20 Best Rabbit Strollers in 2020 (Reviews & Guide)

You love animals, especially lovely rabbits.

You love them as your child. Hence, it is understandable when you want to spend the best things for your pet.

You always seek the things that can make your rabbit happy. We know how much you love your pet.

To spend more time with your bunny, you can take it to go out in at the weekend or free time.

Nonetheless, carrying your furry friend in the cage or on your shoulder can tire for you and your lovely pet.

In this case, having a rabbit stroller is the best solution. With the item, you can store and protect your rabbit easily.

If you don’t have any ideas about the bunny stroller, we are going to give you brief details about it, including the benefits and some rabbit stroller brands. So, it’s time to hit the topic.

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What is a Rabbit Stroller?

Do you know a baby stroller? Rabbit stroller is the same kind of it. Hence, you can convert a baby stroller into the rabbit stroller if you want.

On the market, the rabbit baby stroller is specially designed for rabbits, and it is very convenient.

Carrying your lovely pet in the stroller, you can move anywhere you want without tiring the rabbit.

Have you ever wondered why you need a stroller for your bunny? You should think about the problem when you carry it on the streets.

Don’t you face any problem when your rabbit suddenly jumps out of your hands? If you are experiencing these problems, that is your answer.

How do we pick a rabbit stroller?

Not all strollers on the market are high-quality and make your bunny happy. Let’s see some tips to get the best pick.


The first factor is its convenience for both you and your animal. The item has to provide a comfy and convenient spot for your bunny when you are on the go.

Opt for the stroller that is easy to use. You need to purchase the right model for your needs.

Not all expensive items are the best, and vice versa, not all cheap things are bad. So, you can go down on the Internet and read reviews about the stroller.


Carrying the rabbit in a stroller is a great way to protect it. The bunny stroller is safe and protective apparatus, hence, feel free to place your pet inside it.

Nothing can get out, and nothing can come in. Just put your rabbit on the stroller and lock it up slowly for its safety.

The item also helps lessen your burden.

You don’t need to keep the rabbit on your shoulder anymore.

You can easily go anywhere you want with your pet.

The pet’s hobby

It would help if you bought a stroller that is specially designed for rabbits.

We are sure that your pet will love it.

The stroller allows your animal to see the fantastic world thanks to netted windows.

The fresh air can able to get inside, giving furry friends the ultimate comfort zone.

How can we test a bunny stroller?

The quality of products is important, you should check it carefully.

You can read the product’s description to see whether it is safe for your bunny.

A good rabbit baby stroller needs to be sturdy and well-designed. If there is any sign of abnormality on the item, say no with it.

To protect your pet’s health, you must also keep a clean stroller. So, you test if the stroller is easy to clean or store before purchasing.

The flexible product can save some space in your house since you can fold it.

Top Rated 20 Best Rabbit Strollers in 2020

Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Combo Pet Carrier

Why is it named 5-in-1? Well, users can use it as a rabbit stroller, carseat, carrier, backpack, and rolling carrier. It is perfect and a multi-function product.

You want to carry your pet out, put it inside and let’s start the trip. The Ibiyaya product is ideal for everyday use.

What’s more, it is safe for your pet because there is no toxic chemical smell.

Especially, it is designed according to the baby stroller standards.

If you follow the product’s manual, the assembly process is so easy. It is very flexible, you switch from one function to others quickly.

With Ibiyaya’s 5-in-1 Multi-Function Pet Carrier Stroller, it supplies everything you need for your lovely rabbit.


  • Five configurations in only one product
  • Compact, collapsible space-saving design
  • Easy move around
  • The large size and smooth zipper


  • Expensive

BestPet Pet Stroller

Walking through the crowd with your bunny has never been this ease.

You don’t have to worry about your hyperactive pet. The swivel wheels front makes the stroller move easily. Also, its one-hand fold feature helps the owner control the product effectively.

You can fold the bunny stroller and store it in the trunk of your car. It means that you can carry and use this item anywhere at home or on the trip.

With this pet stroller, the owner can keep a close eye on their rabbit. Give it many beautiful days out by purchasing a pet stroller.

In addition to watching out your bunny, the pet carrier also provides ventilation for small pets.

Therefore, it can enjoy the world and feel comfortable inside. Just like the above product, the carrier is easy to assemble, and you can switch between functions in minutes.



  • Comfortable for the owners and bunnies
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient to travel
  • Keep your pet in safety


  • High-priced

35Lbs Pet Stroller Jogger 3 Wheels

Many customers believe and use this rabbit baby stroller because of its sturdy and high capacity.

Being made of high-quality nylon material, the stroller has a water-repellent function.

You can see two wheels on the back, they are more secure. Everything is great about this stroller.

It is so pretty light, and the zipper is smooth, easy to use. The removable white pad inside is soft and easy to clean.

What else’s? The design has a storage compartment underneath the carriage that allows you to put your wallet, toys, water bottles, and more.

You can carry your pet when going shopping, walking, or tourism.

Owner open and folds the product easily, even with only one hand.

We think it is a wonderful gift for your furry friend. He/she would appear to be more satisfied with this one.

Owners also love this as a safe place for the pet when they are out in public. This product delivers above and beyond.

1,224 Reviews


  • Sturdy and high capacity
  • A comfortable and safe place
  • Easy to assemble and fold, save space in your home
  • 360 Degree Swivel Front Wheels, convenient to move
  • Durable mesh windows


  • Instructions for assembly are not very clear.

4 Wheels Small-Medium Pet Stroller

The bunny stroller has plenty of room and ventilation, so your furry friends have a great view when you go to travel. One pad inside is free, and it aims to offer a comfortable feel for the pet.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. Besides, the manufacturer covers a foam layer on the handle, avoiding hand calluses.


  • Smooth zip
  • Just like a smaller house for furry friends
  • Well-suited for older, sicked, and disabled pets


  • It is not super sturdy

VIVO Three Wheel Carrier Strolling Cart

The materials of this pet stroller are high-quality. It is easy-to-clean, too. The stroller handles smooth and easy while seeming sturdy enough. Space is more than adequate for your small pets.

The designer used a lot of thought, adding extras such as the cup holders, storage basket, and netted Windows to see forward, backward, and upward. Having brakes is a needed item, rather than an extra.


  • Collapsible stroller to save space
  • Durable 3-wheeled rabbit stroller
  • Fully breathable mesh windows


  • Zippers can be fussy

COMIGA 3-Wheel Stroller for Small-Medium Pet

With the bunny stroller, you can share beautiful sights with your companion – rabbits. Wherever you go, you can carry them as well. And this item helps remove your burden and your fur babies’ body.

It is sturdy as it is made of great quality and lightweight steel pipe.

What’s more, it is also durable due to waterproof oxford cloth. If you don’t go out, you can fold the item and put it in the corner.

All you have to do is to press a button on the handle, four wheels will fold compactly. So smart!

Specially created for pets, the mesh windows of the stroller provide your bunnies a nice view and protect them from bugs and insects.

It is also breathable, allowing your rabbits to stay nice and cool while you enjoy a brisk walk.

74 Reviews


  • Has seat belts leash and rear security brakes
  • Simple fold for easy handling and storage on daily use


  • There is a flap over the steel bar, between the handle and the zipper. If it is not sealed shut- your pet can poke his head and jump out.

VIVO Four Wheel Foldable Carrier Strolling Cart

The fine little stroller is lightweight and maneuverable. It possesses zipper access points that allow you to put your rabbit inside. Also, the screen is removable, and a small door below.

Because the rabbit stroller is not excessively heavy, you can fold it and carry down steps to the sidewalk.

The sturdy frame is safe for your small animal. It serves the basic function of holding my dogs and allowing me to carry items in the bottom basket – which is really all you need. It works perfectly both on grass and cement.

Owners will most likely have to put a little blanket or pillow on the bottom. So, your rabbit is comfortable since the padding does not have much cushioning. Everything else is excellent!


  • Easy assembly
  • Mesh windows offer ventilation for the pet riding in it.
  • The stroller is collapsible and folds up in seconds.


  • It does not have many paddings inside.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite No-Zip Pet Stroller

You live in a high rise condo, must take my dog down the elevator and out, this bunny stroller is for you.

The assembly is easy, although the cotter pins seem a little flimsy.

You can add a foam pad you had to put inside because the one provided is more a base and not comfortable.

There is a secure leash connection inside. The no-zip feature is really great because you just pull the top and bottom and clip together.

When using it, you can feel that it is sturdy and secure, and the swivel front wheels worked perfectly. Buy it and give your rabbit a significant gift.

Think about your furry friend enjoy the first trip, and you look forward to walking him/her on the boardwalk this spring.


  • Rubbery material is durable.
  • Fit well with your bunnies.


  • Cup holders are very shallow.
  • The bottom mat is hard.

IBIYAYA 4 Wheel Double Pet Strollers

Your fur babies will love this rabbit stroller as it provides separate spaces for him/her. He/she can enjoy it as privacy or a place to nap. This layout could not be more perfect.

It is lightweight and compact, but still sturdy and the quality is excellent. It takes less than a minute to pop the wheels on, and it is good to go.

The stroller works in different terrains, go through sand, grass, and gravel with ease.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-purpose pet stroller
  • Make outings or trips more comfortable.


  • Some find it quite hard to assemble.

Jogger Folding Travel Carrier Durable 4 Wheels

The carrier is comfortable to put together and is an easy push.

You can easily set up in a few minutes with the product’s manual. It means that the opening and folding step is also quick and straightforward.

The netting around the bottom as your rabbits love to look all around, including the sidewalk. It also protects your pets from bugs and insects.

The rabbit baby stroller use #8 fiber zipper instead of the #5 plastic zipper because it is stronger and smoother. It is easier to zip and unzip.


  • Glide over smooth or rough terrain.
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Quite small for large pets.

Stroller for Small & Medium Pets

This rabbit stroller is well-built and made of high-quality nylon material that has the function of water-resistant. It can hold many rabbits at a time. It is the best gift for your fur pets.

Inside the stroller, the pet can have a nice view thanks to durable mesh windows. The mesh also prevents bunnies from jumping out.

What about wheels? Sturdy and large 6″ wheels help you control and change the direction of the stroller more comfortable. They move quickly over both smooth and rough terrain.

The item has a cup holder for you and a tray holder containing rabbit treats for your rabbits. A large package underneath for your necessary things, such as a purse, water bottles, etc.

You can open and fold the stroller quickly, even one hand. And you into the trunk of the car.


  • Suits all terrains
  • Fold and open in few minutes
  • Made of sturdy and lightweight material


  • Wheels wobble when not locked, be careful.

PetLuv Pet Carrier and Stroller

The PetLuv stroller will not let you down. This is hands out the best decision you have ever made for your pet. You can go down on the Internet to read tons of good reviews about it.

The bunny stroller is roomy, soft, and provides your pet a feeling of privacy and security.

It is large enough for her to stand and turn around in, and the bed that comes with it is actually quite soft and appealing. The sturdy frame is a plus.

The carrier also allows viewing access and fresh air from four openings. Plus, it is free of weight while carrying your rabbit. If your rabbit is mischievous and smart, the locking zip can prevent it from jumping out.

Locking wheels keep the stroller from moving.


  • Locking wheels
  • Locking mesh door offers a breathable feeling.
  • Ultra-soft


  • High-priced.

ZUCA ZuZuca Pet Carrier Insert Bag

Available in ten different colors, pet owners can choose the best one that suits the rabbit’s hobby.

Like its sounds, the pet carrier insert bag is designed to keep your small animal safe on the road and the crowd. It meets all safety standards that strollers must have, including seatbelt, sturdy frame.

One unique thing about the pet carrier is the dual wheel system that allows it to climb stairs and curbs with ease.

There are some LEDs on the wheel that is better visibility at night. As a whole, the bag is a cozy bed to nap for your furry friend.


  • Extra storage for the pet owner
  • Add safety features for your rabbit
  • Well-built construction


  • A little bulky
  • Quite hard to control

Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller

Love it, love it, love it! You can see many good reviews about the product on the Internet. The inside has enough room for more than three bunnies.

The air-filled tires go over anything, and it even comes with an air pump! It works great on rough terrain, crosses bumpy trails, and even small creek beds with ease.

The new panoramic view window in the front allows your lovely animal to remain safe inside of the carrier without missing any sights while walking. The interior has a removable fuzzy fur lined pad.

There is a basket on the bottom that held all of the supplies, such as brushes, treats, purse, etc. Your pet actually loves the rabbit stroller.

It enjoys and sleeps in it or sitting up observing the rest of the world from a beautiful, safe place of its own.


  • Lots of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Manageable
  • Include a great rain cover


  • Front wheels wobble when not locked, this freaks the rabbit out.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite NO-ZIP Pet Stroller

Great stroller! The rabbit baby stroller keeps your pet comfy, protected.

It comes in several color options so that customers choose. There are two “windows”, one on top and one on the back, that allow you to see your pet and your pet to see you. Large 6” wheels make the strolling easier.

Most of the customers love this product as it suits their pets perfectly. You can see the built-in leash that also is not mentioned in the description.

The floor of the stroller with removable liner is a hard surface not designed for comfort. Still, you can add a pad to create a soft and comfortable feel.

Plus, the bunny stroller is very maneuverable. The foot-operated locks for both back wheels are an important safety feature. The front wheels moved to adapt to the irregularities.

All-in-all, this is a great stroller for a beloved rabbit.


  • Easy to fold, space-saving design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to push and control
  • Quality construction, built to last


  • Some find it hard to figure out the assembly of the wheels, axels
  • The instruction is not good.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Excellent stroller for your furry friend, air tires provide the smoothest ride, easy to assemble, couldn’t beat the price. It also comes with the pad and rain cover, protecting the health of the rabbit.

Owners can add some straps for added support or stability. The product can accommodate a few bunnies. Pets can sit or stretch comfortably and still have quite a lot of room to roam around and enjoy the views.

The bunny stroller can be used for walking, jogging, and in rough terrain/hiking as well. Fold it with one hand easily and place it in the car trunk. The handlebar is comfortable on the hands for long walks.

It sits high with stroller height to handle at 42 inches so you do not have to bend your back to push the stroller easily. Besides, the terrific rear safety breaks feature will keep your rabbit safe if you need to stop uphill or downhill.

The stroller comes with an air pump so you do not need to worry about the wheels breaking like some of the cheaper strollers with plastic wheels.

1,385 Reviews


  • Come with rain cover
  • Durable and thick water-resistant mesh
  • No Zipper Easy Lock feature


  • Small tray and two bottle holder cups which are very shallow on the handlebar of the bunny stroller.

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

One more product from Pet Gear Inc. We guess that you will love this stroller! It is well worth every penny!

This rabbit baby stroller is much easier to push and maneuver, making a much smoother, more enjoyable ride.

Instead of battling it the entire time, just trying to keep the wheels going straight and being exhausted at the end of the day!

Also, the no zip feature is perfect. Big heavy-duty wheels and the tall push handle, which makes it really nice so that a taller person controls the stroller!


  • Very roomy with plenty of space for rabbits to stretch out
  • Higher mesh covers sides and front allow your pet to see all around.
  • Sturdy, smooth wheels, made the ride quiet
  • Locking latch is easy to use
  • Can fold easily


  • The basket is a little narrow.

Gen7 Regal Plus Pet Stroller

What can we say? It is one of the best choice products rabbit strollers. It is ideal for pet owners who love to travel, even you can carry more than one rabbit inside. It is the perfect mix of mobility and style for your rabbit.

The bunny stroller is very well-made and is extremely easy to put together. It also gives your furry friend comfortable and smooth trips.

You can look down inside the stroller and see what your pet is doing. The extra storage areas allow you to put water bottles, rabbit accessories, and so on.

If you are looking for a well-made stroller and you have a rabbit, don’t look any further. This is the one you want! Regal Plus stroller has everything you need to enjoy free time with your beloved rabbit.



  • Affordable price
  • Style and mobility
  • Easy to move with front convertible wheel enables a full 360-degree swivel
  • Lightweight and collapsible


  • Not built for rough terrains

Premium Pet Stroller Travel Carriage

Are you looking for a travel carriage for your pet? This bunny stroller is for you. The design is so smart with comfort-ride wheels, 360-degree rotation front wheels. Plus, the rear wheels have a safe braking system.

Hence, the product can work well on all kinds of terrain. It takes no long time to fold and open, only in seconds.

The handlebar is adjustable and reversible. What’s more, the nylon mesh is tear-resistance and fine texture that is so soft and waterproof.

No products found.

LL dawn Folding Pet Stroller

It is the last product we want to show you. The mesh is durable and breathable, allowing your pet to see outside.

The front wheels have 360-degree rotation, rear wheels have safety brake, providing a safe place.

Just like many different strollers out there, you can fold this rabbit stroller easily. It is light and allows you to go out for a long time.

No products found.

FAQs on Rabbit Strollers

1/ Are strollers really good for your rabbits?

Of course, rabbit stroller will work the job as they are created for pets. As mentioned above, your lovely need to go out and protect. The product can meet all demands.

Rabbits are mischievous, so strollers with net around can keep it inside without feeling uncomfortable.

Some strollers can be controlled the roof to different modes that are suitable for the weather. Perfect!

2/ Are these strollers easy to use?

We think that if you read and follow the manual step-by-step, you can set up the bunny stroller easily and quickly.

Still, for some strollers, it is very simple to assemble and use after purchasing. But some take more time to find out how it works correctly.

Bear in mind that you should follow the instruction to make everything go on track. We believe that you can do it.

3/ What can I do if my rabbit does not enjoy the stroller?

No need to worry because they need time to adapt. This is the first and normal reaction of your pet. Rabbits will learn about the new space and get used to it.

You can put some toys for your rabbits, and this will help attract your bunny’s attraction.

Remember that all need time and effort to adapt to new things and a new environment. And you should give your fur babies the best things.

4/ Do these toys have a lifetime?

Each rabbit bunny stroller has a different life. If you use and store the product properly, it can last longer than normal.

Follow the rule and how to use. Be as gentle as possible with your pet and the stroller as well.

The Last Words

Finding an ideal product for your rabbit is not easy. Hopefully, our article about the best rabbit stroller can help you to choose a perfect pick for your fur baby.

If you like this post, leave us your feedback, and don’t forget to share it. Or browse our blog and Rabbit FAQ section for more interesting writing!

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