Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Rabbit [FAQs]

Here you go for Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Rabbit…

Even those owing a rabbit for a long time may not be confident enough to declare they can take great care of it.

Such rodent is not too easy but not too difficult to raise.

To minimize unwanted cases during the adoption process, this article will cover the most frequently asked questions.

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Can you use a LED lamp for warming a rabbit hutch?

Sometimes using a LED lamp to warm the hutch works, but generally, it’s much better to replace with less energy efficient bulbs like an Incandescent.

Domestic rabbits prefer cool to hot temperatures.

A bunny is supposed to be the most energetic under the temperature ranging from the lower 60’s to the upper 40’s (according to the Fahrenheit scale).

As long as the temperature inside its hutch doesn’t reach the freezing point, the pet can enjoy its life to the maximum.

This is thanks to its thick coat that provides enough protection from cold environments.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense not to buy overtly strong lambs since they risk firing the hutches and killing the rabbits.

Given their efficiency, LED lights can give out as much light as the amount of power they ask for.

In comparison with less efficient models, they seem to produce less heat.

Be careful not to let any flammable material stay near the bulb for fear of inciting a fire.

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Is there a reason why I could not have chickens and a rabbit hutch in the same immediate space?

Since both rabbits and chickens are sensitive animals, they enjoy having a private space of their own.

They crave for movement freedom to avoid stress, minimizing the chance of catching diseases.

Although they may live in harmony with one another due to not sharing pathogens, it is ideal to make separate hutch areas for each species.

Moreover, domesticated rabbits can’t feel at ease under hot weather.

In many tropical regions, breeders and farmers take measures to prevent overheating and maintain cool environments for rabbits. This turns out unnecessary for chickens.

One more thing is that unless neutered, male rabbits are notoriously mounting most things within their reach. Your chickens in the surrounding are no exceptions.

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How can I get rid of slugs in a rabbit hutch?

One key to prevent slugs from coming near a rabbit hutch is dryness. The food can be appealing to plant eaters such as slugs; therefore, a hutch near the hiding place of slugs will be vulnerable.

Never use chemicals to kill slugs for fear that they are harmful to your pets.

Instead, coffee grounds and crushed egg shells are helpful in keeping slugs away.

Otherwise, you can try setting up a bar for slugs. Cut a Coke bottle in half. Then, sink the bottom half into the ground beside the hutch so that the open end is level with the floor.

Pour lager into the bottle. Such substances will attract and drown slugs down. Pay attention to emptying and refilling the bottle frequently, especially after the rain.

Another way is not to let any part of the hutch touch the ground.

Wrap each leg with a ring of copper or place a brick under it to discourage slugs from crowding around the legs.

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Where can I find a small camera to put in my rabbit hutch?

rabbit monitor camera

Keeping your pet under control can place you at great ease, especially when you’re not at home.

You can be comfortable to know your furry companion isn’t suffering from pain in a corner.

Small cameras for pets are available here and here so you can easily get access to a collection of diverse brands.

Compared to webcams, IP cameras are superior in terms of image clarity in the darkness.

You don’t have to buy an extra computer while remotely panning, titling and rebooting the camera.

The Foscam home security camera even has two-way audio, facilitating communication between owners and their pets.

Go Pro cameras are equipped with GPS in case your bunny gets lost.

You can search for Nest Cam IQ indoor, Pawbo Life Pet Camera, Petcube Play Camera, and so on.

What steps should we pursue while buying rabbit hutches?

Besides providing a shelter and sleeping place for rabbits, hutches can create a sense of safety and security from predators. Therefore, buying a suitable rabbit hutch makes a great deal of sense.

First, choose the right size. Rabbits need abundant space to stretch, play, and hop.

Generally speaking, a hutch should be tall so that the pet can sit upright on its back legs.

It is as wide as two adult bunny hops while the length needs to be more than three ones.

You may find a 4 × 1.5-foot hutch too big for a rabbit but it will turn out helpful for your lovely friend.

Second, look for suitable materials. Wire and plastic are light and easy to clean so pet owners can use to keep their pets indoors.

On the other hand, those planning to put the hutch outdoors may prefer wood since it is sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear.

Watch out for the wood treated with harsh chemicals since it can sicken the pet.

Third, pay attention to maintenance. Minimal maintenance means money-saving.

There’re some reliable sites that ensure rabbit hutches will last for a long time.

Finally, if possible, find models with enclosed accessories. There are hutches that have built-in runs and ramps, enabling the pet to stretch its legs.

Otherwise, some come with freebies such as water dispenser and pellet dispensers or chew toys. These are good investments, too.

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Final thoughts

Rabbits deserve the best treatment. If you take good care of them, they can stay with you for long.

Share with us your experience of adopting a rabbit below!

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