in the same area. Therefore, if your rabbit comes into contact with a wild rabbit getting ear mites, then he will be more likely to get the disease.

The same goes for rabbits whose owner is caring for more than one rabbit. This is because ear mites can hide on these people’s bodies or clothes and then pass on to other animals.

Another thing to keep in mind is that rabbits with ear mites will also easily transfer to your indoor rabbit through the scratches he has left on your pet’s body.

What happens if bunny ear mites go untreated? Can rabbits die?

It is best to treat your rabbits as soon as possible.

In the early stage rabbit ear mites, it will be faster and simpler to treat ear mites definitely. And of course, the cost of this process is also lower.

Once you leave your rabbit with ear mites, it will not only make your pet increasingly uncomfortable and foul, but it will also affect the rabbit’s nervous system and can lead to death after a few years.

Let us explain it to you more clearly.

When the bunnies are infected for too long, they are at a higher risk of getting some illnesses, such as secondary infection, otitis media, and inner ear infection, etc.

At this time, the animals are not simply uncomfortable but also painful.

Pus and fluid will build up in the rabbit ears, resulting in invading bacteria that cause nervous system disorders and then reach the brain.

Once the rabbits get meningitis, they will die shortly afterward.

Can you see rabbit ear mites?

Often it will be difficult for you to see ear mites in rabbits at an early stage. That’s because they don’t appear in the ear canal of the animal but in the deeper parts.

Though, if you regularly take your pet to the vet, the disease can be diagnosed early with specialized equipment.

At the later stage, when the mites grow to the canal and the pinna on the rabbit ears, you can see them easily with your eyes and treat them immediately.

How long does it take to get rid of ear mites in rabbits?

The rabbit ear mite treatment process will take at least three weeks to finish because the mites can live up to 21 days on the pet’s body as their life cycle.

Can ear mites live in bedding?


They can move from a rabbit’s body to humans’, hiding on it or in clothing, and even on pillows, beds, and sofas.

Therefore, always maintain a clean, airy living environment for both you and your pet.

Change pillows, bedsheets, and wash them often to get rid of parasites that lurk and lay eggs on them.

Can rabbits get mites from hay?


Untreated hay is an ideal environment for bacteria, mites, and parasites to live.

Unfortunately, most of the current hay suppliers do not process this food source to ensure the natural ingredient of the product.

Thus, make sure you buy hay from larger vendors or horse people who control product quality better. Do not prioritize low prices.

In addition, don’t freeze hay because it can produce mycotoxin, a substance that can even be lethal. And buy the best rabbit hay feeders for him.

In general, the only way to avoid rabbit ear mites from hay is to choose hay from large factories or high-end stables, because they will not risk their expensive horses using poor quality hay.

Why does my rabbit’s ear flop?

There are many reasons for flop ears in rabbits, and this problem is also quite common for rabbits not only raised indoors but also in the wild.

However, none of them are related to ear mites, so you can rest assured that your bunny has no signs of getting mites in his ears.

If you are still interested in your rabbit’s flop ears, we will explain it now.

The three most common reasons include:

  • He has an ear injury, maybe due to his herd or fall in the cage
  • Your pet has “lop” genes
  • If your rabbit is a Flemish giant, he may be overheated

How can I get rid of ear mites at home?

There are many available ingredients that you can find easily at home as home remedies for rabbit ear mites.

  • Almond oil: Mix with vitamin E at the rate of 0.5 ounces of almond oil: 400 IU of vitamin and you will have a very good mixture for infections in rabbits. It is best to clean the rabbit ears when the mixture is still warm.
  • Olive oil: Can be used directly into rabbit ears. 6-7 drops are sufficient.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Dilute it with a little water and wash your pet’s ears with a soft cotton or cotton swab.
  • Mineral and corn oil: Wipe directly into the ear, has a calming and non-irritating effect.

What does a mite bite look like on a human?

Of course, you won’t see the mite bites because these creatures are very small in size.

However, you can still identify places on your skin that have been bitten with signs such as itchy red marks.

Do healthy rabbits have ear wax?


Even rabbits in good health, without ear mites, may have earwax.

Earwax in these individuals will be smaller and lighter in color than the wax of those infected by ear mites.

This is because they do not clean their ears often, which leads to the accumulation of dirt in the recesses that are hard to see as the ears.

Consequently, if the wax in your pet’s ears is not dark and doesn’t appear to be dense, you don’t need to worry about it.

Just pay more attention to his ears when showering your rabbit.

Rabbit Owner Experiences on Ear Mites

His name is Fluffy. I started on the 9th the evening with some vegetable oil in the ears, the next day i got some coconut oil. I then started morning and night with first the coconut oil and then the vegetable oil, you could see a difference after 24 hours. It is noe the 13th, and it is almost completely gone.

Rabbit mites treated

Oh, and I put some vaseline on the outside of the ears, for the itchiness as well.

Rabbit ear mites cured

Both ears, almost as good as new  😀  so so happy.

Our last words

Ear mites are quite common in rabbits, not just other animals like dogs or cats.

That’s because the ear is a humid part of the pet’s body, very convenient to breed, and is the ideal hiding place for these parasites.

If you do not notice and treat them immediately, it can seriously affect the health of the animals.

Fortunately, you can exclude them in a combination of different ways how to treat ear mites in rabbits.

The treatment products we have introduced will help your rabbit overcome this ear mite problem thoroughly so that they won’t recur. And the information we give will also help you prevent this disease if your rabbit has had no signs of it yet.

If you still have questions regarding rabbit ear mites, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below or contact us.

We will support and help your pet lead a healthy and happy life.

Please like and share the guide with other rabbit owners if it’s useful for you. Thank you.

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