What to Feed Wild Rabbits? (Complete Guide & Recommendations)

Rabbits are one of the most popular pet animals in the world.

There are many reasons to explain this: “they are too cute”, “cuddle them very well”, “rabbit food source is easy to find”…

But maybe it is because of its popularity many people who raise rabbits gradually lose the knowledge needed to take care of their furry friend.

Within the scope of this brief article, I would like to awaken in you the true love for rabbits, whether it is wild or domestic.

Please understand properly about this. Rabbits today are divided into two distinct groups: wild rabbits and domestic rabbits.

In terms of general biological characteristics such as appearance, bone structure, internal system, they do not have too much difference.

But in terms of biological behavior, there is a considerable gap between two branches of the species move like this.

And as mentioned above, my article will focus on clarifying the answer to the question “what to feed wild rabbits” and introduce a lot of feed products from brands of animal feed. Was guaranteed.

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How do we pick the food for wild rabbits?

This article will look at pellets – a common food because of their convenience as well as the nutrient content of it.

Many users are still skeptical because they think that pellet feed is usually manufactured industrially with high levels of preservatives and food additives.

And this can be harmful to the rabbit’s body.

However, to my knowledge, prepackaged food is now tested by leading veterinarians and ensures the nutrition and safety of your rabbit.

So don’t worry and the criteria below can be a useful reference channel for you.

Nutrient content

Organic food is the eating trend of the future. And for wild rabbits that is no exception.

They are nutritious and good for health. Fiber, starch, along with other vitamins and minerals will contribute to the development of hares.

There are many ways of dividing nutrition components that have been proposed by experts.

But in any way, you need to ensure a minimum amount of fiber of 18% or more, a protein of 15% or more, fat of about 1 -2% along with other vitamins and minerals like calcium (this is an extremely important substance), potassium, vitamins A, B, D, E …

The best food for hares will be weeded, whole grains, carrots.

The ingredients that fit into the rabbit’s already weak digestive system make them easy to digest.

Preservatives and additives included

This is an issue that you have to pay special attention to as it will directly impact your pet’s health.

Although manufacturers try to improve the quality of their products to attract pet owners, it is true that to stimulate the taste of rabbits, it is indispensable for the additives to preserve a pack of food for a long time.

To minimize this you need to choose organic foods or learn and carefully choose between brands. Kaytee, Wagner’s, Tropical Carnival … are the companies that do this very well.


This is one thing to keep in mind if you want to stimulate the eating ability of wild rabbits.

Indeed, rabbits are a very well developed jaw animal.

That’s why they need foods that can help them chew throughout the day.

Not to mention that if you are going to raise a hare in captivity, crunchy foods also help reduce boredom.


Wild rabbits have very specific foods such as fresh grass, tree bark, pine needles, and twigs.

If you choose foods that have a unique taste similar to those in the wild, you may be interested in eating wild rabbits.

Also, creating a close connection between you with them is essential.

The Effects on the Body of Wild Rabbits

You should also pay attention to the effects that food can bring to the body of the wild rabbit.

Rabbits are susceptible to obesity. So, you should choose foods with the least amount of stimulants and weight gain to help the rabbit control the body’s weight.

Along with that, rabbits will need a sufficient amount of antioxidants to help flush out all the toxins from the body and protect their immune system.

This amount can be found directly in vegetables and this may also be a suggestion for you.

The above criteria are only a very small aspect if you want to conquer the fussy eating of wild rabbits.

Do you think any more criteria can help you succeed? Share now for us.

How do you know that food is suitable for your wild rabbits?

Of all the stages of choosing a feed for wild rabbits, the right food for its diet is probably one of the hardest.

Not only are hares one of the very picky animals but also because this food source will directly impact its health and development in the future.

Read more: Rabbit Food Concerns and Guidelines for Best Rabbit Hutch

To know if the food is suitable, pay attention to the expression of your rabbit. If he is excited, congratulations, you’ve found a dish that will impress your pet. If not, that dish is still edible but will cause boredom for it.

This boredom can lead to many other negative consequences for health such as anorexia, skipping meals, body exhaustion…

But more dangerous than that, there are foods after being used that will cause allergies to hares.

If you notice such negative behaviors, quickly remove the food from the list and take your rabbit to the nearest veterinary facility immediately.

You can check the brittleness and fractions of the pellets by directly acting on them.

A portion of good food will not be too hard or too flaked.

And finally, pay attention to the composition of the nutrients listed on the product packaging.

Note, do not run cheap products because of low quality.

Best Food for Wild Rabbits of 2020

Kaytee Food from the Wild Rabbit

The first product I recommend to you on this list will be one from my favorite brand, Kaytee.

It is hard to deny the serious investment of this manufacturer in selecting raw materials.

The tablets are made from 100% natural products that can satisfy even the most demanding wild rabbit.

Some of them are crushed to make pellets; the remaining will be dried to increase the attraction in terms of taste.

The crunchiness of the product is kept at an average level which helps create excitement for pets when eating. And you can be assured of safety with the commitment of Kaytee’s expert team: No added sugar, fillers, or artificial preservatives.


  • The food source is completely from nature and does not contain preservatives and additives
  • Crunchy enough
  • Cheap price, quality assurance


  • Only suitable for hares 6 months and older
  • Hypoallergenic due to too many components.

Kaytee Backyard Wildlife for Rabbits

Another product from Kaytee and let’s see what we have.

Different from the product introduced above, Kaytee Backyard Wildlife uses small pellets combined with wheat and cereal grains.

Oats, corn, milo, wheat, sunflower seeds, and other delicious ingredients will help satisfy the hare’s hunger quickly.

Kaytee’s formula helps the product retain the original aroma, which will help to attract the maximum attention of animals.

Packaging together with the method of drying fresh foods will help retain maximum moisture and nutrients also help preserve food for a long time.

No products found.

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Rabbits

The product impresses the user at first sight because of the solid but sophisticated design.

The entire food is scientifically preserved inside a durable plastic layer.

But don’t just stop outside. The interesting thing is still very well hidden inside.

The Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Rabbits is the crystallization of balance in a nutritious meal with a variety of grass and vegetables in each bowl.

The wonderful blend of alfalfa, veggies, timothy grass along with soybean husks, barley, and cracked corn creates a diverse blend that maximizes the taste of your wild rabbits.

And I dare assure you when giving Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition for Rabbits a chance; you will no longer have to worry about the deficiency of important fiber, vitamins, and minerals? Witness your rabbit with good health, a supple body, and a shiny coat.


  • Get a good source of fiber from vegetables
  • The high-quality storage system
  • Suitable for all wild rabbits from 6 months old
  • Provides a balanced diet with stimulating taste


  • Too many nutrients for baby rabbits to absorb
  • Many tablets have not been cut carefully, so the size is quite large for use

Wagner’s 62046 Backyard Wildlife Food

With its manufacturing technology, today, many feed manufacturers have produced many useful products when they can be used for multiple purposes as well as targeting many different objects.

Wagner’s 62046 Backyard Wildlife Food is such a product.

Originally a bird food, this pack of food has accidentally brought huge screams for wildlife, including wild rabbits.

Mix corn, sunflower seeds, millet and earthworms to provide energy throughout the year.

The combination of corn, sunflower seeds, millet and a small number of nutrients from the worms makes it an essential food source that can be used to provide energy all year round.

The package will be extremely convenient to be able to feed wild rabbits directly at any location, whether it is a table or ground.


  • Convenient, fast
  • Low price
  • Use all year round
  • Small size, easy to digest food pellets


  • Quite a few nutrients
  • Easy to get bored
  • Some feedback from the customer community shows that their rabbits after using are more difficult to go outside

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Adult Rabbits

The bagged version of the Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet. That is something that users can easily recognize.

Although not added many vegetables, where is still a quality product thanks to soybeans, alfalfa and timothy grass combined with wheat.

The pellets are divided into small sizes for ease of use while ensuring crispness during use and still make your wild rabbit feel full.


  • There are different volumes for you to use
  • Small tablet, easy to digest
  • Contains an essential amount of vitamins and minerals
  • The taste is quite delicious


  • Not enough nutrition guarantees

Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes

If 5 consecutive pill formulations make you feel bored, Kaytee is ready to bring something new to your wild rabbit.

Rabbits and grass have long been a symbol of nature’s deep connection. And perhaps speaking of grass, you wouldn’t think of anything other than being food for rabbits.

If you do not have time to cut the grass yourself or simply do not think of anything, Kaytee’s grass cakes will be the first choice.

Using the main source of the material is Timothy grass and alfalfa; the product will especially attract young rabbits as well as keep a fresh, porous appearance after a long time.

The product packages weigh 1 pound, divided into bite-sized pieces. Worth a try!



  • 100% US material is carefully produced and selected
  • High fiber helps promote digestion
  • Low protein and calcium density helps minimize urinary tract problems
  • The combination of 2 types of grass with high nutrient content


  • Bored with old rabbits

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Adult Rabbit Food

My list today seems to be a bit “biased” for Kaytee products. The Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Rabbit Food long-form pills will give your rabbit a whole new experience.

Appearance along with color is not a slight attraction for them.

Porosity and elongated shape will support dental health through natural chewing activity.

The all-natural ingredients ensure an abundant source of nutrients.

Especially, with this product, Kaytee also applied Probiotics & Prebiotics formula to stimulate the taste and promote digestibility of wild rabbits.


  • The crunchy texture is suitable for rabbit digestion
  • The abundant amount of nutrients
  • Contains antioxidants that support the survival of wild rabbits
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics formula stimulates the taste buds


  • Easy to cause bored if used for a long time
  • Causes obesity in young rabbits

Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food

As a relatively new brand playing in the “animal food” market, Audubon Park was able to confirm its reputation.

The product was originally used exclusively for birds but many users have realized its significant attraction to wildlife.

I bought it and used it directly with my wild rabbit. And the surprise is that he likes the dried corn kernels.

This package is a great blend of corn, black oil sunflower seeds, and peanuts. With its technology, Audubon Park ensures the product always keeps its freshness.

Sufficient dryness helps the product to be crispy, porous so that it can spread on the table or directly in the yard to feed wild rabbits.



  • 100% American origin, carefully selected and produced
  • Organic and contain no preservatives
  • The special blending formula creates an attraction for wildlife


  • Some seeds are quite hard and difficult to digest
  • Attracting too many wildlife to eat causes food competition

Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food

Another product from Kaytee. But unlike the above products, Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food is produced entirely by hand with special selection carefully from the manufacturer.

Made entirely from Timothy grass, Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food provides a complete fiber diet, maximizing the digestive process.

Probiotics & Prebiotics technology helps to replenish many vitamins and minerals necessary for wild rabbit activities.

Kaytee knows how to take advantage of the shape of his food when choosing an elongated pellet structure that maximizes chewing and motor function.


  • Made entirely by hand with carefully selected ingredients
  • Support oral health
  • High fiber content
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics technology
  • Supplemented with many essential vitamins and minerals


  • The price is a bit high
  • Some users argue that the smell of the product is not fragrant

Ecotrition Essential Blend Food For Adult Rabbits

You will be able to find a lot of flavor in this 5-pound pack. Ecotrition Essential Blend Food is suitable for adult rabbits.

It is packed with a complete and balanced diet which if of what wild rabbits like to eat.

The manufacturer has tried to improve storage efficiency with an easily retractable lock.

This rabbit food is blended with all-natural ingredients such as natural fruits, vegetables, cereals and shells of nuts, together with alfalfa, corn, and celery to add flavor as well as Supplement other essential vitamins.

This mixture comes with colorful tablets to increase the attention of wild rabbits.


  • The bag can be reconnected after use to help keep the food fresh
  • A diet full of positive nutrients thanks to the variety of ingredients
  • The taste is very natural
  • Easy to chew, crunchy, porous


  • Due to being produced commercially, manufacturers can access additives and preservatives
  • Only suitable for mature rabbits

Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Pet Rabbit Food

The product impresses users thanks to the system of food pellets with a variety of colors and shapes. But not only looks, Rabbit Food from Vitakraft is a party with extremely high nutrition which is what to feed wild rabbits outside.

Along with Timothy grass, we see there are Carrots, Greens, Grains, and Fruits supplementing with essential vitamins as well as stimulating the ability of self-operation to search for rabbit food.

What I like about this product is that it adds Omega 3 to help stimulate the natural taste buds as well as boost the immune system.

It helps the rabbits to have a healthy body and a shiny coat.

6,372 Reviews


  • Great taste
  • Beautiful colors, attracting wild rabbits
  • Balanced and nutritious
  • The delicate appearance of Omega 3 supports brain health, heart function, eyesight, brings a healthy coat and a strong immune system.


  • Easy to cause obesity for young rabbits
  • Feedback from some users showed that the rabbit's waste had a strange smell

Manna Pro Small World Complete Feed for Rabbit

Manna Pro offers your rabbit a complete diet with a formula that is a combination of balance and full of nutrients.

The food is packed in pellets with all the ingredients that the rabbit loves such as wheat middling’s, dehydrated alfalfa flour, and soy flour.

Looking at the product statistics table, the manufacturer has increased the amount of fiber to support sound digestion.

They also have yucca extract for improved palatability.

Besides, it is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help support overall health.

Products are sold on the market with 3 different levels of weight so you can freely choose.

2,039 Reviews


  • A complete diet designed for rabbits with their favorite flavor
  • High fiber content to support healthy digestion.
  • 100% free corn for sensitive pets.
  • Vitamins and minerals are needed to supplement the life process


  • Some users complain that the product is easily broken after a few uses

Sherwood Pet Health Adult Rabbit Food

The main source of the product is Timothy Hay. This helps to create a diet with high fiber content, which helps to promote digestion.

A new feature of Sherwood’s processing is the use of alfalfa instead of soybean meal as before.

Alfalfa has a natural protein content that is superior to soy. This provides the health and balance that rabbits can easily absorb.

Along with that, each food pellet is supplemented with saffron, flaxseed and chelated minerals to enhance nutrients to give the rabbit a shiny coat.

This formula is considered superior to help your bunny have a healthier and ‘hoppier’ life.


  • Suitable for rabbits who are showing signs of obesity and need to lose weight
  • 100% natural and does not contain preservatives
  • Users said the waste of wild rabbits after use showed no abnormal signs


  • Not suitable for rabbits who are old or need a lot of nutrients

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix

True to its “Supreme” name, the Tasty Mix from Supremepetfoods is ​​a very nutritious, especially delicious rabbit food blend.

You can easily tell that this is a recipe that encourages your pet’s natural food-seeking instinct.

Healthy recipes include Timothy hay, corn, peas, and oats.

The manufacturer assures no added sugar, which helps to keep the fiber content unaffected, which helps to minimize the weight gain of rabbits.

Every time you feed, you will have the opportunity to take your rabbit to a farm full of vegetables and fruits.

This helps balance the nutrition but still full of essential vitamins and minerals to serve the life of the rabbit.

940 Reviews


  • Best suited for adult rabbits (6 months and older)
  • Stimulating food search instinct
  • Without any additives, it helps retain the flavor of selected UK ingredients


  • Corn is reducing the interest of some rabbits
  • Only suitable for grown rabbits

Morning Song Squirrel and Backyard Wildlife Food

Incorporating primarily from three seeds including corn, peanuts, and black oil sunflower seed, Morning Song Squirrel and Backyard Wildlife Food provides wild rabbits with a source of chewing vegetables all day long.

The excellent blend of finished products with the processing technology of Morning Song helps the ingredients retain the amount of water and flavor inside.

I used to doubt that this pack of food owner is suitable for squirrels. But after spreading it on the table, the excitement of the wild bunny caught my attention.


  • Can be used directly on the table or any place on the field
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • Can be used all year round
  • Quickly reduce the hunger of wild rabbits


  • Does not contain too many nutrients
  • Dries when left for long

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Farm Fresh Fixins

Famous for its innovative way of selecting materials, Tropical Carnival has created a certain trust in the hearts of users despite the recent appearance.

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Farm Fresh Fixins is a product that contributes to that claim.

Derived from the well-fed diet of wild rabbits, this product is made from colorful flowers with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, timothy grass with high amounts of fiber and more.

Again. These veggies, with their clear roots and high nutrient content, healthy the diet of wild rabbits without losing their appeal.

What I especially like is the color of the pellets and the ingredients. Very attractive!


  • Extremely healthy material source
  • High nutrition, especially suitable for small rabbits
  • Sources of raw materials are carefully selected and processed
  • Contribution helps improve preservation efficiency


  • Easy to cause obesity when too many nutrients
  • Only suitable for baby rabbits

Science Selective Rabbit Food

With a bold appearance of science, Science Selective Rabbit Food impresses deeply. But all is not only that.

Supreme Petfoods experts have carefully researched the diet and biology of wild rabbits.

These furry friends mostly eat grass (possibly up to nearly 25% of their daily diet.) And the rabbit’s digestive system has grown to fit a high-fiber diet. Supreme has raised the level of fiber in Science Selective Rabbit Food to 25% so you can give your rabbit a diet that is as realistic as possible.

Along with that, we still see here the familiar blends with other ingredients such as dehydrated alfalfa, wheat, soybeans, flaked peas, dried beep pulp, to make the product delicious.

More, there are more colors in the taste but still ensure a high level of nutrition.

What I like about this product is that it has been added with Omega 3 and 6 integrated into Prebiotics food technology to create a super product.



  • Get the most fiber to make your diet look as natural as possible
  • Omega 3 and 6 help wake up a smooth coat and a healthy body
  • Prebiotics technology supplements probiotics
  • Additional ingredients help the product add flavor


  • Not suitable for young rabbits with a weak digestive system

Our picks of Wild Rabbit Food

It is often said, “Good things will appear later”. Perhaps many people will be surprised by this choice, but my heart probably belongs to the bottom of the list: Science Selective Rabbit Food.

I still know that this is just a personal opinion, but I think many users will agree with me.

Not too colorful, Science Selective Rabbit Food is the best definition of a food package when right on the packaging has emphasized to buyers the great characteristics of the product.

Wild rabbits are different from domestic rabbits. They need something wild, something true to nature. And Supreme Petfoods has shown how they understand it.

The high fiber content in each oblong food capsule stimulates the wild rabbit’s food-seeking instinct.

Reasonable complimentary ingredients combined with Omega 3 and 6 as well as Prebiotics technology promise to be an excellent source of nutritional supplements.

A product with a perfect blend of natural and artificial elements, between the best technologies. Try it and you will be really surprised.

Storage Instructions

There is not too much to say in this case when almost all the products are packed in bags, boxes, and instructions printed right on it. But some things are worth your attention.

Try to pack the food right away (zippered, covered or otherwise) as this will improve the efficiency of food preservation for wild rabbits.

You don’t want him to eat soft, right balls? Moisture, microorganisms in the air will quickly spoil food.

With that, do not just regret storing those products for too long. They will harden and lose nutrients. And that’s like giving your rabbit a piece of paper. Not worth serving live activities!

And finally, for food to achieve the most delicious taste, you should discard old food regularly as well as cleaning the food bowl.

FAQs about this problem

1. Why do you have to feed wild rabbits?

This is a rather funny question. When I first wrote this article, I was wondering the same thing. But in fact, many cases can accidentally become conditions for you to meet, interact and nurture a wild rabbit.

Let me give you an example: you accidentally went into the forest and discovered a baby rabbit lying alone.

In that case, what would you do? What to feed a wild baby rabbit? Walk and leave it alone?

No. Reason tells you to stop and adopt it. Or a more common cause is a hare that often appears in your front yard and you want to feed him (though, it is important to know if you should try to feed him at all).

You don’t think it will happen, but maybe someday you will make a new friend from the forest, right?

2. What do wild rabbits eat?

Being a carnivorous animal, the diet of wild rabbits is largely based on plants.

They have a diet based on wood in the cold season (bark, twigs, pine needles), but for the rest of the time, their choices are concentrated on herbaceous species (clover, twigs, and weeds, dry and green grass, shrubs or seedlings).

Many people think that rabbits will eat any type of plant but in reality, they are very picky eaters.

They like fresh things and are willing to put their efforts into play.

Have you ever thought of a wild bunny climbing a tree to look for young leaves opening at the top of a tree? It’s true.

And one of the important things to keep in mind is that wild rabbits have the “recycling” behavior of their feces.

This phenomenon occurs up to 80% and that helps them survive the cold winter.

While helping them to absorb the maximum amount of residual fiber, in reality, it is not good to eat your waste.

The bacteria and toxic substances will be absorbed again and this negative lifestyle only helps wild rabbits have an 8 to 12-year life span.

3. What can you do to improve the health of wild rabbits?

Wild rabbits are not animals that can adapt to captivity. And so the best way is to let them work the way you want.

Limit foods that contain lots of preservatives and instead choose products with antioxidants as well as many essential vitamins.

You can also limit wild rabbits to “handle” their feces by making sure their food containers are stable.

4. Should wild rabbit food products be changed regularly?

The answer is no. This change should only last until you select a suitable product.

  • Does not cause irritation or negative health phenomena
  • Get attention and attract rabbits when eating

Those are the things a suitable product will have.

Also, changing your food regularly will encourage the diet of wild rabbits to be unstable, which is not good.


Wild rabbits are one of the interesting but challenging animals if you intend to try them out.

A thorough study of your rabbit master will help your love and interest work.

The products on the list have been used and received by millions of users around the world.

The pros and cons have been summed up briefly from their feedback and hope to help you.

Which product of what to feed wild rabbits are you most impressed with? Please experience and tell me how you feel!

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