20 Best Bunny Cages of 2020 (Indoor and Outdoor)

Among the most popular pets are bunnies. This animal has become a ubiquitous companion.

If you want to host it in your apartment, house, or garden, this requires bunny cages.

It must be said that bunnies need a lot of space to be free, jump, and move.

These are essential factors for their health. Forcing him to stay continuously locking up leads him to accuse of abnormal behavior.

This sometimes causes a substantial build-up of stress and the risk of getting sick.

Leaving it free is always the preferred solution, yes there are times when you must hold back their abundance, like at night or when you go out. For this, you will need bunny cages.

The best choice is undoubtedly the bunny cages because it allows the animal greater mobility, and this contributes to its health.

Besides, the enclosure also becomes a defense since leaving this animal alone in a garden means exposing it to possible dangers represented by other animals such as cats, dogs, and foxes.

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Different Types of Bunny Cages

You can choose between Indoor bunny cages and Outdoor bunny cages.

Bunnies are generally safer indoors and significantly more comfortable with home air conditioning.

Bunny cages indoor

Keeping bunnies indoors also helps you bond with your bunnies, as you are more likely to interact with them if they are nearby.

It also allows bunnies to be social with people by being in contact with people regularly.

Consider having a large outdoor hutch for warmer weather.

So you can let your bunnies enjoy the fresh air, the sun, and lots of exercises by running in the backyard while being protected from predators and preventing them from moving away.

Bunny cages outdoor

Whether its bunny hutches for indoor or outdoor bunnies, do not hesitate to choose one with a second level or more.

A multi-level hut will satisfy your bunny’s love for rock climbing, provide it with lots of exercises it needs, and keep it from getting bored.

How to Choose a Bunny Cage?

The bunny is a comforting and pretty animal. Like hamsters and fish, bunnies require their environment to live fully.

Thanks to its habitat, the bunny will flourish quickly and create a deep bond with its owner. Besides, it is for this reason that the purchase of a bunny cage is of great importance in his education.

Buying a bunny cage is not a whim, but on the contrary, it is a real need for the welfare of the bunny.

The bunny cage also plays an essential role in the instruction of the bunny and the bunny to the cleanliness.

However, the use of this device should be done wisely, as the bunny also requires a little freedom.

In addition, due to the multiplicity of models on the market, it is fundamental to take into consideration a few criteria to conscientiously choose the cage for your bunny.

But what are the main factors to consider when purchasing this device? Focus on the main criteria to find the best bunny cage.

The size of the bunny

The first criterion to consider when choosing the best bunny cage is the size of your bunny.

If you want to adopt a bunny, you must also anticipate its evolution and its size when it becomes an adult.

Bunnies require a place of their own, in which they will be comfortable and can move.

Be aware that the size of the room in which you will put your bunny also influences the size of its cage.

However, it makes more sense to buy large bunny cages.

The material 

The second criterion influencing the purchase of a bunny cage concerns its design material.

This point plays a role in the maintenance of the cage and the comfort of the animal.

Even if the wood turns out to be comfortable for the bunny, it is not recommended because it is difficult to clean.

Indeed, it retains and absorbs a lot of odor. So eliminating the smell of urine will be very difficult.

In terms of maintenance, bunny cages made from metal and plastic are highly recommended.

The bottom 

The bottom of the bunny cage should also be studied.

Contrary to popular belief, wood chips are not a good idea for the base of a mammal’s cage.

Indeed, this material is not at all hygienic. We advise you to buy a bunny litter and put it in a bin.

The design 

Finally, the last point to consider concerns the design of the bunny cage.

It is better to opt for a pretty and pleasant to see the cage, especially if you are going to put it inside your house.

Indeed, an ugly cage can immediately break your decoration.

Look at a model that fits perfectly with the style of your home.

Top 20 Best Bunny Cages in 2020 Reviews

Confidence Pet 36” Bunny Hutch Guinea

The Hutch Hutch Guinea Bunny Confidence Pet 36 ”is ideally designed for small bunnies and other exotic animals.

Your bunny can relax comfortably upstairs and play or run downstairs.

The price of the barn is only $ 94- $ 100, it is very affordable.

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Tangkula Wooden Outdoor Bunny Rabbit Cage

This Tangkula Chicken Coop is made from natural wood and fir wire. Therefore, it is stable, beautiful, and durable.

Bunnies will not have to worry when it rains because they are protected by the slanted roof design of the house.

Besides, the hinge can be conveniently opened from the top down with a locking hand.

You can easily pull out the tray to clean and ensure the cage is tidy and comfortable for pets.


  • Waterproof painted surface
  • Easy to pull out tray for quick access and maintenance
  • One locking arms that are asphalt-proof

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Bunny Home Kit

The Wabbitat Deluxe Bunny Home provides bunnies with a large space to live and rest, providing maximum comfort for bunnies.

This bunny cage includes a hay loader, water bottle, and food bowl.

Bunnies can eat upstairs and have fun downstairs. Fixed bowls help reduce spills during meals.



  • Quick assembly without tools
  • 5-inch deep plastic pan easy to clean
  • Durable powder coating head for optimal ventilation and visibility
  • Expandable with two optional extensions

Ferplast Krolik Extra-Large Bunny Wire Hutch

If you want to keep more than one bunny, this is the right bunny pen for you.

The Krolik is made wide enough to accommodate up to two bunnies.

Besides, it is also large enough to allow the bunny to eat and play with a useful extension complete with an ideal cozy bungalow.

It makes the bunny feel private and comfortable.

This bunny cage has a big bottom for sawdust and garbage. Your bunny will feel comfortable with this.

Besides, it also comes with accessories such as drinking bottles, bowls, and hay troughs.


  • Innovative design for wide living space
  • Fully accessorized for your pet’s comfort
  • The completely knockdown system, practical and handy
  • Useful extension with bunny house included

Kennel-Aire “A” Frame Bunny House

The Kennel-Aire “A” Frame Bunny House is a safe and comfortable home for bunnies to live and rest.

The durable string structure provides space for bunnies while keeping them safe.

This metal bunny cage features a slide-out tray that is easy to clean and maintain.

You can move this bunny cage using the four mounted heavy wheels.


  • Guarantee of safety, convenience and comfort features
  • The building is spacious and comfortable for bunnies to live and rest
  • Equipped with four wheels for natural movement
  • Can remove and disinfect plastic tray easily

Petsfit Wood Bunny Cage with Removable Tray

This cage is large enough to house two bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

Like other bunny cages, it has a tray to hold the bunny’s feces and urine.

The tray is easily removable for disinfection and regular maintenance.

This bunny cage is made from solid wood, so the bunny cannot chew it but a way to abrasive teeth.

Petsfit good for indoor use and no rain outdoors.


  • Bunny cages are treated with water-based paint safe for bunnies
  • The cage may contain two adult bunnies
  • There are two color options: gray and white
  • Easy to set up with a few simple steps
  • A wooden upper roof with raised piston hinges for easy cleaning

Aivituvin Wooden Outdoor and Indoor Bunny Hutch

Aivituvin bunnies are improved with all pre-drilled holes.

Metal mesh inside the bunny cage above the tray for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Tray of the cage does not leak.

It can prevent urine and water, and nothing can spill over the edge. Besides, the cage’s wheels are locked to keep it in place.

The barn is designed with an open roof, side windows, and two front doors.



  • Foldable access doors and ramps
  • Removable metal mesh
  • It comes with a free metal loader and a bunny chewing toy.
  • Higher quality latches help pets and predators out
  • User-friendly assembly

Midwest Wabbitat Folding Bunny Cage

This bunny cage is uniquely designed with pegs on the top and sides of the cage.

This allows you to manipulate with one hand when you play with your bunny with the other. And because it is designed to fit your bunny’s habit, so it is easy and fast to clean up the bunny’s habitat.

The Midwest Wabbitat Folding Bunny Cage has a hole on the top and side that also makes it a piece of cake to play with, interact with the bunny, and clean the pen.


  • Lets you easily clean, feed, or play with your bunny by visiting the upper and front doors.
  • Cleaning is very simple with the slide, durable plastic pan.
  • Safety slider
  • Includes urine protection

LAZY BUDDY Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Hutch

LAZY BUDDY Bunny Hutch is a hare made from high-quality natural fir wood and painted with eco-friendly varnish.

The original wood material makes the bunny cage sturdy and sturdy, ensuring the safety of your pet.

Besides, the life of the cage is also longer by environmentally friendly paint, cage waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and even UV resistant.

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Aivituvin 39.4″ Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage

Aivituvin 39.4″ is an upgraded bunny cage version compared to the previous versions. It is designed with wire mesh to be removable and hygienic.

The fir wood material of the bunny cage is always the best choice in terms of quality.

The composition of the barn is 100% natural wood, so it is not dangerous for pets. With this upgraded version, the roof is 100% UV resistant to help protect bunnies from ultraviolet rays and rain.

The bunny can comfortably enjoy the sunlight. You can detach 4 feet in this version so you can place it on the ground or high-leg hamster cage.

749 Reviews


  • 100% UV-proof roof to protect bunnies
  • Removable bottom grid
  • The tray does not leak and is deeper
  • Includes free metal and chewing toys

Aivituvin [Upgrade Version] Bunny Hutch with Two No Leak Trays

This new upgraded version of Aivituvin has an additional metal mesh wire above the bottom tray.

This prevents bunnies from standing on their feces.

You can easily clean and disinfect bunny houses. Besides, the plastic plate is more resistant to water than the wooden tray, and it will not leak and mold.

This bunny cage is equipped with four wheels that come with a lock to keep them in place.

With three doors and ramps, it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


  • Bunny Hutch is designed like a house
  • Great for adding a DEEPER NO LEAK to slide out of the tray at the bottom.
  • Including chewing & metal chewing toys
  • Extra metal mesh + Ramp

PawHut 32” L 4-Level Indoor Small Animal Bunny Cage

PawHut bunny cage is designed for ventilation and elegance with beautiful pink and white wheels.

It is very suitable for small pets such as ferrets, chinchillas, and other animals.

The interior space has 3 platforms with sloping ramps and three openings making it larger.

The holes at the top and in front of the barn provide easy access.

Stainless metal cage with 0.78 ” and 0.13 ” wire and electrostatic painted surface to make it corrosion resistant.


  • Ideal for small animals
  • Beautiful pink and white appearance
  • Sturdy construction built from powder-coated metal and iron wire
  • Allows easy access by opening before or on
  • Comes with four universal wheels
  • The distance between the bars is suitable for the safety of pets

Aivituvin Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Hutch

You can disassemble the wire mesh and the PVC layer for easy cleaning and prevent underground predators. Besides, the quality of plastic is more resistant to water than wood.

This bunny cage comes with a metal loader and outdoor bunny chewing toys, which reduces the boredom of the bunny when locked up.

Plastic roofs help 100% waterproof and UV. Besides, bunnies are also protected from animals such as dogs, cats, and other animals.


  • The nesting box provides a safe indoor spot for bunnies
  • The DEEPER NO LEAK tray slides out at the bottom and the surrounding BARRIER EDGE four sides
  • 100% UV-proof roof
  • Two concave bars help full water flow

Aivituvin Indoor Bunny Hutch with Deeper Leakproof Tray

Measuring 35.8”L x 18.1” W x 28” H, this Aivituvin model allows you to raise 1-2 small bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small animals. Besides, two access doors along with a ramp for easy access.

The divider inside the cage can effectively separate the bunny from sleeping and playing areas.

This makes the bunny more private and quiet. With pre-drilled holes, this bunny cage can be easily and quickly assembled.

The company also donated a bunny chewing toy included.

516 Reviews


  • Great for adding a layer of metal wire above the tray so the bunny won't stand on their poop
  • This tray is DEEPER & NO LEAKING easily slides off the tray for quick and convenient cleaning
  • Waterproof, durable painted surface for both indoor and outdoor use

Ogrmar Bunny Hutch for Indoor Outdoor Use

Ogrmar bunny cage is designed with solid wood structure, high-end with a classic design.

Highlight design with six legs shields bunny cage more stable and secure. With exterior dimensions of 39.5 “L x 17.5” W x 25.4 “H, this Ogrmar bunny cage is larger than the original bunny pens.

It is also easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes. Pledge to issue you a new one or a full refund if you have any problems with the quality of the bunny cage.


  • An easy pull-out tray for cleaning in composite plastic covers
  • Unique design, perfect for managing the bunny with two doors in the bunny cage
  • Specially designed to resist rain and other outdoor elements
  • Finished with a durable epoxy coating that resists rust, corrosion, and fading.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

A Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation stable includes a pan, an adjustable shelf, a plastic ramp with a lid, and an easy-to-control stand with four locking wheels.

You can easily access to clean and feed the bunnies with the whole wide double door on the Critter Nation small animal cage and detachable shelf.

Expansion shelves and leak-proof pans provide a play area and prevent falls.

This is an excellent choice for bunnies, hamsters, hamsters, etc. Besides, horizontal wires allow pets to perform climbing instincts and explore in a safe environment.


  • Designed with creatures in mind
  • Supreme living environment
  • Fully customizable
  • The Critter Nation bracket is easily maneuverable with locking wheels
  • Maximum pet security
  • Ramp Cover
  • Full double doors

MidWest Homes for Pets Cage

Guinea bunny cages provide 8 square feet of living area for bunnies as recommended by veterinary experts and breeders. Besides, the multi-access folding control panel and partition with ramps can completely protect your bunny from predators.

Durable and leak-proof PVC liners can be easily disassembled and assembled for care and maintenance.

This pad works great to protect the sensitive feet of guinea pigs. Guinea fowl bunnies are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.



  • Guinea Habitat Plus has a multi-access folding head that allows safe and secure interaction
  • Control panel with ramps with hinges, locked in place
  • The 14-inch edge keeps your bunny safe
  • Modular design allows for many configurations and unlimited scalability
  • Durable PVC lining protects your pet's sensitive feet

Homey Pet Rabbit Crate with Pull Out Tray

The Homey Pet-3 bunny cage has a size of 26 “Hx 18” W x 21 “H and 0.8” wire rod distance is quite spacious for bunnies to live and rest.

It can be easily assembled without tools. Besides, it is also equipped with a separate plastic tray to keep your bunny clean.


  • Protect urine keeping your home clean
  • Lockable wheels can allow you to move your pet easily
  • The plastic tray can be quickly cleaned
  • Easy to assemble without tools

Advantek Stilt House Bunny Hutch Farmhouse Red

Stilted nesting box and outdoor enclosure give bunnies an open space outdoors.

You have two color choices: sepia and white, that look great in any setting.

Bunnies can walk safely in cages with connected runs surrounded in thick cords. Besides, natural fir wood is also insect and rot-resistant.

Your bunny can comfortably live in this 25L x 48W x 36H space.

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Friday discount 62″ Wooden Hen House Chicken Coop

This bunny cage has a solid structure made of fir wood. Moreover, the surface is painted with waterproof and environmentally friendly varnishes to extend the life of the stable.

Ample space provides a wide running area for your pet.

The manufacturer provides all the tools and instructions needed for you to assemble quickly.

48 Reviews


  • Made of premium natural fir wood.
  • There is a convenient ramp with timber ridges which ensure your poultry won’t slip back.
  • It comes with a larger outdoor running area, which allows the poultry to move around without the fear of predators.
  • High duty wire fence for excellent ventilation.

How to Use a Bunny Cage?

When a pet is part of our small tribe, it is entitled to little attention. Besides, we are obliged to offer him a better living condition, both for his survival and well-being.

On the same pedestal as cats, dogs, and fish, the bunny also needs a small home.

A bunny cage will be perfect for making your new friend happy.

However, to buy a rabbit cage, there are a few essential factors to consider.

Once you’ve found the right cage for your bunny, it’s time to install it.

This paragraph informs you of the steps to follow to handle your bunny’s cage correctly.

Install your Bunny Cage

Install your bunny cage

As soon as the bunny cage is in your possession, you must find a good location for it.

We advise you to put it on a solid and completely flat surface.

It is strongly recommended not to place it high because it may fall, especially when you are clumsy.

It is smarter to install it in a place where the animal could enjoy the virtues of the sun.

Indeed, it is essential to emphasize that the sun’s rays are significant for the development and growth of your bunny.

Ventilate the Cage Perfectly

Even if your bunny has a playful character, and loves his accessories, do not clutter his cage with futile materials.

We recommend that you ventilate the cage perfectly so that your bunny can move around and be comfortable.

Ventilate the cage perfectly

Currently, there is a cage model which has the singularity of having structured bars to ventilate the bunny’s play area without it being able to escape.

Maintain your Bunny’s Cage

For the well-being and development of your bunny, the maintenance of its cage is essential.

Indeed, the bunny requires a clean and healthy environment to live comfortably.

Maintain your bunnys cage

To do this, the weekly cleaning of the bunny cage is necessary.

Thanks to this cleaning, the structure of your sage will be in good condition while providing your bunny with a healthy lifestyle.

FAQ about a Bunny Cages

Can the bunny cage be placed outside the house?

Like cats and dogs, domestic bunnies also need their place. Among the most famous bunny habitats is the bunny cage.

This accessory is essential to create a better living condition for bunnies.

Currently, the bunny cage can be placed both inside and outside the house.

If you want to put your bunny cages outside, it is essential to buy an utterly waterproof model, especially the roof of the cage, to prevent the ingress of rainwater inside its cage.

Where should you put your bunny cage?

After purchasing the bunny cage, it must be installed in a strategic location.

The cage must be well ventilated without being too exposed to drafts. Even if the bunny needs the sun’s rays, you should not install your bunny’s cage directly in the sun.

Indeed, it is not comfortable, especially during the hot seasons. We also advise you to put the cage in a living room of the house, because the bunny loves human contact.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to install the bunny cage in a place where there is a lot of passage and noise.

Can the bunny cage be placed in a bedroom?

The bunny is a sweet and beautiful animal. Installing it in your room is very tempting, but is it a good idea? No, it is strongly advised not to place the bunny cage in your room.

As a nocturnal animal, your bunny will disturb your sleep and prevent you from sleeping well.

Indeed, from midnight to 2 am, the bunny turns out to be very active. Besides, between 5 to 6 am, he plays for an entire hour.

Why is the maintenance of the bunny cage necessary?

It is essential to clean the bunny cage because its feces and urine have an unpleasant smell. Besides, the maintenance of the cage also improves his health.

We recommend that you differentiate the various spaces of the bunny cage. Thus, it is necessary to put a litter box there to teach the bunny to make its toilet.

Daily cleaning of the tank must be carried out. To do this, remove the excrement from your bunny.

How to clean the bunny cage?

The bunny cage must be disinfected monthly. To do this, you need to have exclusive products or use a mixture of vinegar and boiling water.

The entire cage must be cleaned as well as the equipment that is placed in the cage.

For cleaning stains on the litter box, vinegar must be used. The latter also eliminates unpleasant odors.

Final Thoughts

Bunnies are members of a family. Providing your bunny with bunny cages is a necessary task to ensure their spacious and safe living space. They will be in good health when in a pleasant environment.

You will no longer have to pay expensive pet bills to your beloved bunny.

Wish your rabbit healthy!

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