FAQ 2020: Basic Understanding to Raise a Pitbull Dog (Vet’s Guide)

Here you go for Pitbull Dog FAQs…

Raising a pitbull to be comprehensively developed requires the owners to spend a remarkable amount of money, especially when they have just adopted the dog.

Notably, on some days, if your dog gets diseases, that fee will be multiple to help him recover and not lose weight.

That is for checking, caring, and medicines.

The earlier you find out his illness symptoms and heal the disease, the quicker your pitbull will get better.

As a result, your money and effort will be reduced significantly.

After reading this, you will have the basic knowledge of what you need to do to handle issues related to diarrhea, upset stomach on pitbulls as well as the unusual habits of pooping and sleeping.

If they are precisely what you’re looking for, don’t miss anything in our guides.

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Pitbull Dog FAQs and Best Answers

What to do if my pitbull has diarrhea?

Diarrhea can make your dog depressed

Diarrhea is a common issue that every dog faces within his life.

The matter lies at how serious it is to bring the dog to the clinic because this disease is easy to resolve by merely supportive care on the first days.

Knowing when you should worry about the situation of your dog will help you not only apply the proper healing methods but also save a budget compared to consulting the vets from the beginning.

The disease has two different types, of which the first one is the small bowel diarrhea, and it comes with large volumes of watery diarrhea.

With this symptom, you should supply the dog with some supplemental fluid and electrolyte administration because the dog’s body will lose significant dehydration and electrolyte.

About the second type which is the large bowel diarrhea, you’ll notice that your pitbull’s stool is soft, mucoid, and sometimes bloody (even when he is still comfortable, eats, plays, and sleeps as usual).

Besides letting the pitbull use medications prescribed by your veterinarian, you should continue to feed him after 6 hours and divide the amount of food in one day into at least 4 small meals.

The dog food must be easily digestible, and it’d better raise the fiber intake also because it’s beneficial for constipation and diarrhea.

In a worse level, if after 24 hours, your pet doesn’t get better and he has some signs of depression, pain, profuse vomiting, or too much blood in the stool, you should bring him to see the doctor.

If diarrhea occurs frequently, you should pay close attention because it means that your dog has potentially severe health conditions.

Would Pepcid tablets help a pitbull with an upset stomach?

Resolving the upset stomach of dogs and cats at home with Pepcid medicines (Amazon Link) is common, and it’s no exception with the situation of a pitbull.

Even though this drug is not approved by FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), it does an excellent job at dealing with stomach and duodenal ulcers, and some other related diseases such as gastritis or acid reflux.

Not only does Pepcid treat the stomach diseases but it also prevents them from forming ulcers later.

The veterinarians often prescribe this medicine beside other gastrointestinal protectants so you can rest assured that it’s safe to use the Pepcid for your pitbull.

However, it’s still necessary to have the consultant of your vets, so that the dog can have proper Pepcid dosages.

Typically, the usage of the Pepcid should be isolated from the meals because the food can reduce the drug’s effectiveness.

During the treatment process, your dog may have side effects like loss of appetite and drowsiness, but they are negligible.

Why does my pitbull puppy poop in the house only night? How can I stop it?

Pitbull Dog FAQs

There is plenty of reasons why the pitbull doesn’t stop pooping in your house only at night.

In this part, we’ll only mention the most common causes that you may interface with when raising one.

If you have just adopted the dog, the easiest way to explain the issue is that the dog doesn’t get used to life with your family.

When a puppy lives in a new home, he’s likely to get stressed with a new schedule.

But, you should not worry too much since the problem will pass after a few weeks.

All you need to do is spending time playing with your pet and teaching the basic dog training techniques such as knowing where to poop correctly.

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Pitbulls are an intelligent and obedient species so he will be able to learn them at a short time and get familiar with his new routine.

Sometimes, you can recognize the signs of diarrhea or other stomach diseases.

Based on different situations, you can bring the dog to see the veterinarians or treat at home.

Also, it’s maybe because your pitbull is getting older, and he has fecal incontinence.

In this case, dog diapers (Amazon Link)are the best option that is very comfortable and clean.

Should I worry that my dog sleeps all day?

It’s normal that a dog can sleep a lot

The answer is No!

Like other healthy dogs, your pitbull spends a lot of time sleeping.

Notably, the adults even sleep more than the smaller.

Now we’ll explain more specifically. Pitbulls are a dynamic species of dog.

It means they move, run, and play all day.

To refill their energies, the dogs’ diet must be massive and the time they spend resting is plentiful as well.

There is another case for your dog’s sleeping habit.

Maybe you let him spend most of the time of his day in the cage, so he lacks something to do, causing him to sleep instead.

If it’s true with your case, you should take him outside to play and practice more.

If your pitbull sleeps a lot but he is still happy, congratulations, he is growing normally.

Our last words 

Problems like diarrhea, upset stomach, bad habits of pooping improperly, or sleeping too much affect the health and life of a pitbull, but they are not difficult to solve and change if you equip yourself with full knowledge.

Hope that with our guidelines and notes, your dog will grow up and develop healthily.

If you need further information about pet care and training, feel free to contact us or visit our website.

Don’t hesitate to like and share the article if you find it useful. Thank you.

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