25 Best UVB Bulb For Bearded Dragon in 2020 (Reviews & FAQs)

It should be known that most of the pets that keep today are equally doing well in the wild without our support.

In their natural habitats, the animals can fend for themselves and obtain all that support their existence.

Once you decide to keep pets, provide them with all the requirements because they cannot find them on their own while in confinement.

Bearded dragons thrive well when you make a decent enclosure, heat a dragon substrate, water dish, UVB bulbs, and a heating apparatus available.

Remember, you cannot miss any of the items named above, and still grant your lovely reptile a healthy life.

Just like other reptiles, bearded dragons are ectothermic animals that rely on external sources of light to warm their bodies.

Bearded dragons can either chose to seek or hide from external heat unless they have received the optimum heat level.

The heat that these small animals obtain from the best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons is used in processing Vitamin D, which in turn synthesizes calcium.

Without the right amount of light to bearded dragons, the funny animal is likely to from health complications, including Metabolic Bone Disease.

The best source of light to your small pet remains the sunlight. It’s the main reason why you should put a leash on the pet for control as you handle it or for basking purposes.

In the absence of the natural source of light, you need to devise a means by availing the best UVB bulb for bearded dragons for the sake of the well-being of the natives of Australian deserts.

This article seeks to make the task of selecting the best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons easy for all pet parents.

We have assessed all the available products but settled on these 25 bulbs because of the exceptional features they have.

Besides, we have provided you with links to Amazon for each product to enable you to view other details such as the price.

At first, let me list out all the customers picked high demanded products.

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Customer Picks: Best UVB Bulb for Bearded Dragon Reviews in 2020

However, we have provided links to Amazon to help you see additional features and specifications. It’s crucial to note that all the products reviewed are tremendous and the listing doesn’t reveal the gradual fall in quality.

25 Top-Rated UVB Bulbs for Bearded Dragon of 2020

UVB bulbs are among the essential accessories that bearded dragons cannot do without. In the wild, the desert dwellers obtain UVB light from sunlight, something that the reptiles cannot obtain naturally in their enclosures.

It’s UVB light that these precious creatures use to process Vitamin D3, which helps in the synthesis of calcium. Without UVB light, your pet risk suffering from a deficiency known as Metabolic Bone Disease.

Besides, the lovely reptile might opt to go into hibernation just to escape extreme conditions. Indeed, without UVB bulb, your pet cannot live its full lifespan.

Not every bulb gives this important aspect of light, so we have reviewed 25 Amazon products to enable you to see the one that suits the animal you keep.

We have taken our time to do research that included interviews with pet owners using these accessories. We have, therefore, produced an article that aims to guide you on getting quality UVB light without health hazards.

Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt UVA UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb  

In my house, I have a 100-watt bulb in the toilet, and I can feel the amount of heat it emits.

I have never been sure if harmful chemicals come alongside the light, but for my pets, it’s a big concern, I don’t have a bearded dragon, but I keep four geckos that have the same heat requirement as the beardies do, I take less than five minutes to shower, but geckos spend more than fourteen hours under the bulbs, so you can see why I care.

No products found.

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Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb 60W Ceramic Heat Emitter

I’m a big fan of mushrooms, so I have to admit that the shape attracted me before I got to learn other admirable features. The low watt means that you can put the bulb close to the pet without any cause for an alarm.

The bulb can be on non-stop for 24 hours without signs of overheating.

However, it’s advisable to allow it to cool for an hour before you remove it from the socket. I use mine mainly during the day, but still, it cannot interfere with my sleeping geckos at night.

4,003 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • It’s made of ceramic and metal to last long.
  • It can work non-stop for a long period.
  • It doesn’t emit light hence no disturbance to some nocturnal pets.
  • Ideal for numerous fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • It’s ideal for humid locations.
  • It’s very useful in warming both the pet and the enclosure.

2 Pack Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 UVB Mini

Most UVB bulbs in the market serve the general purpose of warming animals, but this bulb has a special duty.

The manufacturer’s aim was desert reptiles making the bulb appear as the best UVB bulb for bearded dragons. Its simple look may confuse to mistake it with any other bulb we use at home.

Some manufacturers design their bulbs with only adult animals in their minds, but here’s a UVB bulb for baby bearded dragon too.

With this bulb in your pet’s terrarium, you don’t need to worry about the sunless winters as your reptile’s basking needs are already catered for.


Product Benefits:

  • A special UVB bulb for only the desert basking reptiles.
  • It has a 10% UVB output.
  • This possesses a 30% UVA output.
  • It records a higher UVB penetration with the help of UVB transmitting quartz glass.
  • You have the option to fix the bulb either horizontally or vertically.

Wohostam 100W 1 Pack Infrared Ceramic Lamp, Reptile Emitter Bulb for Pets

Are you wondering how a bulb can be black? Well, you are going to see more that bear the same color.

Reptiles have the adaptation to see both day and night, so they do not need a source of light to improve their vision. All your bearded dragon is a source of clean heat that can enhance its body metabolism.

Even though it doesn’t emit light, we’ll still call it a lamp because of the much-needed heat it avails to our pets.

This is one bulb that you won’t lack its work even if you bought it by mistake because it’s equally ideal for a poultry farmer, amphibians, and other reptiles.

Product Benefits:

  • The ceramic material enhances perfect radiation.
  • It doesn’t emit light, so comfort to the sleeping pets.
  • A simple ceramic lamp is offering convenience in the installation.
  • Ideal for 24-hour heat supply.
  • It offers versatile use to various small animals.
  • It can last beyond 15,000 hours of use.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Lighting UVB Fluorescent Desert T8 Bulb

Apart from my washrooms, I prefer fluorescent light to the traditional bulbs. I here engineers say that my favorite light economizes power than bulbs, but that isn’t the reason I have such a fondness.

Fluorescent lights provide light in an expansive space, and it does the same with heat to our pets.

The delightful part is that this source of heat is designed specifically for desert reptiles. The length of the tube is 18 inches, which is good enough to grant sufficient heat to your pets.

Remember, never touch the lamp to determine the extent of the heat being produced because that action can hurt you. Besides, the lamp shouldn’t be too close to the basking pets for safety reasons.


Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for reptile pets from deserts.
  • It produces high heat.
  • It provides both UVA and UVB lights for the well-being of your pets.
  • The full spectrum lighting setting enables the reptiles to display their real color in their natural homes.
  • It can last for a year when still emitting sufficient UVB level.

My ComfyPet UVB and UVA light 2-in1 Bulb 100W for Bearded Dragons

It’s a wise idea to go for a bulb that supplies both UVB and UVA. Some pet parents opt for only UVB bulbs, not knowing that their pets are suffering from a deficiency in UVA.

The 2-in-1 bulb will grant the body of your pet with the option to absorb the light it requires most.

The Self Ballasted Screw feature enables the bulb to fit easily into the Lamp Fixture.

It’s not only the best UVB bulb for bearded dragons but also works well with amphibians, birds, and even other reptiles. The bulb suits both terrariums and aviaries.


Product Benefits:

  • It emits both UVA and UVB.
  • It helps in boosting your pet’s appetite.
  • The radiation lights enhance activity in your reptiles.
  • It’s ideal in the prevention of metabolic bone disease in reptiles.
  • It can last beyond 10 000 hours of work.
  • It encourages the reptiles to exhibit their natural colors.

Exo Terra HeatGlo Infrared Spot Lamp 150W

The designers of this lamp had in mind that nocturnal pets should be allowed to sleep comfortably, and that’s the reason for the red light.

In human, we need a GREEN light to indicate satisfaction while the red light indicates potential danger. Also, the heat from the lamp aid in proper digestion in reptiles.

No products found.

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STTQYV Sun Lamp Reptile Heat Lamp UVA+UVB, Reptile Lizard Lamp UV Heating Lamp

Even in the deserts, basking isn’t an activity that takes the pet’s entire day. The bulb is made to ensure a regulated basking period that ranges between 2-4 hours.

It’s UVA that’s dominant in this bulb to enhance the pet’s appetite. However, the 3% UVB light is enough for the synthesis of Vitamin D3.

The manufacturer replaces the bulb for any user who sends an email for the products that are damaged within the initial six months.

However, they warn against switching on the bulb after switching it off because the action can cause the bulb to burn.

Product Benefits:

  • It has both UVA and UVB for the well-being of your pets.
  • A manufacturer warranty for bulbs that don’t see their half-birthdays.
  • It nearly suits all small animals.
  • E27 Lamp holder makes the bulb convenient for use.
  • A strong ultra-violet spectrum, thanks to the three-dimensional convex surface reflection feature.

LUCKY HERP Desert UVA/UVB Reptile Fluorescent Light

The balancing of UVA and UVB makes the difference when it comes to the quality of a reptile bulb, The 10% UVB output is adequate for Calcium synthesis, and the 30% UVA output contributes to the appetite and activities of the small animal.

The fluorescent is suitable for several desert dwellers, including geckos, chameleons, and bearded dragons.

If you think that the product falls among the best UVB bulbs for Bearded Dragon, you may be right because it doesn’t have an output for the toxic UVC. With any E26 socket, you’re on your way towards making the pet healthy.

1,605 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for all the desert reptiles and amphibians.
  • Compatible for an E26 socket.
  • 10 % UVB output.
  • 30% UVA output.
  • Versatile hence can be used on various desert dwellers.

REPTIZOO Full Spectrum UVA +UVB Sun Lamp for Reptile

It looks much like a spotlight, and true to its appearance, it provides radiant heat together with visible light.

The UVB output is what bearded dragons need for the synthesis of vitamin D3, which in turn process calcium for the robust performance of your pet’s bones.

On the other hand, UBA enables cold-blooded animals to develop an appetite.

Because it emits light, it’s not ideal for the night use as the bearded dragon UVB is likely to prevent your pet from sleeping peacefully.

1,158 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • An assurance that the manufacturer will respond to your queries within 24 hours.
  • You don’t need an external ballast.
  • It grants your pet enough radiation.
  • Both UVB and UVA to satisfy the reptile’s health requirement.
  • It doesn’t overheat.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Lighting Terrarium Heat Lamp Mini Dome

Here’s a bearded dragon lighting equipment that you need to ensure proper distribution of light to the pet or in the terrarium.

Just like in our homes, we have lampshades to regulate the amount of light reaching us; the pets too need a controlled source of heat.

The dome has a quality aluminum reflector to ensure the heat and light reach the targeted points, The design is standard, thus saving space in the terrarium. The kit is complete when you buy the halogen bulb that sells separately.


Product Benefits:

  • An aluminum reflector to direct heat to the focused zones.
  • The mounting clip makes fixing easy
  • Ideal with halogen bulbs.
  • The design saves space.

Fluker’s 3 Pack Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles 150 watt

A good purchase is the one that grants you many pieces of an item, and you pay once. The 150W bulbs are three in each packet, so when one overheats, you have the option of using the next one.

The exciting part of it all is that each bulb can direct the heat to the area that needs it. The affordable bearded dragon lightings are ideal for all the basking reptiles.

No products found.

Zilla Reptile Lighting UVB Fluorescent Coil Bulb

It seems as if Zilla Manufacturer is not stopping any sooner, the factory has been very adventurous in the pursuit to grant pets habitable lifestyles.

The 20W coil bulb may appear simple, but the designer gave it invisible features that ensure that desert animals’ basking needs are satisfied. Also, the bulb offers convenient use for many pet owners since it easily fixes to various sockets.

Product Benefits:

  • It gives UVB rays needed for the synthesis of calcium.
  • The design is compatible with several incandescent bulb sockets.
  • It works well for all the desert dwellers that desire both UVB and UVA lights.
  • The full spectrum lighting mode makes the animals exhibit their colors according to their environments.
  • It conserves heat hence lowering the energy cost.
  • The product ships to several destinations across the world.

Carolina Custom Cages Zoo Med 10.0 UVB

Here’s another product that will answer your pet’s basking desires. I love it because various light components, including UVB and UVA, have the right output.

Besides, after buying the product, you can be sure that it won’t degrade soon.

No doubt that this item ranks among the best UVB light for bearded dragon given that it’s specifically designed for desert animals that value basking activities.

740 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • 10% UVB output meant for calcium synthesis.
  • It takes long before the light degrades.
  • Ideal for several desert dwellers.
  • The product is compatible with all the three fixtures that Carolina Custom supplies.
  • Easy to assemble.

UVB Reptile Light 160W UVA UVB Vapor Bulb for Reptile

In your quest to grant your little reptile a basking source, you will come across numerous UVB light, but landing vapor bulb is never easy.

The factory that has manufactured this light might not be popular, but I must admit that the UVB light is a beautiful product for your pet.

I like the part that you can have the bulb for a whole month, and if a manufacturer’s fault happens; you’ll have your money back. The fact that the bulb has both UVB and UVA is what makes many customers buy it.

Product Benefits:

  • No need for ballast.
  • It has both UVB and UVA outputs.
  • A full spectrum allows you can see the true colors of your pet.
  • Ideal for various desert dweller reptiles and amphibians.
  • 30-day money-back in case of any manufacturer’s fault.
  • A realistic answer to bearded dragons’ basking needs.

MD Lighting UVA UVB Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb for Bearded Dragon

How about a deal that gives four quality bulbs at a single pay? Well, let me leave the quantity alone and delve straight about the qualities.

I must emphasize that this is another good UVB bulb for bearded dragons that can serve other small pets, including turtles, frogs, and lizards.

For the day use, this bulb has 97% output for UVA helps in improving the appetite of your pet for a healthy appearance. The 3% allocation for UVB is adequate for calcium synthesis.

Product Benefits:

  • Versatile use on various animals.
  • Right output for both UVB and UVA.
  • The quartz glass and the durable wick make the lamp to last long.
  • The three-dimensional reflection feature enables the heat to reach all sections.
  • User-friendly guide.

Zoo MED Desert UVB and Heat Lighting Kit

Now for the pet parents who always feel uneasy with only one best UVB bulb for bearded dragons, here’s a bulb that will meet your taste.

The fixture incorporates a combo carrying two bulbs with distinct features. If one bulb fails, the next one will rise to the occasion, thus sparing your lovely pet from missing the valuable heat.

Product Benefits:

  • An affordable cost for a dual kit.
  • Ideal for all the desert dwellers.
  • Not only a great source of UVB but also an unrivaled heating combo.
  • It gives the option to use a bulb of various watts.
  • No need for buying a lighting fixture.

Aomryom 100W Basking Spot Lamp for Reptiles

I’m poor at colors apart from the primary ones, so I take advantage of the saying that “Men are color-blind.” I would guess this color to be either indigo or purple, but that isn’t what matters. From the look of the bulb, you would be scared that the color of the light would disturb your pets, thus interfering with their sleep.

Contrary to that thinking, this bulb demonstrates natural mode that enables it to assume the appearance of moonlight.

Now, tell me if there’s a pet that resists the light from the moon! The bulb doesn’t emit much heat, but the energy is enough to meet the needs of the pet on cold nights.

Product Benefits:

  • It’s arguably one of the best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons, especially at night.
  • Adequate heat source.
  • Mimics the light from the moon.
  • Ideal for all desert animals.
  • Best UVB light for baby bearded dragons.
  • It enhances various metabolic processes for the well-being of your pet.
  • It’s probably what your terrarium is missing.

ZOO Med Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo

When I see “Gillette Shaving kit” that advertises with the phrase “Two is better than one”, my attention quickly shifts to this combo source of light.

Bearded dragons have heat preferences based on their age, origin, and health status. Having two bulbs in one kit gives you the option of selecting the light that matches your pet’s needs.

It’s another best UVB light for baby bearded dragons which need a varying source of heat. The name of the bulb alone will tell you the specific result it realizes in bearded dragons.


Product Benefits:

  • Two bulbs with varying heat output.
  • It meets the needs of various groups of bearded dragons.
  • The light is specifically tailored to suit the requirements of bearded dragons.
  • It enhances the natural appearance of a terrarium.
  • It’s simple, hence easy to install.

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Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb 160Watts

After five-year research, the best UVB bulb for bearded dragons was the ultimate answer. Many other mercury vapor bulbs decay much faster, thus not granting the desert dwellers their tastes and at the same time limiting the durability.

Unlike other vapor bulbs with decay at the rate of 80%, here’s is the bulb that cannot decay beyond 30% all its life.

It isn’t an error when you see its packet displaying “The world’s best reptile lighting” because that’s exactly what the product achieves.

The designer made sure that both UVA and UVB heats are in the right ratio to meet the basking desire of desert reptiles.

610 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • The design takes UVB heat from the face of the lamp.
  • The lowest decay level.
  • Ideal for all desert reptiles.
  • It nearly mimics sunlight.
  • It can last for almost two years.
  • A reliable source of heat, so you must keep reading the temperature.

LUCKY HERP 100 Watt UVA UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb for Reptile

This is the second product we are reviewing from LUCKY HERP, and that shows the concern the manufacturer is demonstrating to the plight of pets. Unlike most other bulbs, this is a source of both heat and regulated light for numerous pets we keep.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a fish, amphibian, or a reptile; the UVB vapor bulb will satisfy your needs.

Even though the bulb is ideal for several reptiles, it works perfectly for the desert dwellers, and that’s the reason it joins the category of best UVB bulb for bearded dragons. The manufacturer cautions against using this bulb with dimmers.

551 Reviews

Product Benefits:

  • Guaranteed 3-month service for customers who buy the bulb.
  • The thicker UVB bulb glass makes it environment-friendly.
  • Versatile use in all enclosures.
  • A perfect source of heat for reptiles and amphibians.
  • A long-lasting quality ceramic socket.
  • Self-ballasted.
  • Source of both UVB and UVA light energy.

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EBD Lighting 50W UVB Light UVA Bulb

When it comes to pet products, it’s better if you to have more items to help enable you to have alternatives for uncertainties.

In a single purchase, you’ll get six bulbs in the package that will exempt you from buying bulbs for your reptiles soon. The durable bulb has durable features that prevent early aging.

No products found.

Exo Terra SolarGlow Lamp 160W

Vapor lamps have recently shown some dominance in the heat source of reptiles and other pets.

Exo Terra never wanted to be left behind, so the factory designed a solar lamp that allows beyond 14 inches UVB light penetration.

With this bulb, you’re sorted in the absence of sunlight because your lovely pet will still access a near natural light.

No products found.

VIVOSUN Reptile Heat Lamp UVA UVB Bulb for Reptile

Another ideal bearded dragon UVB bulb for pet parents who want to place the source of light away from their pet.

The bulb provides a high surface heat that may be dangerous to your basking pet. Being a vapor bulb, it can serve your amazing reptile for the whole day.

However, you should never touch it when burning as it can cause harm to your hand. It’s a lamp that you can put your hope on because it delivers 100% efficiency.

No products found.

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OTO 75W UVA(97%) &UVB(3%) Reptile Sunbathe Lamp

Oto factory came with a unique product to satisfy both farmers and pet lovers in the realization of healthy light. The amazing part is that the packet is loaded with six quality bulbs that can help your heat your pets for a long time.

The bulbs do not only satisfy desert dwellers, but also work perfectly well with turtles, chickens, and snakes.

With these bulbs, your beardie is guaranteed both UVB and UVA light which promote the healthy living in the desert dwellers. The bulbs are made using a quality glass that fights aging hence improving product durability.

No products found.

While reading this piece, you’ll encounter Buyer’s Guide that gives you a clue on features to look out for. It’s from here that you can make an informed decision about your pick.

Furthermore, we have featured FAQ in a section that we interact with our readers as we give responses to some burning questions. Feel free to inquire about any matter related to pet products and pet lives. Enjoy your reading!

Buyers’ Guide on UVB Bulbs For Bearded Dragon   

UVB Bulbs for reptiles  

We are always glad to give you the direction on how you can help your pets live healthy lives. As usual, we have put our commitments high in helping you identify exceptional products in a flooded market.

We advise you to assess the following considerations before settling on the bulb that suits your lovely reptile;


Before choosing a bulb, you should be aware of your pet’s age. Adult pets may need slightly voltage bulbs to meet their heat requirement. However, the market offers UVB lights for baby bearded dragons.

Season of the year

Every season brings changes in our beardies. For instance, cold winters require high voltage bulbs to heat the enclosures well. Likewise, in summer, you may opt to do without lighting the bulb at day time. We have featured best-bearded dragon lighting at night in this piece.


A person in Tucson, Arizona, will need low voltage bulbs because the area is in a hot desert while in Hawaii, high voltage UVB bulbs are needed to keep pets warm in the cold desert.


Bulbs need caution, and a little mess will see the bulb burns. A package that only gives a single bulb isn’t ideal because it might leave your pet starving for basking when the bulb blows off.

We suggest that you buy bulbs from companies that sell more than two bulbs in a package. However, you can still buy a number of your favorite bulbs for safety.


It’s important to find out how long the bulb can light in a single day. We prefer the bulbs with anti-aging glass to last long in your beardie’s habitat.

Light emission

Bearded dragons are capable of seeing even in dark nights, so you should know that you don’t buy bulbs only to provide visible light. The reptiles are only interested in light nutrients, but the light itself may disturb their sleep.


The safety of your pets should always come first whenever you’re buying any product. Never buy the bulbs that contain harmful light energies.

Besides, bulbs that can only light for a few hours in a day can end up blowing off the pet’s residence. Do not buy the bulb that can harm you too.

Compatibility with fixtures

Never buy bulbs that can only be accommodated by a single fixture.

  • Ballasted bulbs

It’s needless to buy non-ballasted bulbs only to end up buying ballast hence increasing the cost.

  • UVB content

Pay attention to the content of UVB light in the bulb that you want to purchase.

UVB content should be at least 3% to support calcium synthesis. You should be aware that bulbs with conspicuous colors mostly contain only UVA light.

FAQs about UVB Bulbs For Bearded Dragon

Once again, we are in your favorite section where we give feedback to questions that you asked previously. We have also given answers to the questions that we have witnessed several pet parents raise.

What’s UVB light, and is it essential?  

UVB (ultraviolet-B) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that many ranges between 280-315mn. This light is key to the survival of many reptiles, including bearded dragons.

It’s this light that helps in processing Vitamin D for the synthesis of Calcium. Without UVB light, your beardie risks suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease.

Which UVB light is the best for bearded dragons?  

All the bulbs we have reviewed here are the best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons, but you must assess the specific need of your beardie to select the most appropriate. Personally, these are the features I check to ascertain the quality of a bulb;

  • Mercury vapor bulbs are the best.
  • UVB content.
  • The bulb’s lifespan.
  • Compatibility with numerous fixtures.
  • A full spectrum, but a low-heat lamp.

What light fixture do you use for the UVB bulb you bought?       

I use T5 Fixture because of its flexibility to accommodate different bulbs.

I used to use T8 Fixture, but I realized that it emitted low UVB output so must be placed within 8 inches to where your pet is. In short, if you are using T8 Fixture, it must be within the enclosure.

How often should I replace my UVB bulbs for bearded dragons? 

It will depend on the type of the bulb, but we recommend that a reptile bulb should be replaced between 6-12 months depending on the fixture you’re using.

One other reason I don’t like T8 Fixtures is that they burn the bulbs too fast thus depleting the ability to process UVB light.

Failure to replace the bulb on time could lead to the inability to synthesize Vitamin D3, thus leading to bone defects.

What temperature should I keep within my bearded dragon’s tank?

Without minding about the age of your pet, 80-90◦ F is ideal to all beardies. However, baby bearded dragons may need slightly higher than their aged counterparts.

We recommend that adults’ temperature should be 100-105◦ F while that of their babies should be balanced at around 105-110◦ F.

Do I need to heat my tank at night?    

So long as the temperature within the tank doesn’t go below 80◦ F, there’s no point of heating the tank because you’ll disturb your reptile’s comfort.

However, if the temperature goes below 60◦ F, then you have an urgent need to heat the tank with the help of ceramic heat emitter as your pet can be forced into brumation.

How many hours should the light in the tank run?  

With the help of a timer, heating should happen for 12-14 hours to avoid overheating the bulb and the tank.

However, you should be armed with a working thermometer to signal you if the temperature is beyond the limit.

 Are coil UVB bulbs bad to bearded dragons?

Well, a debate has emerged about the dangers coil bulbs bring, but scientific reports to support the claims haven’t been forthcoming.

Some people claim that these types of light cause eye problems to animals, including humans. Turtles’ owners have also raised the alarm about the defects the coil light brings.

My advice is that you should keep off coil bulbs momentarily while we wait for outcomes of studies going on.


For humans, we may never know the value of UVB light because even our eyes cannot sense it, but it means existence for the reptiles. For that reason, we have taken our time to assess various UVB lights for bearded dragons to see the ones that suit your pets.

This review has 25 products with links to Amazon to enable you to evaluate further.

We have made your selection easy to buy, giving you a few products to choose from, and also providing you with a guide. In the end, we answered a few of your questions related to UVB light for bearded dragons.

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