Rabbits and Bedding Concerns – FAQs Answered

Rabbit is a sensitive animal yet adorable pet as a great choice of many families.

You will have very memorable experiences when raising and keeping a rabbit happy and healthy.

However, you might not want to see your bunny running and wondering around the house all the time.

Rabbits also need a comfortable home to rest and sleep.

As a pet owner, extra care for your rabbit is always needed. Rabbits will not stay quietly at the place they feel unsafe.

They might run away and hide somewhere which causes you headache moments.

Therefore, it is better to get ideas for your bunny supplies that suit their needs.

Read the followings to have an answer for your rabbit bedding concerns.

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FAQs of Rabbit Bedding

What are some good rabbit bedding alternatives?

Rabbits are very active, so they need a place where they can jump, run, hop, and lie down easily.

Soft and clean bedding will allow your bunny to play freely on it while it can serve as a relaxing place to sleep.

In general, you have many choices to make a pleasant home for rabbits, as long as it is not harmful to your pet’s development.

Firstly, you can go to the newspaper.

You have no trouble finding these materials as a great base for your rabbit cage or hutch.

Little bunny can tear and chew it when they are bored.

However, you need to make sure that they should not ingest too much since the ink is good for the stomach.

Shredded cardboard is the next option. You are more likely to have these old cardboard boxes available somewhere at home. It is eco-friendly bedding that provides insulation properties for your pet.

This is a great alternative for the newspaper since it does not have ink on it.

Hay and straw are also good picks. It offers to relax bedding and keep rabbits warm. It is fine if you do not have it, hay is affordable.

Keep in mind that before you choose hay bedding, ensure that it is dry, free of dust and mold.

There is awesome commercial bedding for rabbits in the market which serve even a better place for pets that you might want to purchase.

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Can my rabbit eat bedding hay?

rabbit eating hay

Sure, hay contains a lot of good nutrition for rabbits, but a limited amount is a suggestion.

If the hay smells good, you can’t stop them from eating those tasty legumes.

It is also a problem because Mr. Bunny will end up eating their bedding. But it is harmful if rabbits consume the hay that they have peed on it. As a result, health issues occur and more seriously, the rabbit’s life is in danger.

Plus, you have to distinguish between hay and straw. Although they look similar, straw is not for eating but bedding.

You can make a bedding straw and save the hay for feeding.

However, you’d better switch bedding material if you can’t control the rabbits from eating a lot of bedding hay.

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Does Timothy Hay make uncomfortable beddings for rabbits?

Rabbits are chewy animals; their teeth must work actively because of constant growth. Timothy Hay is important for your pet if you want to make bedding.

Timothy Hay includes low protein and calcium, and a high fiber content which helps rabbits avoid gaining weight.

It is also friendly to the digestive system and other organs.

In short, it will be comfortable beddings for rabbits.

Bunnies will eat throughout the day, so you should use other materials to make bedding rather than Timothy Hay alone.

You can set up the hay in the cages as a food supply.

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What can I do to stop my rabbit from toileting on my bed?

One of the simplest ways is not to put your rabbit on the bed.

Rabbits are very curious, once they find out there is a more comfortable place than their cages, they will stay there. If the time to toilet comes, they have to do so.

Rabbits start to peeing or pooping other places is a signal of marking territories. They want to show that these areas belong to them.

In this case, do not shout or clap loudly because rabbits have sensitive hearing, they will get frightened and stressed.

Instead, spot the time when the accident happens, remove the bunny right at that time to the pen or other areas far away from the bed.

You can also put the litter box on the bed if the rabbit jumps on it. If you teach them the litter training, they will get to toileting at the familiar place.

Even if you are not around, you have no worry that your pet will make a mess on your favorite bed.

Spaying and neutering can help to reduce this problem. Once the rabbits are neutered, they will not have that strong desire to mark territories.

Consider that obesity is a health risk that comes along with this solution.

What should I do if my rabbit eats paper?

rabbit hay

It is common for rabbits to eat paper, just the daily consumption of papers matters. Sometimes, you should give them paper to munch for entertainment.

Recycled paper is organic and natural so it will be a healthy choice for your pet.

Cardboard is also a safe material for rabbits to chew, especially the plain one.

Notice that there should be no ink on top so that your rabbit can be fully protected.

In addition, you might want to take a look at some rabbit food which can be tastier and healthier than paper.

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Choosing the best bedding for your rabbit is sometimes tricky, so ensure that you understand your pet’s need to pick the right one.

It is important to pay attention to their behavior, then you are able to raise them healthy and happy.

Good bedding not only saves you time and effort but also gives rabbits a cozy and safe house.

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