What you Should Know Before Raising Dogs? (FAQs)

As in common knowledge, dogs have remained the most loyal of friends for us humans throughout a quite long timeframe.

The domestic pup is a branch of the wolf evolved after receiving a domestication process stretching throughout our known history.

The first ever official animal domestication process, however, only officially commenced about 15000 years ago with nomadic hunters and grey wolves.

Our domestic pups have been, through millennia, bred for a bunch of sensory, physical, and behavior attributes.

Thus, our modern dog breeds demonstrate quite a variance in size, appearance, and behavior.

In fact, they have the most diversified nature in all domestic pets.

This result in there always being some specific dog breed that can satisfy your peculiar tastes.

So, the dog owners count has never truly gone down, only increasing with each passing day.

However, this does pose a problem, as new dog owners usually do not possess sufficient knowledge about these furry friends.

That is why I want you to read through this article before deciding on adopting a pup.

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A FAQ on Raising Dogs

How to get an old dog settling in a new house?

The majority of us humans do not like moving.

After all, who can put up with the packing, moving, then unpacking process?

However, while it is indeed quite a misfortune, you should always keep in mind that your favorite pup will be even more affected than you.

You will not be able to completely erase the unpleasant feeling that the pup has after moving.

However, you can ease the settling-to-new-house process for the pup.

  • First of all, you should always keep the old routines the way they were.
  • Remember that all changes related to moving will always be stressful inherently.
  • So, if the routines that they were so familiar with stay the same, the pup will feel a lot less intimidated.
  • After they have settled in completely, then you can think of changes.
  • Secondly, do not buy any new gear immediately after moving.
  • It is only natural for you to want something new to fit with your new place. However, the case is not so right for the pup.

Thus, remember that you can buy anything you want, but leave the dogs’ stuff alone.

After a while, your pup will be comfortable with changes, so then you can go here to buy some new beds for them!

Finally, you should be giving the pup a lot of attention and love.

Spending time playing with him, being together with him, walking with him, you can consider best dog strollers as well and etc. can sound simple.

However, the issue is that after moving you are usually so overwhelmed that you tend to forget about this.

How to train a pup not to pull the leash and stay calm on being leashed?

train a pup

Training a pup to become accustomed to a leash in one of the most vital skills that a dog owner must have.

However, you will never be able to train the pup if you are just rushing the process.

Remember, first of all, you need to be patient. Then, make your pup a proper reward system.

The easiest way is to reward the pup with small and easily chewable treats, Moreover dog treat pouch bags make the process easier to carry the treats whenever you want.

These kinds of treats are tasty for the pup yet quick enough so that the pup will not be distracted from the training.

Choosing the right leash and collar is also quite vital. Light and flat collars with a light leash (Amazon Link) will be great for beginners.

This will allow the pup to get used to having something wrapping his neck.

Then, you allow the pup to get used to the collar. Only after he is fully accustomed do you introduce the leash.

Remember that whenever you are training the pup with a leash, you should be creating a calm environment.

The majority of pups will get overly excited seeing the leash and will spin, whine, or bark.

In these cases, remain calm with the leash in hands, as the pup will pick your energy up and follow it.

You should also remember to stop the bad behaviors from further development through addressing them each time they happen.

You do not have to get angry, yell, or even hit your pup.

If the pup starts pulling the leash, immediately stop your walk and just stand still.

Do not yank the leash, you only have to let the pup knows that it will get nowhere when it pulls.

Call him back, give him a treat (Amazon Link) when he does.

If you do this calmly and consistently each time, the pup will quickly learn not to do this again.

Successfully making him used to the leash can lead to other training methods. You can see here for them!

What are the reasons for heat rash on dogs?

Heat rashes can become quite an issue whenever the temperature rises in wherever you are living in.

This kind of disease is among the hardest to diagnose without the help of a vet.

One reason for this situation is the fact that the symptoms can seem quite similar to some other dog skin irritations.

In normal circumstances, heat rashes often occur when the pup is exposed to too much heat or himself overheated.

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Is it ok to give my dog frozen chicken mince in small bites as treats?

dog eating frozen chicken

It is always a great idea to give your pup treats. After all, treats will help build a conception of reward systems.

Thus, the pup will be aware that he needs to do something right in order to be given a treat.

As for frozen chicken mince, if the pup does not belong to the “gulper” type, then you may want to leave some of them outside in the scorching heat of summer.

This is so that they can serve your pup as an ice block that is also meaty!

Some of the pups do not have a lot of practice in chewing as they ingest them too fast.

Feeding them frozen meat can make them slow their eating speed down.

Then, they will have a chance to be accustomed to properly using the jaw muscles.

You can get some great food here!

Never forget about attention!

The one thing that you should always keep in mind is that there is nothing more important in raising pups than giving them, sufficient love.

Thus, remember to never let them feel too lonely!

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